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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Land of Milk and Honey...or Milk and Peaches :)

Busy day! No breaks for Cale today, but he did so great. "You worked really hard today, didn't you?" and he said "yes". "Thank you for working so hard!" "Why?" he asked, and I told him "because you working so hard in therapy's and trying to get better, shows me how much you love me!" From 10am to 2:30 he was non-stop in therapy, and worked so hard through each one. I'm so proud of him!

In OT, they worked on counting money and a few other things. In RT they played the Wii again. Today she did a brain game with him. He struggled with some of it, but also did really good on some of it. Rebecca wants to continue working with it, and hopefully we'll start seeing exciting results!

ST was so good today! Cale ate another container of the diced peaches, but instead of only taking one little piece of peach for each bite, he would take 3 or 4 little pieces. He loves them now! Patty is trying thin liquids too, and so far he's doing well when he's given it in small sips. He did a little bit of water, but only by spoon and then she gave him milk. He drank quite a bit from the little plastic medicine cups. I just kept thinking about the Bible and reading about the land of milk and for Cale, he was in the Land of milk and peaches :) He loved them both and did so great! Of course, when Patty left, the lunch tray was ready and Cale took one bite and spit it out. He sure did manage to consume (very easily) 2 containers of ice cream! haha!

But I said to you, "You will possess their land; I will give it to you as an inheritance, a land flowing with milk and honey." I am the LORD your God, who has set you apart from the nations. Leviticus 20:24

Pt was extra special today! Pat is from Buffalo, NY and talks hockey with Cale all the time. I had told Pat about how my brother was shipping Cale's hockey stick, so Pat said we'd have to make it a part of PT. I was thinking about how much Cale would LOVE that! Well...he sure did!

Pat wants to have it be a big part of PT from now on because it helps with Cale weight shifting, using his right hand, balance, coordination, and not to mention, he has so much fun!

After all his therapy's were over, Katie and I headed out. What do two girls with husbands in the hospital do?

We get Pedicures of course! ;)

The finished product :)

After our feet were all prettied up, we went to dinner and made our tummies happy! :)

When I got back to the hospital, I cuddled right up to Cale. I love our cuddle time and so does he! I talked with him for a while, and as much as I tried, I couldn't hold back the tears. We're working on learning to read and the book we started is "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie". There is nothing easy about watching my husband (the man that I married that protects and provides for me, the man that loves me and leads our family) struggle to read a children's book. When we were talking, I brought up a couple things from our past that he said he doesn't remember. They were big things for us, sweet precious moments. There's nothing easy about hearing that he doesn't remember them. I miss him. I hate that this happened to him. There's nothing easy about leaving the hospital every night and sleeping in a bed alone. Aren't I married? Aren't I supposed to share my bed with my husband? My heart is heavy with missing him and us and all that we had, even with all the excitement that's been going on with all of his progress. I also have to make some important decisions soon and I don't know all the right answers (and it's a good thing I can lean on the Lord!). I have so many questions I need to ask Cale and have him help me with, I don't understand so much. As all this was on my heart and the tears were flowing, first Cale said "What did I start?" at first I was confused by his question and then realized he meant about my tears! Poor guy!

Through the whole time we were talking, I felt like Cale was encouraging me so much! At one point I felt his scar from his trach and asked if he knew he had a scar there. He said yes and then I asked if he knew why. "No" he said. When I explained why he had the scar and how he wasn't able to breathe out of his mouth, he took to big deep breaths. I told him he can do that now, but before he couldn't and he said "YAY!" He did that over and over with things that we talked about that seemed so sad to me. By the end of the night when I left the hospital at 9pm, we were both laughing so much. I love him so deeply and Christ continues to show me His love for me through Cale. It's beautiful.

I asked Cale last night what he was thankful for when we were praying, and he couldn't think of anything. He first said "You" and I asked him if he was just saying that because it was an easy answer. I went over a whole bunch of stuff that's in his life and he finally said "going outside". I knew that he had just heard me say that he gets to go outside, but I also knew he was tired so we prayed. Tonight when I asked him what's one thing he's thankful for, he said "Kathleen". I know he's thankful for me, but he had also spent an hour with me going over so many things that are different and better now since the accident happened that he was saying "yay" about. We have so much to be thankful for! Tonight, I'm very thankful for the man that my husband is, not just who he was before the accident, but for who he is right now.

So even though Jesus was God's Son, He learned obedience from the things He suffered. Hebrews 5:8


  1. Heather Favret9/22/10, 2:22 AM

    Thank you for being so honest in your struggles... I admire your strength through all of this! I can't say how much I would struggle if I was in your shoes... I know I would have some pretty bad days. It is such a blessing to know that G-d is always there for us, even when we don't know why the bad stuff happens, we do know it can be used for good! Your story has touched so may lives and hearts, so that is one good thing coming from this, and I am sure G-d has many more!

  2. There is nothing faint of heart in you , no stopping along the road and throwing it all down, Nothing saying I won't go on. Though you struggle and even cry out - you cry out to the Mighty one who is ever watching and caring for you. Kathleen, You are an encouragement to any one who has been faint of heart along their own road, anyone who has said this is too hard...Who has questioned Why God? Even in your honesty the backbone is Christ alone, He holds you up and does not let you stumble to the left or to the right. He will provide the answers as they are needed and He will see you and Caleb through this. Caleb- in the Bible he was a Mighty warrior, truth sayer, concqueror, even into his old age he was still taking mountains.... Believing with you that your CALEB will be recounting the mighty acts of God to His offspring God is good and his faithfulness continues to the next generation !!!! Love you guys......The Boviers'

  3. Oh Kathleen... I think about that often for you. Yes, it's exciting to see Caleb make progress but how can you not wonder why he has to BE there in the first place? I am praying for you today, that God will encourage and uplift you. You're on my heart and mind.


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