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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Ultimate Sacrifice is not forgotten

Love is such a sweet thing. I used to stay up late talking with Cale about anything and everything, a lot of times we'd talk about love. "Why can't other people be like us and love each other so much?", was a question we often asked. I feel like, even now, Cale and I can have that same conversation! I love him so incredibly much and he loves me the same. When I walked in the room this morning, I gave Cale a huge hug and said "Good morning Handsome!", "How are you?" Cale so sweetly replied "Good now!" Awe :) I love him.

It's been really fun with him talking more. Things are getting very interesting and extremely funny now that he's able to express his thoughts. When I got there this morning, he hadn't eaten yet, so I walked with him to the fridge to see if there was any fruit. All they had was a container of peaches, which he loves lately so I thought we were good to go. Our conversation- K: "Here are some peaches" C: "No" K: "but you love peaches!" C: "there are better things!" haha! Ok...if you say so! I had a little instant maple flavored oatmeal thing, so I heated that up for him. What was I thinking giving him peaches for breakfast?! Geez Kathleen...get with the program! haha!

In OT Cale did some work on his wheelchair. First, Monica had him sit on the side of the bed and wash it. Last time, this was so hard for him because he wasn't able to keep his balance. This time, he did so good! It didn't seem to be a struggle at all. Monica also adjusted the height because Cale has such crazy long legs, they're having a hard time finding a chair that fits him good. I think maybe this adjustment will help good enough. of course I'm hoping he doesn't need it soon! I know he'll need it for long periods but how nice it would be not having to fit that thing in the Honda!

In ST, Patty started with questions again. She was trying to ask questions about Saturday, but that didn't go over well, so she was asking questions related to it, like has he ever been on a boat. I brought up the cruise we were on and when asked he said that he remembered. When she asked him if we saw any kind of animals on the cruise, he said "dinosaurs" Hmm...I think he meant dolphins! He also graduated to a cup today! When he would get any kind of liquids, so far it was just with a spoon, but now he's able to control his intake of fluid so right out of the cup! She's working really hard to get him on thin liquids too!

At one point today, Cale said "Hey" K: "What do you need?" C: "I need better and better" K: "better and better what?" C: "everything" I bet he does! Hospital life isn't the grandest!

Last night I was told that he pulled off all the cords so they weren't able to get a reading on him for sleep apnea. I knew it wasn't going to last with him! He's been very good right from the start making it very clear to everyone if he doesn't like something!

I asked him tonight "Who loves you very much, the most in the whole world?" He said "Kathleen", "and who loves you even more than I do?" he said "Jesus". "What special thing did Jesus do for you?" he said "sacrificed himself"-There might not be a lot that Cale remembers now, even from before the accident, but he does remember that Jesus gave himself as the ultimate sacrifice for him! Praise God!

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. 1 John 4:10


  1. Kathleen, My name is Marion Hansen. I have known Katie Rye for neigh on 28 years. I am so blessed you have each other. Ben and Cale are blessed to have two of Father's finest in their lives. May you have a special touch of Father's grace this day. A new friend, Marion

  2. OH Kathleen How deep and how wide is the Father's love!!!!! That Caleb has a heart understanding of this just makes me want to sing- His head is catching up to his heart !!!! I Love it !!!! Praying for you ! Reenie Bovier


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