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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Treats! Lots of Treats!

Mama is here! I left this morning to pick her up and managed to get lost at the airport...twice. It took me an hour to find her! Her and I together are a terrible mix. Haha! At least we're always giggling! :) It's such a treat to have her here and I know it is for Cale too!

For RT, Cale and I played the Wii again. He did so much better than the last time we played! He did get really frustrated towards the end because he was losing. When I told him the point is that he's getting better, he said "No, the point is to win." Well, what do I say to that? He's kind of right, BUT for us, it's the greatest thing to see how he's making progress! It was hard not to laugh at all that he was saying. I know it must be crazy frustrating for him to play and not be as good as he was before.

Another special visit today! Congresswoman Speier came to meet Cale and I. I've missed putting a couple visits from "Important" people up here, but there have been quite a few since we've been here!

Another really BIG treat today was getting to watch Cale walk all by himself!!!! There was NO walker and Pat and Miguel were standing close by, but only touched Cale if he was starting to lose his balance. It was amazing. I've been waiting and waiting for this day to come! It's really hard for him and takes so much energy to go even a short distance, but that's how every step has been. When they first started him using the walker, he struggled so much and now, he pretty much can do it with just someone walking close by. For a while now, we talk about walking on the beach just the two of us and how that's a goal. Today I was able to talk to him about how much closer he is to that! Yay!! :)

Here's a video! It's kind of long and slow going but he makes it all the way to the goal! Woohoo!!

One of the yummy treats today was homemade Strawberry Sorbet! After all of the therapy's were over, the three of us headed to the Fisher House to use the Ice Cream maker.

Cale helped too! I was able to help him stand for some of the time. He would lean against the counter and hold on with one hand. He seemed to LOVE getting to help! Thank you Wake staff!!!!! :)

While the sorbet was getting made in the handy machine :), Mama had made dinner. For those of you that didn't know Cale before the accident, I want you to think about the pickiest eater you know, and then multiply that by...a whole lot! Cale was honestly the pickiest! Tonight he had a salad (this would never have happened in a million years!!), Beef and Lima Bean Soup (again...never!), and Almond Milk (I tried so many times for him to just give a tiny taste and it was always "No way!") to drink. He also had Asparagus (what?!) for lunch.

Who took my husband and what did they do with him?

It's great though! I'm ok if his new eating habits stick for life ;) After dinner, of course we had our dessert! It turned out really tasty. By the time we were eating it, Cale didn't remember making it, but that's ok we took pictures to remind him of how great of a job he did!

...and there was lots of laughter through the rest of the evening!



  1. Kathleen, he looks SO great! In the photo with the congresswoman, both of his eyes are wide open and he has such a great smile! I can't wait to hear about his walking getting better and better. YES!

  2. Kathy Beckett10/15/10, 6:53 AM

    Kathleen! I'm so thankful for your regular blog entries. It has been thrilling to hear about and SEE so many "firsts" as you and Cale were experiencing them. I know we will see a video of the two of you walking on the beach before long! I hope you and your mom are able to have some super quality time while she is with you.

  3. I do remember how picky he was! I'm in shock that he ate everything! Way to go Cale! I'm with you Kathleen I hope it stays! ;) Love you!

  4. Kathleen ,
    The video reminded me of the song " just put one foot in front of the other and soon you'll be walking out the door." One step at a time he has been getting better and better. Walking ,talking eating.It is amazing to see his progress..
    Have a fabulous visit with your mom and go to lots of places in Frisco with her.
    We love you !

  5. So wonderful!We are praying for you both!, enjoy this time ! This brings back memories, you'll look back with joy!Michele

  6. Kathleen, You precious girl. I am so glad I get to know you a little bit. Is the Vancouver you might go to in Washington? Please have Katie let me know, or you can get my address from her and let me know. I live in Olympia, WA. It would only be a short drilve for me to get to come and see you, if you would let me. With much love, Marion Hansen


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