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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Wop Bop A Loo Bop She Bop Bam Boom

Wow! What a day! I'm not even sure where to start! Yeehaw! :)

First things first, I love Fall. I love the smell, the colors, the yumminess, the clothes, the feel of the air...I love it all! I went running this morning, and even though it was in the 90's (this is what I've heard, but since this morning I haven't walked outside!) today, this morning really felt like sweet fall was here again.

This is us in 08' apple picking with the Hoppel family and the Souls family. We finished the day with an elephant ear....Mmm!

So on to the big events of the day...It started in ST when Patty upgraded Cale to thin liquids!! Yay! He can now drink in whatever cup he wants, and whatever he wants! This is SO nice! I'm so proud of him. He does need a straw for now, but that's very doable :)

Next, the lady came today and Cale signed the papers for me to be POA! It's a done deal! Finally that hurtle is behind us. I was thinking back to when I was dealing with all of that in NC and how it's continued to me a miserable bump in the road and now, I can be done with it. Cale was so cute when he was signing and when he told the lady he wanted me to be POA. He's so stinkin' sweet! He makes me giggle all day long!

I told the lady that I was going to be a geek and take a picture of the moment ;)

Last but not least...Cale's Peg tube is out! Yes! Dr. Sigford checked his charts today to make sure that he's getting all the fluids that he needs and then set up a date with us at 2:30. I was so nervous for Cale! I've heard how much it hurts and of course I didn't want Cale hurting! We all gowned up and I took Cale's hand. I new I wasn't going to be able to watch so I kept my eyes on his face. When she started to pull, Cale's face changed so quick and I was the one squeezing his hand...maybe I'm what caused his pain! haha! His mouth was open so wide and I could see the pain he was in, but no sound came out. When it was all over (and I started to breathe again!) I yelled out "Scream Boy!" and he said "Owe." Then I shouted "It's out!" and Cale smiled and with a laugh said "YAY!" I'm not sure too many people laugh after that...I heard screaming and swearing usually occur! He was sore after, but both of us were so excited to have that darn tube gone!

This was right after she pulled it out! Do you see his happy face?!

Another moment of remembering for me-When Rachel was here, I had just had a family meeting where they talked about me needing to not feel bad about eating in front of Cale because he may never be able to eat real food and I am not going to be able to hide that from him for the rest of our lives. I told Rachel how I knew that it might be like that, but how I hated the thought and I longed to cook for him again. Well, look where we are today! Thank you Jesus!

Now all glory to God, who is ABLE, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Ephesians 3:20

I don't know why this has all happened, and I may never. I do know that if God gives Cale 100% (It is still possible through Him!) full recovery, I'm going to be so incredibly thankful. If not, I'm going to keep on loving and serving God anyways. I will stay right beside my amazing husband and have beautiful children with him. Every day, I will continue to press into my Savior, stay wrapped in His arms, and thank Him for every miracle that He has made and I know will continue to make. <3


  1. Bless you, Kathleen. Father is doing a wonderous work in you and through you. I rejoice with you you are through the POA hurdle and that the tube is out. Hugs, Marion Hansen

  2. Tamara L. Host10/12/10, 9:47 PM

    Cale and Kathleen,
    I am so happy for you both. Again another miracle from above. Yay that tube is finally gone. It truly is amazing how far Cale has come in the past few months. To see him walk and talk...One can only call that a true miracle. My prayers continue to be with you.

  3. I'm excited to see them beautiful babies! :)
    Lori/ New Life

  4. Glory!! SO, so awesome!

    Love you, Cale and Kathleen!!

  5. Woo Hoo. So many hurdles being climbed every day. So happy that his PEG is out and he signed the POA. Someday soon we will be hearing all about his eating everything in sight. Won't that be grand.? Can't wait to hear more.
    We love you!
    Charlie and Jean

  6. Rebecca Frisby10/13/10, 1:30 PM

    Don't stop now Jesus! We want more of your Glory!

  7. Barbara McKeon10/13/10, 4:18 PM

    How wonderful that Cale doesn't have that tube any more. We have a great-grandson who had a feeding tube for the first few months of his life, and when he got food, after he learned how to eat, it was so much fun watching him. Thank you for telling us about Cale's progress. I am reading "Desiring God" by John Piper. I think you fit in those pages just right. God bless you.

  8. Yeeeee haaaaaawwwww, that thing is out. I could dance! I am so happy for you guys. I love that he's even eating his vegetables, ha, ha.

    Greg & Julie H.


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