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Monday, December 13, 2010

another really fun day!

Last full day. :(

Our friends are leaving tomorrow and Cale and I are sad. It's been so great having them here though! We've had a blast! Lots of funny things all through the day. I was just asking Rachel and Beth if there's anything from today that I should make sure to get on the blog, and we all agree it's hard to tell about all the little things.

Cale had PT and OT this morning. He was worked like crazy again! In PT he walked really far with just a little help and in OT he did lots of weights. He was tired when he was done, but when I asked him to show me the gun show he did it very proudly! :)

Right after his therapy's, Rachel, Joe, and Beth played soccer with him. The four of them kicked the ball around, Cale stood with his walker. I was making a phone call, and enjoyed so much watching Cale kick the ball! I'm so thankful he has two legs that he can stand and do something as simple as kick a soccer ball! It's such a big deal!

Later in the afternoon, we went to a Christmas play at a church near by. We were all very impressed with how well it was put on. At one point a camel walked through the isle right next to us and Cale's face lit up! Afterwards, I had to find a way to get our picture with it! I had to do some hunting, but we got it! :) For dinner after the play we had In N' Out! Yum! All of us indulged a little...too much! It was so tasty though!

We've spent lots of time working on getting picture cards ready to mail out. I'm so excited about them! They turned out great! Hopefully soon you'll be getting one and if not, send your mailing address to Please don't worry about it being trouble for me! Rachel and Beth attacked and conquered the project!


  1. Such awesome pictures!
    Casey Q

  2. Those pictures sure look like fun!! I love you and continue to trust Father for you both. Marion Tell your friends how glad I am they could be there. :)

  3. Those pictures are awesome. Cale looks like he's having so much fun. What a blessing. I love the camel by the way. That's awesome.
    Amy B.


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