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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Putting the Pieces Together

Just for the record, I hate puzzles. I've never been one of those people that can sit and work on a puzzle for hours. Cale loves them, in fact one night, pretty late, he had me go to WalMart with him to see how much a card table would be! He wanted to be able to work on a puzzle and not have to move it from the dinner table. He also has loved every other kind of puzzle he can get his hands on!

Anyways, I'm not a fan. It takes so long and you spend so much time looking for one piece and then another...wouldn't making yummy brownies that you can actually eat be more fun?

It's been some what of a tough going day. I'm pretty sure that every time we have a really great day with Cale, it feels like right after I'm getting slammed. The song that goes "I get knocked down, but I get up again..." was stuck in my head for most of the afternoon.

Patty did some more testing today. I've been watching everyday and finally asked how it was really going...she said not so great. I had to quickly remind myself that the test is not the final answer. If the results are bad that doesn't mean that Cale isn't making progress! It doesn't mean he's not going to heal more. After talking to her about how the test went, I could feel myself getting slightly discouraged. Along with hearing that the test isn't going so well, I've still been trying to work on details for the next facility. I know that a lot of you have been asking what's next and when, and honestly I have no idea. On the 25th I'm going to visit an out-patient rehab in Vancouver. They will keep Cale for a couple months to transition him into be bringing him home. Right now I'm fighting to keep him here as long as possible because as long as he's here, he's able to get more therapy. The scores on the test are showing where he's at cognitively, but if those aren't great, then that's where I lose my fight. He's making tons of progress physically, but they want to see it in the cognitive side too.

I really want the best for him. If that means him leaving here, going to the transition facility and then home with me, that's great. I just don't want to keep him from any opportunity's that are there for him. It's been heavy on my heart and even though I keep taking it to the Lord and surrendering, I find myself picking it back up every day. Anyone else guilty of that?

After talking to Cale's mom tonight, I started to think about how all the pieces will come together-they will! It takes time and the Lord will continue to lead me every new step just like He's been doing through all of this. As much as I hate doing puzzles, the end result is always so beautiful-and that's what the Lord is promising if I TRUST Him.

It doesn't mean I like the process though.

As for something very exciting...I get to pick Mama up from the airport tomorrow!!! Yay! I can't wait to see her! There's nothing like having your mom around to make everything better :) She always seems to make me laugh when no one else can and she happens to be a very good cook! Heehee! I've been eating hospital food for too long! So has Cale!

When I don't know the answers or what to do next, the Bible says to do what is good, love mercy, and walk humbly with my God. Micah 6:8

So for now that's just what I'm going to do! :)


  1. I'm with Cale. I love love love puzzles. You get to see the end work of your patience justified in at the end result. And that is just what God is doing in both of you. He is putting all the puzzle pieces back together to sit back and see the end work of His patience. (and yours) We will pray as we always do my darling girl) but remember the Master planner/ painter of your lives isn't finished with your or Cales puzzle yet.
    P.S. Really really enjoy your visit with your mom and I sent you a new package yesterday!
    Love you,

  2. Kathy Beckett10/14/10, 8:53 AM

    I will be praying: 1)as always for wisdom and a clear sense of God's guidance in your decision-making process, 2) for Cale's continued healing, and 3) for a wonderful visit with your mom. I'm so glad she is able to be with you now! Love ya.

  3. I am also guilty of picking those burdens up again that I have laid down before my Father. We just have to remember to keep taking them back to Him!
    ~ Heather

  4. I am also guilty of worring about those burdens that I have given to the Father . We just need to remember everyting is in His hands even if we do worry about them . So why make our self upset . I will continue to pray for progress for Cale and guidenss and peace for you . I hope that you Cale and your mom have a blessed time together . Kathryn


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