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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a wonderful walk hand in hand :)

When I got to the hospital this morning, Patty had already had a 30 minute session with Cale. He was going to be out during her normal hour time, so she got him early. She was just leaving when I arrived and had written me a note about the session. Her note started out with a note from Cale that said " Dear Kathleen, I love you so much my girl! Hot, you're hot. Love, Cale :) so sweet!

After I had a few minutes of cuddle time to start our day, I helped Cale get ready. I've been laying everything he needs to get dressed out on his bed so he can work on picking the right article of clothing and sequencing. This morning, he did everything himself! The only thing I did was make sure that he wasn't going to be standing on his pants leg when he stood to pull them up and then I helped tie his shoes (we're working on that!). I'm so proud of him! He's come so far in just that one little area!

In Psych he was able to remember the three words that were given after 2 minutes. This is the second time he's been able to do it with out any help! Dr. Howe tried again for 5 minutes, but that was still a little too long. Praying for consistency in memory gains!

Today is Hippotherapy day! Cale was doing so great that today they took him outside of the arena and walked him on part of the trail. Cale does so well following directions while on the horse and watching him, I can see he's really trying hard to do everything she's asking. Getting him to sit really tall and straight is a big one that we work on at the hospital, especially while he's walking, so hopefully this is going to help a ton!

On the way back from the ranch, Cale and I were in the car listening to a Jeremy Camp cd. "Walk by Faith" came on and as the both of us were singing along, I was reminded how faithful God is to meet us right where we're at. He knows our thoughts and the condition of our hearts when we come to Him. I was struggling so much yesterday with not getting the answers I was hoping for, again not knowing what I should be doing/planning next for Cale, and wondering why I had picked up the burden again. The chorus says...

Well I will walk by faith
Even when I cannot see
Well because this broken road
Prepares Your will for me

Help me to win my endless fears
You've been so faithful for all my years
With one breath You make me new
Your grace covers all I do

Hearing Cale singing those words with me, on top of every word speaking right to my heart and then through my lips to the Father's ears created such a sweet tender moment. I can't see what's next, but He is preparing the way. The cry of my heart is that these endless fears would be taken captive and that I would not be bound by them. I am choosing to walk by faith in this and trust the Lord. There is so much more I could say with all the thoughts in my mind, but I'm going to end with repeating that God is so faithful.

In speech/rec group today, they first played hang man and then a game of Uno. This is Cale's "I won Uno" face :)

To go right along with the special moment in the car...the Lord blessed me with another walk! I wanted to show how far Cale has come and each step he's had to get through to be able to see where he's at today...

After all of this, we were able to do this...

...our first walk hand in hand. Amazing.

17) I am thankful for legs! It was so so so so great to walk next to Cale today! It was a little bit of a challenge (I'm not going to lie, my heart was beating kind of fast!), but we did it. It was such a wonderful walk getting to have my hand in his. No one else, no other device, just us. I am so thankful that he still has two legs and while I'm at it...I'm thankful that he has all of his limbs, and his two eyes! His brain might have been shaken up a little, but it's still there along with everything else. I'm thankful I'm not missing anything either :)


  1. I am not gonna lie - this brought tears to my eyes. I can see how great God's part in this is. Cale is making leaps and bounds & you, Kathleen are so patient. Thank you for sharing this story -- I love, love, love reading this every day.... it is the last thing I do before I go to sleep at night.

    Thank you & God bless you both!!!

    Pattie Andring

  2. Sweet tears!! SO thankful to him walking . . and the two of you walking hand in hand. . . simply amazing. .

  3. That one made me cry, out of happiness for you both!!!!! Amazing!
    ~ Heather

  4. Me Too, Me Too, Me Too!!!!!!!! I had tears in my eyes for what Father has done for you both, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I am so proud of you both. Much love, Marion

  5. Dear kathleen,
    I am amazed at the progress Cale continues to make!
    I LOVE the videos as we can really see how well he is doing!
    Hope both of you have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!
    All my LOVE,
    Lorri C


  7. Oh what a beautiful video, i sit here with tears rolling down my cheeks!! I am so proud of the both of you! All the hard work!

    Also what a beautiful picture of you two!
    Casey Q

  8. After watching this video, all I can say, to you AND Cale, is "The Lord is with you mighty warrior." So awesome to see you guys fighting for each other. I know underneath Cale's seemingly fraile body there is a mighty warrior longing to take on the world. This is what a fighter looks like, everyone!

  9. Awesome video. One step at a time:)

    Julie H.

  10. Wonderful!! Absolutely Marvelous! So happy to see you two walking side by side down that grassy aisle! :D

    And looking back at those old pictures from Wake Med and such, I am kinda glad that Cale doesn't remember the pain from all that - standing on his injured leg - etc.

    Cale's progress is so remarkable since I saw him at Wake several months ago. Wow. Our God is an Awesome GOD!

    Ya'll keep fighting! I'm soooo proud of you both and I think of you every day.

    Sarah Bosse


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