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Friday, November 19, 2010

feels like a Friday!

Cale is done. He almost didn't make it through dinner tonight! Poor guy has been worked this week! I asked him if it's a good thing or bad thing and he says it's good! I'd have to say I'm in agreement with him-done.

Today started out such a great morning within the first 30 minutes of me being there! First we cuddled (which is always the best way to start the day!) before it was time to get up and get going. After about 10 minutes or so, Cale said "Pee!" Now, I don't talk about this much on here because in this area I want to respect Cale, but I'm going to brag for a's a pretty huge thing for Cale to initiate to have to go to the bathroom-especially when we're cuddling! THEN, we were at the sink brushing his teeth, and Cale spit! This may seem like a small thing, but again, it's huge! Every time he "spits" he just opens his mouth and everything runs out. When I asked him to spit this morning, he did a real spit! Patty and Monica have been working with Cale to be able to use his muscles like this. It's so exciting! I had him spit several times in a row, just so I could make sure I wasn't making things up! Spit away Cale! haha!

In OT today Cale became a chef! After doing some reaching and bending to get different things in the area that's set up like a kitchen, Cale made pudding :) Monica said afterwards that he did so well because she didn't really know what to expect when she had him do it, but he did better than what she was thinking! We would try to remind him or help him do a few steps and he would tell us "I know." He even stirred the whole time by himself! He ate some after lunch and shared with another patient :)

In PT Cale had pool therapy again. Just in a week, he's already made improvements from last time. It's exciting to see! He loves it so much too!

I wish that I could get inside Cale's brain and know what he's thinking or what is running through his mind. Last night I had woken him up from sleeping so that I could cuddle. After just a couple minutes, he had forgotten he had been sleeping. He forgets everything within minutes...and his long term memory isn't completely working yet. He really does live in the moment and it's not by choice! I'm intrigued a little and find the brain and how it works more fascinating every day. I will just continue to take lots of pictures and capture the moments for him as best as I can :)

Meet Steppy...

This is the newest addition to the Darling family. It's a part of my mission to get exercise! I am going to try to become a multi-tasking queen with this little guy. If you're on the phone with me and I sound out of breath, it's probably because Steppy has become a part of our conversation! :)

There's a little delay for what I had planned on mailing out to everyone, so if you haven't yet, please email me your address or the address to your church or a church that you know is praying for Cale! My email is Thank you!

19) I'm thankful for a place to stay so close to Cale! I can look out his window and see my room! It's right across the street, and the street is a 15mph road through the VA campus. I am incredibly blessed to be able to stay so close to the hospital! The Fisher House is a beautiful building that is totally free for me to stay here! I have my own room and bathroom, I feel safe, and I don't have to use lots of gas. :) I haven't counted how many steps it is to Cale's room, but it's close enough that I can! Here is the website about the Fisher Foundation

After dinner I helped Cale get ready for bed. Once he was laying down, I asked him if he was comfortable. He said "no" K: "What can we do to get you comfortable?" C: " I need you to cuddle with me!" So...I'm getting off of here and going to cuddle! :)


  1. Gosh Kathleen - I am so impressed with Cale's swimming. What an accomplishment. Looks like he is enjoying it too.

    You are doing well - keep up the good work.

    Love in Christ - Pattie Andring

  2. Kathleen, There is no such thing as a little thing, when it coomes to healing. Everything is a miracle. Following your story has helped me remember to be thankful for ALL I have. Thank you!! Swimming, steppy, pudding, sounds like Father is giving you guys the works!! Hugs Marion

  3. I love the new blog layout! Tj is such an amazing photographer but you two are easy subjects. :) Praying for you always.

  4. Kathy Beckett11/20/10, 7:30 AM

    The new look for the blog is beautiful and the picture is awesome! My compliments to your photographer!! So glad to hear that Cale had a great day...and I hope the weekend is wonderful for you two! Love you!

  5. Hey Kathleen! It's been a busy week & I have finally gotten some time to catch up on your blog. I love the new picture! Is it a recent one or one from before the accident? It was great to see how God is working & healing Cale! I'm so glad you finally got to walk hand in hand just the two of you! The beach walk is just around the corner! Go God! Go Cale! Go Kathleen! :D

  6. i love this pic.i was gonna say you should get a new photo up and i love it.its ya deb

  7. love the new layout! love seeing Cale in the pool! You are so amazingly encouraging, Kathleen, And how awesome our God is! Love you guys!!


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