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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sleepy Saturday

On Saturday mornings I try to let myself sleep in a little and enjoy the warmness of my cozy bed. My eyes flew open at 6:30 this morning and was followed by a very firm "No way!" I was once again determined to stay in bed and not start my day before 8am. Eventually I was able to drift back to sleep :) much enjoyed!

Cale had OT at 10, which is a nice break from is normal weekend schedule with OT at 8am. Today, we played three rounds of memory. I just watched the first two games and then joined in on the last. Cale is doing much better since the last time! We did 20 matches today, which is a lot more than he used to be able to do. Monica and I were making it more challenging by asking Cale to name what the picture on the cards were. He needed help, but a few he did with just giving him the first letter!

In PT Cale was worked so hard again! Pat had him do a lot of walking and then after, he had Cale get on the elliptical. Cale did awesome with both! Please pray for his confidence with walking. He would be doing so much better if he could just get passed the fear of falling. We worked on getting him to keep his head up today. He always puts his head down to look at the ground, and when we try to put something up high for him to look at, he's been consistently telling us "no." Today I put my hands in the air and gave him a number that he would have to say out loud. Cale loved numbers before the accident and still loves them, so finally we have something that he will agree to do! I just kept changing the number on my hand and he kept his head up to keep figuring out what number I was going to do next. Perfect! It was good for today, so we'll see if it sticks! ;)

After therapy's we had lunch and then have been hidden away in my room. We haven't done this in over a month, so it's extra special! Cuddle time is always needed! :)

I messed up yesterday and put my email for the addresses. This still works because I still get them, but if you can send them to that would be great!

The picture at the top of the blog is one that TJ had taken of us last month! I love that I've been asked if it was one from before the accident! :)! There are more to come and I can't wait to see them! TJ is an amazing photographer! He was also so great and helped me fix up the blog a little...much better than before!

20) I am thankful for clean water to drink! This morning I was so thirsty and couldn't wait to get my bottle filled with ice water. A lot of places around the world, aren't able to get as much good tasting water as they want when they want it. We are so blessed in America to have it so freely! In fact, there are many who don't enjoy it like they need too! My silly husband is one of them. He thinks water is gross! Even before the accident, he would hardly ever drink it. He did say when he came home in December that he wanted me to help him drink it more so he started to drink less Mt. Dew, but unfortunately, his memory of that moment in deciding is one of the things that is gone...completely. Maybe a little by choice? ;)


  1. I thought that was a pre-accident picture as well... it is gorgeous!!! So glad that love is more than just in our brains :)
    ~ Heather

  2. him and your brother both need to drink more water and less mt dew.maybe they can do it mt dew would stop making new flavors maybe it would be easier for them.hehe

  3. I too thought the picture was pre-accident. What a beautiful photo. TJ is an inspired photographer!

    Lisa B.

  4. I love the new pic!

  5. YES! YES! YES! I thought the picture was pre-accident too!!!!!!! Father is so good. I love you guys, Marion Hansen

  6. Nice job TJ. He is a talented photographer. I love seeing the videos & pics whenever you post them Thanks Kathleen. Keep the faith.

    Love in Christ. Pattie Andring

  7. A wonderful picture!,Cales doing wonderful, I remember look to the left & right, what you did before the accident you really think before every move.Lots of good things to come, Love Michele L. Siemasko our oldest getting married may 20th, day before Johns & my 23rd anniversary.Happy Thanksgiving!


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