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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Space Adventure!

I was cuddling with Cale tonight and we were talking about how it's almost Thanksgiving, then Christmas, and right after Christmas, it's my birthday! K:"What do you want for Christmas?" C: "This." K: "What else besides cuddling with me?" C: "Cake!" Haha! He used to not even like cake very much, so I'm guessing that's not what else he wants...I'll have to keep trying! :)

Therapy's seemed to fly by today. It started with OT, which I was kicked out of, so Cale could make a card for me :) Everything he's making for me has a nice place on a wall in my room. He's getting pretty good with hand writing, if he can get his right hand to do what he wants! Some days he has no problem, and then some days his right hand has a mind of it's own. One of his OT's gave me a stack of tracing papers to work with him on. For some reason, after a full day of therapy's he never seems interested in doing them ;)

Today in Speech, Cale was having such a great session! I was so proud of him! Patty started off with giving Cale single words for him to make a sentence. He still needs help, but for the most part he's doing great! Next she gave Cale single words and asked for the definitions. Cale did Awesome! We were both really impressed with how well he did with that. It's pretty clear when he's getting tired or worn out, which Patty and all the therapists do such a great job of switching to something else to keep Cale going. Reading was the last part of the session. It's hard for me to know how he's really doing with reading even though I'm in the session with him. He seems to do a lot better when Patty spells the word out rather than read it on paper. I'm thinking it's because his vision? He's still making progress though! :)

For PT we had a little adventure! Mitch fills in for Pat every Monday. Today, Mitch came in Cale's room a little early and asked if I would get Cale in shorts. Sure! When he came back to get us, we walked to another building and Mitch showed us a new machine he was going to trial Cale on. First, we had to put these tiny shorts over Cale's shorts...

then, we helped Cale climb into this machine, zipped him up, and started the vacuum! Crazy! It was the weirdest looking thing, and I was wondering when I was supposed to start the count down for Cale to blast off! Haha! I'm sure he was wanting to blast off if it was going to take him north to Washington! :)

Once everything was good to go, Mitch started it and Cale started walking. It's called an Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Before Cale started walking the machine weighs him, and then Mitch is able to set it so Cale is walking with only 40% of his body weight. Cale did super good! Through out the time, Mitch switched the speed settings and at one point, Cale was walking so fast! It felt like any minute he was going to start running (I just had a dream a couple nights ago that he was running with me!). After Cale had been walking for awhile, he started adding Cale's body weight to see if Cale was carrying over and he was still doing great! I kept telling him that I was so proud of him and he was doing such a good job, and every time his whole face turned into a huge grin :)

He did 30 minutes today and Mitch said he wouldn't have been surprised if Cale could do 60! He did amazing!! Go Cale! This machine was also really neat because when Cale walks, his right side turns in towards the left. This throws him off when he's walking, but if we try to fix it, he says it's scary. In the machine, it forced his body to stay straight and he walked the whole time with out looking at his feet! I'm a huge fan of this treadmill...can you tell?

15) I am thankful for good health! Cale has TBI, but at least he is a healthy young man! He is able to push himself and work so hard because he has a good heart and lungs. He's not always sick and everything seems to be working great in his body. I was told many times in ICU that Cale's age and good health were on his team! I'm good with that, we'll take anyone on our team that's going to help him! :) Also, I'm healthy too. Last week, I was starting to notice I was slipping on taking care of my health, but I'm still healthy! If I were sick all of the time, I wouldn't be able to be with Cale and help take care of him! I thought I was getting a cold in NC one time, but that ended up being allergies and only once here there was a day that I seemed to have a cold, other than that, I have been able to be next to Cale everyday and help take care of him. I'm so thankful that I don't have any major health issues to deal with on top of all of this! A healthy husband and wife can one day have healthy babies :)


  1. Glad you both have good health. You need to stay healthy for each other. God is good and will keep you both healthy. You are both doing so well. I am proud of you and you both should be proud of each other....

    God Bless -- Pattie Andring

  2. It is amazing what is out there to help in therapies. W O W!!!!!!! Talking of amazing, both you and Cale fit in that catagory. I am so proud of you both. Much love, Marion

  3. Loved the article in yesterday's Tri-City Herald.

    I will scan it and email it to you! I am in awe of you and your amazing love you have for your husband!!

    Shilo Ray


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