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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fun First Day

Yay for today! It has been so much fun having our friends here. Last night I picked them up from the airport at almost 10pm and then of course we had to have time for talking! :) It was a late night so we're all tired, but it's totally worth it! Cale has LOVED them being here. He's doing so great. Today all of us are getting to see every therapy which is so great for them to see how he's doing. He had a pretty long conversation with Joe about skateboarding. I was so impressed with how well he was doing with explaining the tricks and what they are. Just a few weeks ago, Patty tried talking to Cale about skateboarding and he didn't remember any of it. So great!

BIG news for today...Pat cleared Cale to use the cane on the unit! WOOHOO!!! Right now he's able to use the walker for short distances outside and around the unit, but now he can use just the cane on the unit! Wow! This is HUGE!!! Just within the last couple days he's been doing fantastic with walking. I think the treadmill is helping a lot. He went really fast again today and showed off for his visitors. It was even better than yesterday!

A couple weeks ago a Kindergarten class wrote letters/drew pictures for all the patients. It's was really sweet and they were all so cute! Today Cale wrote back to the class and did such a great job! It was fun too!

Fun Things~
Cale and Joe watching YouTube videos

I was in a meeting during RT. When I got back, everyone was playing Skip Bo. Rebecca had Cale teach the game to everyone. I was told he did great during the game and I was there for the end to see him win! :)

We spent sometime playing with the cell phones and had a blast! Cale started laughing so hard-his laugh is contagious so we ALL started laughing!

We all went to Pizza Chicago for dinner tonight. Cale and I had it on our outing the other day, but I loved it SO much, I couldn't wait to have it again! Comments from the group were "This might be the best pizza I've ever had!"

After getting back from dinner, Joe, Beth, Rachel, and Cale were walking down to his room while I was signing him back in. When I got to his room, I was told that Cale ran! They said that Joe told Cale that he was walking good and Cale said "Even better" (to say I can do better!) and then Cale did a hop skip and a jump and then started running. It wasn't a full out run, but it was with a bounce in his step! :) I couldn't believe I missed it and can't wait to see him do it more! Yay!


  1. Holla KATHLEEN!!! This definitely was a huge & fun day for you. So happy to hear about this. It is great to hear about the progress & struggles, no matter what. I am pulling for you!

    Pattie Andring

  2. Isn't God just amazing =) ... Cale's stories make me smile a lot these days ... Thank you Kathleen and Cale

    Remain Blessed and Loved

  3. Oh!!! I am so pleased for you and Cale. It's way cool to have your friends there for a time. I continue to trust Father for you, and for Cale's full recovery. I love you, Marion

  4. So glad you could have your friends there. You all look so very happy to be together (and with pizza, to boot!). God bless your day.

    Greg & Julie H.


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