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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm not the only one on a horse!

Yesterday I wasn't feeling very good. It wasn't a big deal, just my stomach decided to turn against me. I wasn't sure what was going on, all I knew is I wanted to be comforted. I might have written before about a moment I had of sadness for myself a while ago wondering, if I get sick or something is wrong, who will take care of me? I'll be taking care of Cale, but no one will be able to care for me...that time of thinking has come and gone, but yesterday, for an instant I had that thought as I was at the hospital taking care of Cale, "I don't feel good. What about me?" Cale was sitting in his wheelchair, so I stopped what I was doing and climbed on his lap, curled up, and let him hold me. He was so sweet and even rubbed my back! I do realize that I might have been a little like a baby, but doesn't everyone desire to be cared for and comforted? Cale kept forgetting that something was wrong, but every time I reminded him, he so sweetly loved on me. In OT he even wrote a sweet note with Monica's help that said "Hi Kathleen, I hope you feel better! I love you. -Cale I couldn't help but think of how many times I forget that the Father's lap is always open and He wants to comfort me and hold me too! He desires me to come to Him so He can love on me just like I felt I needed yesterday. I have the two most amazing men in my life that any girl could ever have! I do know that some would argue, but I definitely feel like I could win tonight! ;)

A guy came around the hospital this morning handing out cards from a school near by for Veteran's Day tomorrow. After I read Cale's card to him, we both laughed so hard! I thought it was so nice of them to make cards for all the patients at the hospital :)

Dear Veteran,
I know you are listening. You are going to be in our hearts until the whole world ends. If you are going to live, I hope you have a great life.
-signed the student

In Neuro Psych, Cale has now been consistently saying that he is sad that he's here and he wants to go home. Dr. Howe said it doesn't seem to be a real problem yet, but it's something to watch. She talked with him about how far he has come since he's been here and then told him that in the meeting with all the staff, all of his therapists shared how he's working 150% in each therapy and how he's a fighter! I know that, but it always makes my heart smile so big when I hear the staff saying it too! Yay!

So...I have gotten to ride a horse (not in a few weeks), and now Cale has too! Yes! Today Cale started his first session of Hippotherapy!!! I feel like it's pretty crazy as I'm typing! I would say he's a cowboy now, but Cale has a thing against cowboys...haha! Every Wednesday he will get to ride a horse and hopefully it will help improve muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, and weight shifting while walking. When we first arrived at the Ranch, we had to go into a separate room and go through a bunch of questions and Cale had do do some physical stuff to show where he's at and what areas he has trouble with. At one point he saw a horse walk past the window and his whole face lit up with the biggest smile! Cale's mom had a couple horses so he used to be very comfortable. When I first heard that Hippotherapy was an option, I had to find a way for Cale to get a chance with it. His pt looked into it, and we found a way! We were all curious of how Cale was going to do because when he walks he's so afraid of falling and a lot has happened since he last rode. After all the questioning was over, it was time for a tour of the ranch. Cale was petting every horse that came close! His smile stayed the whole time along with a very excited twinkle in his eye! Next, it was time to get on the horse...and Cale loved it-every minute of it! He was so confident and content. This is a huge blessing and I know that great things are going to come from this including his mood!

Here is a miniature horse that Cale thought was so silly!

A riding he will go!


Sorry about my talking in the video! I think I forget that the phone picks up my voice! Also, it's kind of far away from him, but I was trying to keep the camera steady while walking and get caught up to them. I guess I'll have lots of chances to get more videos later! :)

In OT, Cale made another special note for me! I like this whole thing about working on his hand writing! I can get used to all of these sweet love notes! :) This time, he was asked to think of anything he wanted to say to me and then the OT helped him cut paper and make the note very pretty. Cale traced the heart and he picked the words "Thank you and I love you" I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband! Those words mean so much to me! I think again I can say I have the two most amazing men in my life that any girl could ever have!

10) I am thankful for food. I'm not going to lie...I love food. It's yummy, it's good for me (maybe not everything I eat...), and it's gives me comfort too. Did I already say it's yummy? ;) It can be salty or sweet. It can be mashed or chewy. It can be green or pink...I am just all over the board thankful for food! I eat hospital trays everyday for lunch and dinner, and I am still a happy girl :) I'm thankful that Cale can eat with me now and we can enjoy our meals as a family. I'm thankful that I have an appetite (some day's way to much of one!) and I'm thankful that the Lord has blessed us with so many varieties of food! I love to cook it too!


  1. When I was younger, I thought I could have a miniature horse, and keep it in my bedroom... hahahaha.

    I know that feeling of who will take care of you when you are sick or just having a yucky day.... I felt that way many times after my husband decided not to be my husband anymore... I am learning to lean on the Father more, and fortunately, I have been in good health :) I am glad Cale is able to hug you, and that he has that connection to you that even TBI couldn't take away, and it is good to see you two sticking together, when for so many other couples this would have been the end to them. It is a blessing to see you two growing even closer instead of apart!

  2. i love his love note.its special.i dont get those anymore.looks like he had a fun time riding a horse and i love the close up of both of deb

  3. Hi Kathleen and Caleb! So glad that the Lord has provided Hippo-therapy! How fun for you both!
    My elderly friend had the same question about who would take care of her after her husband died and she had watched over him...The Lord is so good! She had her neighbors, nieces, her daughter, siblings...I think she had more company then ever before!

    His ways are higher than our ways! "...He will perfect that which concerns me and not forsake the works of His Hands." Ps 138:7-8

    Thank you for amazing us with all that is going on and taking the time to keep us posted! Joe checks almost daily! His eye is on the righteous!

    Julie and Company

  4. Yay for horses and the therapy they bring just doing their thing! Wonderful post! please tell Cale thank you for his service to our country. Happy Veteran's Day. . I will forever be grateful for all who have served, who continue to serve and those that rise to the calling to serve in the future! I hope they all feel appreciated.

  5. Kathy Beckett11/11/10, 7:10 AM

    Kathleen & Cale, I'm so glad Cale had the opportunity to ride a horse again! He looked like he was having a wonderful time...and totally relaxed up there. Kathleen, please give Cale a hug for me and tell him I am sending a big "thank you" for his service to our country. Praying for you on this Veteran's Day. Love you both!

  6. Kathleen,Please tell Cale Happy Veteran's Day and Thank him for his service from this Army Mom. You are amazing!
    God continue to keep and bless this beautiful couple!
    Donna Edwards, Sgt. Edwards'Mom

  7. Kathleen!! HAPPY VETERAN'S DAY to Cale. I love the fact that we hear your voice. It's more like that we are there. Father has brought Cale such a long way. His hand is on Cale, on you too, the rest of the journey. I love you, Marion Hansen

  8. Yay for yummy food, horses and love notes. Glad you are feeling better. Happy Veterans Day Cale. SO SO proud of you and your service and how far you have come and how hard you are working, Every day you get better and work your way HOME...
    Charlie and Jean

  9. YES !!! We absolutly love Hyppotherapy and I am so excited that Caleb was able to participate in it - We used to use our horses in FL for Hyppotherapy and it was such an awesome time to watch faces light up and people change - So very happy for both of you !!!! Lv ya Reenie


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