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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tricky Little Duck!

This is what I posted last night on my Facebook status, after leaving the hospital for the night:
"I always pray with Cale at night before I leave. Tonight I was praying about what I'm so thankful for. I asked Cale if he wanted to pray too, and he said yes. "What are you thankful for?" I asked and he said "Jesus". "You're thankful for Jesus?" I asked just to make sure that's what he meant, and he said "yes!"...oh goodness. What a sweet moment! I LOVE voice!"

:)! Makes my heart so happy and turns me into mush...God is good.

This morning in Psych, Dr. Howe asked Cale "What's one positive thing in your life right now?" Cale pointed right at me! Awe! It was so great! Of course it made me smile SO big and he smiled back and then we started laughing! He's such a sweet husband! Dr. Howe is so amazed by how well he's doing and all of the leaps and bounds in progress he's making. She said at the end of the session that Cale is going to become the star patient! Go Cale!!

He's starting to talk quite a bit, but gets so frustrated when we don't understand what he's saying. I feel bad, and try to remind him that we're really trying our hardest to understand and it's a good thing for him to keep trying. He still forgets he has voice so we have to start singing with him to get his voice to come out, but for the most part he's using words to talk a lot!

Yesterday in OT they worked on these weird picture things. They've done it with him before and normally he tolerates doing 3-4 before he gets overwhelmed and decides to be done. He was doing so great with them! He did 14 and even got one of them right, that OT said everyone that she has do that one gets it wrong, but Cale got it right! I even got it wrong! When Cale answered it, in my head I was thinking "bummer"...until she said "good job Cale!"...hmm...he's still smarter than me. It was a tricky little duck picture. He did a couple things today too for the first time! One of the things was, I've been working with him a lot on washing his hands. He never knows the next step. Sometimes he's able to wet his hands and get soap on his own, but he never remembers to find the paper towels and dry them. I usually point to the paper towel holder and then he'll get one. I didn't have to point today! I just said "your hands are wet so what do you do?" and he reached right over on his own. This might seem like such a small simple thing, but it's actually huge! He's did it!

Well, today was the family meeting. It was actually very good. It was so great to listen to all the therapist go around the table and hear all the progress he's making. I see it, and I talk with them about it everyday, but hearing it in the meeting felt so good! We talked about a few more goals and things we might need to track a little better. He's been having some more trouble with his left ear. We're not sure if it's a hearing thing, headache thing, over stimulation thing, or just all of it mixed together. All of them are possibilities and common with TBI.

Cale's birthday is next Saturday! On Tuesday, his mom bought a ticket to fly down for the weekend! I'm really excited because he's already changed so much since she saw him last! My goodness, Rachel has only been gone for a few days, and he's changed already! It's so amazing! TJ, his best friend is also coming, so Cale is going to have a very special birthday! I'm so excited for him. This wasn't exactly how we thought he'd be spending his birthday this year...last year he spent it in Afghanistan and had this...instead of cake...

Cale has been really slouching in his wheel chair and while standing up. His muscles in his neck are tired and so it's a lot easier if he hunches over. Our new thing to get him using good posture is me asking him "Are you a soldier?" and he says "yes" then I say "then sit(or stand) like one!" Now we've added that he needs to sit like a soldier and I'll sit like a princess :) I can't expect him to sit up good if I'm not! :)

“Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing." John 15:5

I was reading in John today and thought about how sometimes when I really sit and think about what has happened and all that we're facing-I can't believe it. Lord, how am I making it? Really? Even from the beginning, I have been so amazed at the grace that God has poured on me. I honestly haven't felt like I'm falling apart. I've been able to have so much joy through all of it. There have been tough days, but hmm...I don't know. When I think about what's happened, shouldn't I be miserable and have some kind of depression? Shouldn't I be sad all the time and not taking care of myself? The Lord is so faithful in carrying me, hearing my heart, and being my breath-apart from Him, I can do nothing.


  1. Oh man...there were many times that I sat in NP with Ben and he got answers right and I got them wrong...hello, feeling stupid! :)
    Thanks for dinner tonight and the giggles at the cooking class...she is hilarious!!

  2. Kathleen I love that you ask the ? Shouldn't I feel all depressed ? Sad? What I love about you is the answer... you were willing to place yourself in the Father's hands and because of that His grace is sufficient for you - What a testimony for others to see ! You are set apart for a purpose and plan! Can't wait to see what Caleb will do next! You are an encourager, Caleb is so blessed to have a wife who gets the principals of encouragement !!!!!! Love you !!!!! Praying each day for you !!!! Reenie Bovier

  3. I wish I could be there for Cale's birthday too! But I will get to come see you both & hopefully soon. I can't wait to see you & Cale again, the changes in him will be an excitement I think I can handle. God has poured out blessing on the two of you & He will continue to do so. Love to you both, I miss you.

  4. Wow God is so good! Way to go Cale! I'm so glad he's talking now! What a blessing! And I have to say that I 2nd what Reenie said! And yes you should write a book or two! Your faith and trust is the Lord is so great and it encourages so many around you! I know this is not what you and Cale had planed but God did! And you both have been able to touch more people then you'll ever know! Still standing with you in prayer! We think about you both all the time! So happy to see how far Cale has come and all that God is doing! Cale is blessed to have a loving caring faithful wife and you are blessed to have a fighting husband! Keep it up both of you! I am so thankful we met and that I can call you both my friend! Love you Kathleen! And tell that fighter of yours to keep it up! And i hope he has a GREAT birthday!Love ya, Tigger

  5. Tears again. But tears of joy. Seeing how God has carried you through this leaves me in awe. He is such an amzing God and truley delights in caring for us. So many times your thoughts are exactly what I need to hear and be reminded of:) There is no greater love than Him. I'm so excited for all Cale has been doing!

  6. I just reviewed a bit of your story. Both you and Cale are amazing. You have such a wonderful attitude and I am inspired by you. I hope you and Cale can have an enjoyable time celebrating his birthday


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