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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

He's a hard workin' man!

WOW! Cale was worked today! I'm so proud of how he pushes and keeps going. He's so tired and worn out, but every day he continues to do his best-to try harder than before. He steps out of his comfort zone continually!

Speech was outside in the garden today. It's hard to believe that places all over are getting lots of snow and it was 65 degrees and sunny here! I'm loving it! It gets cold enough here that I can wear my cute coat and scarf, but stays nice enough that I'm comfortable in a sweater and jeans. I'm a huge fan of this weather! Next week I'll be venturing into Norther NY and then to Seattle. I better soak up the warmth as much as I can :) Cale did great in his session today. Patty asked him lots more questions about where he's at and digging in for the orientation stuff. She also asked him to name everything that he saw around him and he named off so much! This is a big deal because he's having to figure out the right word! Yay for Cale! She also asked him to name some things people eat...he said "hands, clowns, horses, and trees" hmm...haha!

After Speech it's time for lunch (and nothing he listed was served!) for an hour and then he has PT. Pat is great with pushing Cale as far as he can with out making it seem like he's really pushing him. This is something Cale's mom and Dennis noticed when we first arrived here. After a long hard walk from Cale's room to the gym, with out a break, Pat had Cale get on the treadmill. Each time Pat is increasing the speed for Cale to go. I watched waiting to see what today was going to be like, watching Cale's feet with anticipation! They started out moving at a pretty slow speed, one foot after the other and then...faster...faster! Oh goodness!!! Pat increased the speed to 4! Cale was almost running! If it wasn't for his crazy long legs he would have been...some one pinch me! He did it for over a minute and then Pat slowed it down to give Cale a tiny rest break before he again, increased. Yikes!

When he was all done on the treadmill, Pat let him rest again for a short time and then had him walk back to his room with the cane. It's such a challenge for Cale because he's so afraid of falling that he ends up loosing his balance. As soon as we were back to his room, he sat in his chair and instant relief washed over him. It only lasted for a minute because Corrie with vision came around the corner for the next therapy! I know inside Cale was screaming "PLEASE NO MORE!" because I saw his expression-very clearly! He's a trooper though! Corrie had him walk a pretty long hall way back and forth 3 times, back to the nurses station, back to the hall way, and then to his room. It was with his walker, but his legs were extremely tired! Not to mention all the work he just finished with his eyes too! Same thing, as soon as he sat down, Rebecca came around the corner gathering everyone for group therapy. Oh no! Cale looked at me with the most pitiful face and said "No! Please no more!" I was so sad for him! I encouraged him because I knew what was waiting for us today and I knew he was going to enjoy it lots!

Last Christmas, Cale came home from deployment on the 26th. We still wanted to have our Christmas fun together and celebrate him coming home even though it was late. One of the things we've done since we've been together, and I've done for years and years, is build houses with graham crackers, frosting, and LOTS of candy. One year SFC Stieh came over and joined the decorating fun. The night ended with candy being wildly thrown all over our house! A year later when we packed up and moved, we were still finding candy! It was so much fun though! Usually we each do our own house (and Cale spends his time throwing candy at mine to see if he can knock it down!) but last year we teamed up and did one Darling house :)

This was our house last year...

For group a family had donated the actual Ginger Bread House kits. This was so fancy to me! Haha! It was so much fun to do it with Cale today. It brought back cherished memories and an overwhelming feeling of thankfulness that we were getting to build candy covered houses for another year. Cale did a lot of it and chose where to put the candy. Christmas music played in the back ground and I snacked on some of the candy that I had already planned was going to be extra, so why wait to eat? ;)

Putting in some intense labor!

finished product :)

During cuddle time tonight, I was working with Cale on what sounds animals make again. He loves getting to do this because then he gets to make funny noises and we always end up laughing really hard. He's not so great at it yet, and after going through several he said "you win!" K: "What's my prize?!" Cale reached up and pointed to his lips and said "It's all yours!" Heehee! He's so funny...and sweet...and adorable! :)

I almost forgot again! The meeting at Stanford wasn't today, there was some scheduling stuff with the hospitals. Friday at 2pm, please be praying!


  1. You know what I love the most about the last picture with the fabulous finished product on display for all to see? That you are looking adoringly at your husband. That sums it all up. You are an amazing woman of God Kathleen, an amazing wife and example to be followed. I'm so grateful I get to call you my Sissy.

    Love you lots!


  2. Love the house.we cant make them cause the ants would get it.

  3. Kathleen, Please tell Cale how proud I am of him for keeping on, keeping on, especially when he's so tired. I am proud of you too!! You are a shining example of what Father wants in a helpmeet for our husbands, to be. Thank you. I love you, Marion


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