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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Following Forward

My morning started off with getting to be a part of an awesome service online. It's not as good as being there for it, but it's pretty darn good! Today's service was titled "Why Church?" Watch this link and be encouraged! There's a part where they had some different people stand at the front of the church and had something written on their shirts. Each person had something different written in black; bitter, lust, lies, drugs, and anger. As the song "Moving Forward" played, other people came up and started painting a heart around the each word then filled it in. Wow. So awesome! That was just one part of the service!

Watch live streaming video from newlifenny at

There's a part in the song that says "You make all things new and I will follow you forward." My heart clung to the words as I heard them. The song is about turning away from your past and that through Christ we are made new and can move forward, but for me, I was looking at what's happened with the accident, how I miss what we had before, but claiming that Christ makes all things new. I'm going to follow Him forward and be filled with his power and strength and not keep looking back. I can't hold Cale to how he was preaccident, I can't expect everything to go back to the way it was. I have to move forward in the newness that is the life Christ has given us. Freedom! Gosh, it was such a powerful moment, I thought my heart was going to burst!

After I was done online and had gotten washed up, I joined Cale in PT. Mitch had Cale in a really funny looking contraption to stretch his neck muscles. Cale has a hard time with keeping his head up, so we're trying some different things to see if we can help him improve. Cale didn't seem to mind it too much, but wasn't a fan of all the leg stretching Mitch was doing to him while he was wearing it! I know Cale isn't a fan, but every time I watch him get stretched, I feel like I need a stretching session too! I don't need some one to help me work out, I just need some one to stretch me good...and if they gave me chocolate that would be nice too :)

The rest of our day was filled with a lunch outing with another patient to a pizza place...SO yummy! A group of men came to the hospital today and sang Christmas carols with us. They were all very nice and one of them even did a couple songs in Italian!

Really funny story...

This is going to embarrass me, but I have to share! So...when people sneeze, Cale has been saying "sorry." I've been working with him to say "bless you" and the last week or so he's been really trying. Last night when we were cuddling, I let out a little toot, Cale looked at me and said "Bless you Kathleen!" Hahaha!

This is one of the reasons we're always laughing! We're so silly!

Here's another one of Cale that I love!


  1. You are hilarious Kathleen. Many people wonder about those silly things that can happen between you two. You make people smile. Thank you for being you. Hugs to you & Cale.

    Pattie Andring

    Check this out. I think it is comforting to hear God say "I will Carry You", by Michael W. Smith. I hope this link works....

    Pattie Andring

  3. Ok I'm freaking out! The one with Cale on the stairs is the way he looked in the dream!! :) And he was wearing that too! God is so good! I can't wait for the rest of the dream to come to pass! love you!

  4. only you would say toot.your too cute.and thats funny what he said.LOL

  5. SO funny! That's hilarious Kathleen!

  6. Hi Kathleen,

    I've been following your story since my own husband was in an accident in July and received a TBI. You encourage me every time I read this. My world, like yours, has been flipped upside down. What I liked that you posted this time, was moving from the past and being content where you'r at etc. That has been a huge struggle for me as I'm SURE it is for you too! I will pray for you to stay in the present and keep your faith and trust in the Lord...I'm sure you hear this all the time, but you are doing a great job and the Lord IS getting all the glory in this! Stay strong my sister in are thought of often here in my tiny town in upstate NY....

    Randi (husband in horseback riding accident in rodeo)

  7. Kathleen, I love you and am proud of being even a small part of your life. Thank You!! You are an example of Father's touch in all you say. Being real is one of His best gifts. Hugs, Marion I have to tell you, every time I become disgruntled about....anything, I remember your story and am grateful for what I have. THANK YOU for helping me be more like Christ.

  8. Kathleen, I love how real you are! I having being feeling anxious about doing something out of my comfort zone while I look so sick. Ugh, I have been wresting with God about it. I guess you didn't figure sharing your tooting (lol) would make any profound difference. But it reminded me what we all desire is real people and this is my opportunity to be vulnerable and real. Keep your chin up. You are amazing and God is doing amazing things! Keeping believing!!

  9. You make me smile:) Love you,
    Julie H.

  10. I used to have a t-shirt that said "I toot the flute". ;) Wear it proud!!! LOL.

    Those pictures of Cale - I had the hardest time figuring if those were pre- or post-accident! Yay! How wonderful!

    Sent you an email today.

    Love you guys!



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