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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

One Boy and Two Girls

Every time anyone asked Cale today who was coming tonight, he would say there is one boy and two girls. He wasn't able to remember their names, but how great that he remembered that there were three and so specific on who! I was so impressed all day with him! The last time Joe and Beth saw him...he wasn't doing much. In the next couple days there are going to be lots of comparison pictures! :)

Yesterday Speech was outside and today it was in Cale's bed! Patty had to change her schedule around at 8:30am Cale and I were still cuddling in bed when she came in. I was expecting her, but new it wasn't going to matter if he was still in bed(maybe cus I wanted to cuddle more!). Actually, I had thought she was coming at 9am so I was going to get him up! Haha. Cale did awesome again! Yeah! Today she mostly worked on reading stuff. She wrote some things down, handed the notebook to Cale, and then asked him to read it. He did! Wow! He was able to read way better than the last time we worked on it and it seemed so much easier for him. We were pretty excited!

Dr. Howe came at 9:30, right after Patty left. Cale was saying that he wanted to go home and that he was sad that he's here at the hospital. She was asking him more about it and what's at home that he misses. He was saying that he wants to go to Washington because that's where he's from and that's where TJ is. Awe! :( I tried to talk to him after and remind him that TJ is here in CA and not in WA anymore. Poor guy was so crushed! Dr. Howe was also bringing up some other stuff and through the conversation, Cale said that he thinks that I think bad about him. My first reaction as the tears came to my eyes was that I must not tell him enough that I'm proud of him and how great he's doing. Of course, that's not the reason because I tell him constantly, but how sad to hear. After some digging, he told Dr. Howe that he's different...she asked him if he feels bad because he's not the leader right now and that he can't take care of me and do his job as a husband. He was saying yes and tears were threatening my eyes. It's such a good thing that he's realizing that he's different now and that he hasn't always been this way. That means he's becoming more aware-it's not easy to hear though! As soon as she walked out of the room, I jumped up and threw my arms around him. I love him so incredibly much and no way do I think less of him as my husband!

My beloved is mine and I am his. Song of Solomon 2:16

This evening was another Christmas dinner. We enjoyed yummy food and great music :) They did a raffle with different gift cards to restaurants near by. Cale was so excited about it, every number that was called he would listen carefully and let me know if it was our number. Because of the jazz band that was playing he became overstimulated after just a little while. It always happens all of a sudden, but when it does happen it's very noticeable. I told him it was fine to leave, but he wanted to stay until the raffle was all done! We didn't win anything which left him disappointed, but it was totally ok because then we left as soon as it was over. He's such a good sport about stuff!

Tonight when he was getting a massage, Paul (one of the massage therapists) was talking about how it's party month. Cale asked him what month it was and he said December. I asked Cale what holidays are in December. "New Years Day" K: "Well, New Years Eve is in December. What other holiday is in December?" C: "Halloween" K: "Nope, that one is in October. The holiday in December is on the 25th and starts with a C" I could tell he was thinking really hard and then he said "Cale's Day!" Haha! He's great :)

In my room right now there are two very special friends joining me! I love it! Beth is organizing, Rachel is washing up, and I'm one happy girl! :) Joe will be joining Cale at the hospital so, even though he doesn't know it yet, there is a really special friend joining him too! Yay!


  1. Oh, sweet girl, I know it must have been so hard to hear that, even if his realizing is a good step. I'm so happy your friends are there and you will be able to lean on them for a while. Have a blast visiting!

    Love you,

  2. Oh, my dear, dear Kathleen, My heart crys with you. Yes, it's good Cale is more aware. YES it hurts when he feels less than he is. How like Father to send your friends after all that. I continue to trust Father for you and your dear husband. I love you, Marion Hansen

  3. His steps are ordered by the Lord - So excited to hear that Caleb is reading !!!! Amazing brought tears to my eyes as did your story about all the changes and what he realizes.... Believing that God has a good measure - pressed down shaken together and running out all over for you and Caleb, love to you as you journey together down this difficult path,...... You are a light to my path and a lamp unto my feet - sometimes he only lights the step right in front of us - but HE lights it !!!!!!! Love to you and Blessings !!!! Reenie Bovier

  4. Hopefully this awareness will also mean awareness that he is doing great and working hard too. And I am so excited for you both that this journey has taken you so far. I am so stinkin excited to see you..I miss your face.
    Love you,

  5. Kathleen, you are doing a wonderful job and are such an inspiring wife. It is so wonderful that he is becoming aware of this situation and the road for you will be hard, don't take any of it personal though. We all know that you are truly proud of Cale and don't love or think of him any fact I think we see how much more you proud and love him....he will see it to towards the end of his road....just bare with him and keep loving him.....and Tears are ok!!!!!........Andrea Alvarado


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