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Monday, November 29, 2010

Awesome...he's (and He's) awesome!

Some days end with me in tears, some end with smiles. Some days end with a loud sigh, and some with giggles. Sometimes my days end with me and a pile of chocolates, and some end with eyes that won't stay open. Tonight my day is ending with smiles...lots of smiles. It has been a beyond great day!

It started with some testing in OT. Monica has Cale do a few things to test on his fine motor skills every couple weeks. The first test is taking really small objects and as fast as he can put them in a little container one by one. The very first test was 7/31 Left hand he did 42 sec and right hand he did 65 seconds. On 11/8 L-22 R-38, and then today L-21 R-29! He's doing great! Another part is with little blocks that he moves from one side to the other, one at a time, for one minute. This works on Dexterity, attention span, and eye-hand coordination. On 11/8 L-39 R-22 (goal to get as many as possible) 11/29 L-39 R-24...Go Cale! getting two more with his right hand is a big deal!

THEN, in ST he did another test. First he worked on some swallowing stuff because Saturday at lunch we had a little scare. Cale choked on a piece of pineapple and wasn't breathing. Right as the nurse got to him, he coughed and out flew a big chunk of yellow. The wife was a bit freaked out...but it's all ok :) Patty wanted to look more into how he is swallowing and if there is anything we can help him with. After that was over, she started the Orientation log. This is a way to monitor where Cale is at with being able to know the month, year, state and city he's in, what kind of place...Well, Cale did fantastic! I was holding back from bursting at the seams with squeals and shouts! For example, Patty: "What kind of place are you in?" C: "I don't know." P: "Like, is it a school or a bank" C: "Hospital" and then Patty asked him what the name of the hospital was and he didn't know. P: "Well, who can go here?" C: "People that are hurt" P: "If Kathleen gets hurt can she go here?" C: "No, she's not in the Army." Ahhhhh! What?! Oh my stinkin' goodness! Are you kidding me? He totally knows that this is a hospital for people in the military! This is crazy amazing. The whole time he did sooooooo great!

Here's a chart of his scores from 9/16 (first time he was able to participate in the test), through today. Do you see how high that last x is? Thank you Jesus!

It didn't stop with him doing so great at the test! After that she showed him more pictures and had him say the names for the object or for whatever was happening in the picture. Cale has such a hard time with word finding, so usually this part doesn't go over so well. Today, Cale named off so many! With out any cues!!! All I can say is my husband is AWESOME! He's working so hard and doing so great!

Along with all of the excitement with how great Cale is doing, I had a very encouraging phone call today! Kathy (Cale's mom) called with some news that can really help Cale and I. I'll put on more details later, but I want to check a few things before I get too ahead of the game :)

“When you go out to fight your enemies and you face horses and chariots and an army greater than your own, do not be afraid. The Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, is with you! When you prepare for battle, the priest must come forward to speak to the troops. He will say to them, ‘Listen to me, all you men of Israel! Do not be afraid as you go out to fight your enemies today! Do not lose heart or panic or tremble before them. For the Lord your God is going with you! He will fight for you against your enemies, and he will give you victory!’ Deuteronomy 20:1-4

When all of Cale's therapy's were over he had a dentist appointment. I have gotten a couple days behind in my Bible reading plan, so I brought along my Bible to read while I was waiting. First I had the phone call, but then I still had time after to get some reading done. The first verses I read were the ones above. Talk about really being encouraged!! I had said once before about how Cale was the soldier and how now it was my turn to be the soldier and fight for him. Well, when the Lord gives me verses like these, I can't help but picture myself suiting up and heading to battle. Of course, I picture the olden day battles with the horses and adventures! Heehee! There are times like the Israelites that we feel helpless and overwhelmed against something going on in our lives. Sometimes it feels like there's no way to claim victory in the midst of whatever situation and trial we're facing. Sometimes there's a trial in the midst of a trial (I've faced this quite a bit!), BUT, even when all the odds are against us, God speaks confidence in our hearts because we may not be able to overcome it all...BUT He can!

I'm one of those people that show my emotions and how I'm feeling on my sleeve. Anyone, even people that don't know me well, can very quickly and easily figure out what kind of day I'm having or if something is wrong. After the eventful day with Cale and then the very exciting phone call...AND the scripture, I was um...unsuccessfully containing my super hyper excited emotions from all the dental staff. Maybe they think I'm just very happy Cale is getting his teeth worked on? Haha! Thank you Lord for VICTORY!!


  1. So very awesome, Kathleen!!! Our God is an awesome God. I am dancing for you right now. I loved the chart with all those ascending X's:)

    Love you,

    Julie H.

  2. Yes yes yes! I can't wait to hear the good news!

  3. My Friend!! I rejoice with you about your phone call. Father knows just what we need to lift our spirits. I double rejoice with you about how well Cale is doing. Marion (I am sure the dental staff thought you were excited to have Cale's teeth worked on!! :) :) :)

  4. Kathy Beckett11/30/10, 7:19 AM

    I am thanking God for the awesome day you experienced! What a blessing...and I can't wait to hear the details of the phone call! :)
    Love you!

  5. I'm encouraged Kathleen! Thanks for sharing your absolutely wonderful news. My Dad had a stroke on Nov. 16th. I shared with him about Cale and how well he has done in his recovery. I will share with him again about all the wonderful progress and how God is your strength and help.

  6. Hooray!!! God is so Good and ever faithful!
    Love you, Kimberly


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