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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

dancing in the minefields

Well folks, I have some good news! We get to stay here until at least...after the first of the year! I know some of you didn't even know we would be leaving before then, but you can be happy about the news! :) I haven't said much about when we would be leaving, because I really didn't know, and I'm constantly pushing for more time. The program Cale was accepted in, is 90 days. He's been making so much progress and I know he still has so much potential, if they would give him time. We were supposed to discharge on October 21st and I asked to give us more time, so they extended us a month. I was bold and asked yesterday if we could please stay until after the first of the year, and then go from there-and they said yes! Thank you Jesus! Cale is getting amazing therapy here and they're doing such a good job. After we leave here, we'll be going to a step down facility for 4-8 weeks, where Cale will be getting less than half of the therapy's he's getting now. After that, he would be going to an assisted living facility (this is looking at where he's at now), but instead I'm going to bring him home with me and take care of him. I know it's going to be hard and a challenge, but hasn't this all been already? I'm praying that he makes even more incredible progress and wont have to be dependent on me for the rest of his life anyways! Yay! Such an answer to prayer today! Thank you every one that prayed!

The meeting was good. After the big news, there wasn't much more that needed to be said! Haha! Cale is doing great and every one is really proud of him! I talked with Dr. McKenna after the meeting, and she strongly encourages me to get on a better schedule for myself. I was so good about it at Wake because I had Basil to take care of and had to walk him every day. Now, it's just me and Cale and I feel perfectly content being with him all day...only problem is I know I'm going to get worn out. It's also a lot harder to leave now that Cale is so much more aware. I thought it was hard before,'s so different now. So...I'm asking for prayer with this. It's not going to be easy, but I do know that I need to take care of myself too. I told Dr. Mckenna that I will try my best. Today doesn't count ;)

In OT, Monica did some testing. This is the third time they've done this specific test, to see where Cale is and every time he gets better! The last two times, Monica has had to spread it out over a couple days, because Cale didn't have the endurance to get through it. It takes so much out of him to figure out and answer each question. Today, he was faster at finding the answer, was able to identify what he was trying to figure out, and he finished the whole test in less than an hour!!!! Monica and I were so impressed by him! Go Cale!!

Not only did he do fantastic in OT, he also walked the farthest he has yet, with out any help from a walker or person! Pat said it was about 60ft to the gym that he walked and then he walked back about 50ft with out help! That's my man!

Here's a video to show off his hard work! :)

Some funnies from Cale while working on word finding...
Patty asked him in ST, "What are some pets you had growing up?" Cale's first answer was a dinosaur, then a cat, panda, and a dog. He was so serious with his answers, and when she asked what he named the dinosaur and panda, he said "I forget."

I told Cale today, "I'm getting fat. What are some things I eat too much of that make me fat?" C: "Candy, chocolate, and pie" I was so proud of him for coming up with the answers all by himself! K: "What is something I can do to help me not gain weight?" I was trying to get him to say exercises, but it didn't come to him, so I said it. "What are some ways to exercise?" C: "basket ball, sit ups, push ups, and pull ups" Wow! He's doing really good! K: "Well, you're going to love me even if I'm 300 pounds right?" C: "Eh, yeah" K: Would you look at me and say Eww?" C: "Only if you're naked!" hahaha! Oh goodness! I can't stop laughing about that one!

I was telling him he did a really good job thinking up words and he gave himself a pat on the back while saying "pat on my back!" :) He deserves to do that!

I was sent a song in an email, and I wanted to share it. Cale and I were both 18 when we said "I do" in front of our friends and family. Every one thought we were young and questioned our decision, but we did it anyways. We got our first rings for $50 each and started our adventure together and we knew that God had blessed hasn't been 15 years, yet, but we're together and going strong. Dancing in the minefields and sailing in the storms.

This song and video seemed so perfect.

Andrew Peterson - Dancing In The Minefields (2010 Video & Lyrics)
Click the link to watch a very special video!

Cause we bear the light of the son of man
So there’s nothing left to fear
So I’ll walk with you in the shadow lands
Till the shadows disappear
Cause he promised not to leave us
And his promises are true
So in the face of this chaos baby
I can dance with you

2) I am thankful that even though Cale is very different now, I can still wake up every day and see his face, hold him, laugh with him, and hear his voice. He was so close to death, but God was with Him. I am so thankful that I get to grow old with my husband and go way beyond 15 years.


  1. i love the part were he said only if you were naked hed say ewww.made us all so happy and excited at all the progress hes made.we love you guys the andersons

  2. Kathleen your dance is beautifull ! May God honor your boldness and increase Caleb's healing beyond what you could think or imagine!!!! Love to you and Caleb as you continue this journey - Praying for you daily Reenie and Jan Bovier

  3. Kathleen, Trusting with you for Cale's healing and and rejoicing that you get to stay till after the first of the year. God is in control!!! Hugs, Marion Hansen


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