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Monday, September 20, 2010

We're going to be Ice Cream Chefs! :)

Cale and I are both exhausted. When we got to the hospital this morning, Cale was already awake, but within 30 minutes he was wanting to go back to bed...and so was I. As soon as therapies were over, we snuck (well, the nurse knows!) away to the Fisher House and we cuddled in my bed! So nice...

Cale didn't have much therapy today, because he was in appointments! They're trying to evaluate and see how he's doing as far as his vision. He's still keeping his right eye closed so much. They have a couple ideas of why and will continue to work with him. His pupils aren't reacting when she shines the light in his eyes, which explains why it hurts to be in the sun!

While Cale was at his first appointment, he had to say good bye to his mom :( It was so sad to watch him hug her bye. When he looked at me, his eye was red and watery. This is sad and I know it made it harder on Kathy, but it was so good to see! Before, he hasn't understood when people leave, but today he knew it was sad. It was such a wonderful weekend with her and I know she'll be back!

Today was the family meeting. It was supposed to be Thursday, but they had to change it for this week. It was a good meeting and I got some good info. I love going around the table and hearing everyone talking about how good he's doing! Of course I see it every day, but when the pros say it...awe! Music to my ears! :) I was able to talk to the social worker for a while after the meeting and he really listened to my thoughts (and I always have so many!) and concerns. I know that I don't have to worry and everything is going to work out just fine. It's a little nerve racking when the discussion of Cale getting to go home (at some point down the road) and we don't even have a place to go! I know we will though. One of the things brought up was that he might have to go to a long term facility until I have something ready. I don't want this to happen so I've been having a chat with the Lord ;)

In ST this afternoon, Cale ate 32 bites of peaches! It's the little diced peaches and he only would take a bite if Patty only had one little piece on the spoon! He ended up eating the whole container! He's still not eating anything on his trays and I think he's going to end up skipping the pureed tray altogether! He did so well with the peaches (and struggled so much last time!) that Patty says if he has a few more good days like this, we'll be able to eat more things! I wouldn't eat the pureed trays either! yuck!

Speaking of eating...even though Cale can eat lots of other soft things besides the pureed tray, all he's wanting is ice cream! I walked in my room this afternoon and had a package from his therapist from WakeMed in NC, and guess what it was...

An ice cream maker. You guys are so great! When I had Cale open the box and he saw what it was, he said "YAY!" haha! He wanted to take it out right away and make some! "Weren't you wanting a nap?!" I asked. Cale shrugged his shoulders and smiled :) We'll be making some soon!

Along with the ice cream maker, there were a whole bunch more cards and a few more packages for Cale! As soon as I opened my door, the tears came. Thank you so much. There really are no words to describe how blessed we are. Cale has felt so special. We opened a bunch more cards before he conked out, and so many times I would ask, "do you know that person" and he would say "no" and I got to share with him over and over about how many people that he knows and doesn't know are praying for him! Thank you!

Even though Cale was so tired all day and just wanted to sleep, he was still so happy and full of laughter! I love it! He's so sweet! Cale has always been a fun guy to be around and always so silly. I am so grateful that he has all the goofiness back! He makes me smile all day long! :) He's so much fun!

For those of you that don't know, or maybe have questioned when you've seen/heard, Cale calls me "girl" and I call him "boy". I'm not sure how it started, we just both remember it was shortly after we started dating. :) Since Cale has started talking, he's been calling me "Kathleen", it's my name so it's good, but I missed him calling me girl. Tonight when i was leaving Cale's room, he said "I love you Girl."-heart melter! My goodness! I had to run back over and give him such a big hug! He remembers! It was so great! I'm going to bed smiling tonight! heehee!

We went through fire and water, but you brought us to a place of abundance. Psalm 66:12


  1. Oh Kathleen the Beauty for Ashes is often seen in the color of the fire, You are a constant reminder that God is faithfull!!!! Love to you and Caleb!!!!!!! Reenie Bovier

  2. God has a place planned for you guys.....Not just the mansion either:) He's got a nice one in the works here on the earth too. It'll be ready when you need it. Love, Julie

  3. My boyfriend calls me "girl" too. It's the only nickname he ever calls me, and I don't mind it because it's not as cliche as baby or honey. Such a wonderful simple word can mean so much!


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