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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

GO Wings!!

What an exciting day! Cale wore his Red Wings hoodie and I wore my Red Wings jacket with my red scarf...we were ready for the game ALL day! Cale was able to consistently say that we were going to the Red Wings game today! Yesterday he wasn't able to, so just that little bit shows he's progressing with carrying over information. Yay!

For those of you that don't know, Cale is a HUGE Red Wings fan. In fact, out of all the sports, he is "ok whatever" with all of them except for hockey! We never had TV the whole time we were married, so whenever we would go somewhere that did have TV, Cale would get really excited and hunt for hockey if it was the season. He was really good about letting me have a little Food Network time too :) Cale and I had been trying to work it out to go to a Wings game on our trip around the US before our accident, but it didn't look like it was going to work out-but we were going to try. When I found out there was a game here, I HAD to find a way for us to go. Praise God that we were able! TBI can't stop the enjoyment of watching a good hockey game!

One of Cale's PT's came along to the game with us. He's from Detroit so he has cool points with Cale ;) I love that God has placed therapists in Cale's recovery that share the same love for hockey that Cale does. In PT, Pat always talks hockey with Cale and then went to the last game with us, and Puwan is a hockey guy too :)

Honestly, hockey is more Cale's thing and through him and all the games he made me watch with him, I came to love the game too. The Red Wings is only the team I LOVE because that's Cale's team and they're the ones that we watched as much as he could! Well, I found myself a little star struck when I saw Datsyuk and Zetterberg. These two guys are amazing at hockey! I've watched them on TV so many neat to see them right there! Part of my over the top excitement tonight, might have been partly because, this was a part of Cale-preaccident Cale. I know that might seem silly, but that's kind of where I caught my heart at the beginning of the game. I miss Cale's excitement for the game. I miss how he would talk so much about playing, learning more, and one day teaching our kids hockey. Even though he's not back to that point yet, it was so special to share tonight with him. We had a blast!

It was a great game with lots of action! It was pretty intense at a few points, so if you were watching and saw a blonde on the edge of her seat...that was me! :) I have been told (by Cale and many others...) that I get too wrapped up in whatever movie or game I'm watching and can become, um, entertaining myself. Thankfully my craziness is a little more accepted at a sports game :) I'm pretty sure after tonight I can officially say I'm a Wing's fan. Not just because of Cale, but because I think they're pretty awesome!

Cale was still a little wired when we got back to the hospital. At 11pm, he's usually sleeping away...tonight we were still cheering about hockey :)

Cale's "we won" face :)


  1. GO WINGS! I think sports events are probably way better in person than on TV. I am SO glad you got to go and have a great time!

  2. WooHoo! It's so amazing that he was able to go and enjoy and be so jazzed! I am more than grateful that you were able to enjoy something with your husband that is part of who he is and not changed with the accident. He is going, sister, he is well on his way and only going up from here!
    Love you lots!

  3. Kathleen - So glad you got a chance to see Caleb in pre-accident form a glimps into your future and your past -while still being in your present God is so good it reminds me of the verse that is past present and future all in one....Mark 11:24 I tell you whatever you ask for in prayer BELIEVE (present tense) that you HAVE RECEIVED (past tense) and you SHALL HAVE (future tense) it ! God doesn't just see our needs in this present tense He sees our needs past present and future and He is so faithfull to remind us that all we must do is ask, believe , and trust (have faith ) - that the answer is already on it's way - futur tense( shall have !) God never puts the cart before the horse, what an awkward way, that would be, to travel - but he does tell us our faith must be the very thing that is the back bone to our prayer, and that When we pray and belive we SHALL HAVE- (he just doesn't tell us when ....) Love to you girl as you walk in faith Past Present and Future in the hands of a MIGHTY GOD ! Reenie Bovier

  4. Kathleen, I am so excited you got to see a game. My son-in-laws family are HUGE, HUGE hockey fans. His brothers each play. Much love, Marion What do you want for Christmas?? Truly, what do you want?

  5. I LOVE the pic at the top of your page, by the way:) So sweet.

    Julie H.

  6. So blessed to see how God inclines his heart and ear to the small "meaningless" desires of our much more the big important ones! God is Good...all the time! Cling to Jesus and keep on knocking, seeking and asking...he is faithful. Love you, Kimberly


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