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Friday, November 12, 2010

He's gonna be a fish!

He's a hockey playing, boat riding, hamburger eating, Wii playing, zoo going, bike riding, football watching, basketball playing, treadmill using, ice cream making, video game playing, horseback riding, swimming kind of a guy! :)

Cale LOVED getting in the pool! This was the first time and will not be the last! It's been a big week for him. During his time in the pool, Pat kept asking him if he wanted to stop or take a break and Cale kept telling him no! Finally, because he had the next therapy, they had to get him out. This is so good for him! Another therapy that gets him away from the hospital (even though we're technically still there!) and changes things up a bit. It was so great!

The best part of it that I noticed, was Cale getting to have guy time. At first, I was a part of all the excitement, but then I noticed how much fun Cale was having with both of the PT's. They were guys and he was having a blast. One of the thoughts I had last night was that "guy time" was needed before the accident and brain injury doesn't change that. He still needs it. Part of what happened last night was that Cale was having problems with me leaving. That wasn't the whole story, but it was some of it-enough that I know I need to give him more time with out me there. This isn't easy for me, as all of you know...but it's needed for him to continue healing. It's not that I need to miss therapy's because I need to leave, but I think more that he needs enjoyable time with out me there. Therapy's are not very enjoyable some days! I talked with another patient here and asked if he would be willing to play cards or something with Cale a couple times a week, and that will give Cale something to do and have fun too! When I leave, Cale gets so bored! He doesn't like to just sit in front of the TV, and doing stuff by himself gets boring really quick, so having a friend will be good. This will end up being a great thing when we finally get to go home...guy time :)

This morning I gave Cale a really big hug when I saw him. As we were hugging he said "Girl, you feel so good!" There have been so many times since the accident that I've held him and have said those same words to him. Even when he wasn't responding or communicating, it felt amazing to feel him and know that he was still here with me. Sigh...I love him.

11) Yesterday I meant to add one last time that I'm so thankful for veterans and all that they've sacrificed for us to be the nation we are.

12) I'm thankful for Medical Staff. There are so many different therapy's available now then there were even 10 years ago. Medicine has come so far and because of the help of medicine and all the therapy, Cale has come so far! All of the doctors, nurses, therapists, surgeons, nutritionists, social workers (and more!), have been such a vital part of this journey that we're on. Not just for Cale, but for me as well! Even just to think of the surgeon that did Cale's brain surgery. It was a risk that night, but she did it and Cale is alive and doing so much! I know that God is in control and He's carrying Cale through this, but He has given the ability for people to step up and fill a role in health care. These amazing people have been dedicated in their jobs, and because of it, my husband is gaining back his life everyday! Thank you to all the Staff at Pitt Memorial, Wake Med, and the staff here at Palo Alto VA. Cale and I both are so thankful for all of you!


  1. So nice to see, Drs. & nurses,& the rehabilitation staff!There jobs are so Special.They truly make a difference in lives.They are live angel's,Sincerely, Michele L. Siemasko

  2. Guys definitely do need guy-time. It most definitely is hard to let go of that part of Cale. However, this must be something that is necessary for you both to be happy & able to move on to the next phase of Cale's recovery.

    It is great that you have God in your life to help you walk through His for you. God be with you both & I am praying for you always.

    Pattie Andring

  3. Kathleen, Father has brought Cale such a long way. He's brought you a long way as well. It is great wisdom to realize your guy needs "guy time". I love you, Marion Hansen

  4. Doris Kermode Griffin11/14/10, 8:02 AM

    Being in a Rehab facility for as long as you have been with Cale makes you more aware of the miracles around you.Having worked in one in Honolulu Hawaii it certainly opened my eyes on how faith can carry you thru the hard times.The pts with family and friends visiting were able to face the hard work and challenges more easily.Cale has certainly been blessed with a loving wife.


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