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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Caught a Nasty :(

Cale has been doing some exciting things lately! Again, it might seem like little stuff, but really it's all huge! And, all this stuff adds up to equal my Boy getting better! :)

Monica said in OT, Cale did great in the shower! She first asked him to wash his legs and then he said "then my arms and back!" I think he's finally over the bump of hating the shower and not wanting the water to hit his skin. Also, when she helped him shave this morning, he's still having trouble doing it himself, but he helped poke (not sure what you call it!) his bottom and upper lip out for her to get those areas good. He has done this once before...I think we were at Wake still? Not sure, BUT he did it again today!

Today was an outing to the movie theater. I've been unsure how it would go, because even now when we do watch a movie, we're cuddled in bed and he can stop watching anytime he wants to. I was on the phone with his mom and asked him what movie he was going to see. I said "un" to give him the start to find the word and he said "stoppable" He had only heard this a few times yesterday and was able to remember! This is a big deal! When he gets to the point of being able to gain more memory, it's going to be another big mountain in his recovery!

Cale walked a lot in PT today. Mitch gave Cale two canes and had him do several laps walking with just a little help. After Cale would do a lap from his room to the gym and then back, he gave Cale a 2 minute rest break. The first break, I asked Cale how he was doing and he said "bad, sad, and mad." He was saying he didn't like walking with the canes because it was hard. We tried to talk to him and point out that the walker he has now used to be hard, but now it's easy. Cale wouldn't believe us! He kept saying that it's easy and this was hard. When I reminded him that he's working hard to get better so he can go home, he was more willing to keep going :)

Cale keeps asking "when?" When can he go home? When will he get better? When will we leave here? When will he be able to walk? When will we be in Washington? I wish that I had all the answers for him! He doesn't realize that I ask the Lord those questions often. When will this all be over Lord? When will we get a life out of the hospital? When will we be able to start a family? When will Cale's memory come back, if ever? There are so many questions that I wish I had answers to, but God doesn't just give us answers because we want them. He's asking Cale and I to trust him and be obedient. He gives me a peace every day that reminds me that he's holding us in His hands and He can see the whole picture and not just the tiny dot that we are seeing right now. We can stand firm and believe that he has mighty plans for us and He will receive the glory from Cale's recovery.

Some nations boast of their chariots and horses, but we boast in the name of the Lord our God. Those nations will fall down and collapse, but we will rise up and stand firm. Psalm 20:7-8

I caught a nasty cold. It started yesterday with sneezes and then all night I was awake with a constant dripping nose. This morning when I got out of bed, it had turned itself into an ugly monster and was trying to wipe me out. I wasn't at the hospital much today and didn't get to go to the movie. After lunch, I took some meds and conked out for the day. I went back over around 6pm and they said Cale wouldn't eat dinner. If I'm not there for a meal, he's decided he doesn't need to eat. I cuddled with him for a while and then said good night. I don't want to make him sick, but I had to get in a little cuddle time! I asked him if he had gotten popcorn at the movie and he said no he had gotten candy. I asked another patients mom that had gone, what Cale had and she said he bought a box of candy! Good job Cale! Another thing to show there's a little memory gain!

21) I am thankful for medicine. Not only has medicine played a large part in Cale's recovery, but I plan on taking some more and kicking this yuckiness out of here! Tomorrow is Monday which is always busy around here and it's going to be a full week, so when I wake up I'm praying I'm better! Thankfully, the meds I took earlier, helped me sleep really good this afternoon and has helped dry my nose up! Achy muscles, red nose, soar throat, and heavy head...all signs of an unwelcomed visitor! :(


  1. Will be praying for you to feel better. Awesome news as far as Cale is concerned! Great that his memory is improving! I think we all struggle with when will things be normal again, and when will we get to "start" our lives... even without such a tragic event. G-d knows the perfect time for everything. I don't know if I will ever be married again, have a baby, or when I will get to move my stuff to California, but I know that I can trust Him. When I am having a lousy day, I read your blog, and it always makes me smile.

    ~ Heather Noel

  2. Gah! You avoided sickness for so long and it finally caught up with you. I hope you are feeling better SOON girl!

    Caleb's memory improvement is so exciting. I love hearing all the progress he is making!

  3. Kathleen!! I'm so glad about Cale's memory. This is just the tip of the iceburg of what's to come. You, know, my friend, you have been running hard these last months. Remember what you said about taking care of yourself? Sometimes our bodies get their rest however they can. I love you, Marion

  4. Believing with you that you kick it ! So happy for all Caleb's improvements - believing for a full recovery on all things mind, body, emotions, His spirit is still intact PTL!!! Love to you as you both heal! Reenie Bovier

  5. love the new pic, guessing it is Tej's. love it!

  6. Love the picture!!!

  7. I LOVE your new picture and background stuff. And I must remind you how much you minister to my heart. I just cannot go without keeping up with your blog. You have an amazing story of overcoming obstacles most of us couldn't imagine. Way to go with your memory Cale!


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