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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lover Birds :)

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart." -Helen Keller

Some of the pictures that TJ took in October of us are ready! Yay! There are a lot more and more to come, so I'll have to slowly put some up! :) I love them and love how our sweetness was captured in so many of them...God designed such a beautiful thing when He created Eve for Adam. I am so thankful that Cale chose me to be his bride!

Cale led his first game of Uno today. Rebecca and I were talking about Cale's first game of Uno he played here. He wasn't able to talk or hardly play! It was such a struggle for him to know what card to play, when to play, and what to do when certain cards were played. As he kept playing, he finally was able to say "Uno!" but at first it was really hard. Now, he's teaching it to another patient! He still needed some help, but how cool is that?!

We were asked to go outside this morning for a photo shoot! Cale is in the process of leaving the Army and is going to become a model...well, not quite...! There was a photographer from the Oprah magazine here today that wanted to take pictures of different patients using the exercise things outside. I had written in a post about Cale and his gun show :) He was able to use his favorite one, so that made it even more fun! They took a ton of pictures and will probably only use three of them, so, who knows if Cale's will actually be used. It was still fun and I'm just gonna hope they do! That would be so neat! :)

In PT Cale did some more walking with the cane. I feel like today was his best day and I didn't even get video! :( Pat said to him "You're doing good!" and Cale said "I sure am!" heehee! He's so funny! It's really great when he feels like he's doing a good job! It gives him a little boost! During OT I stayed in his room and worked on something and on his way back, he walked the whole way with just his cane and the therapist! His schedule was crazy mixed up today so after his hard PT work out and then OT, he should have been exhausted! It was such a great feeling to see him walk into his room! Go Cale!

We walked to a little store in the main hospital today with another patient. Rebecca had given Cale a list of things she wanted him to find in the store and write down the price. he did really good with writing the prices, but the store is small and was busy, so it was hard for him to get around to find stuff. It was something fun and different to do. Before we left, Cale picked out some chocolate (and me too!) and a table top air hockey game! We have some Bingo bucks saved up so we didn't have to spend any money! :) That's always the best kind of shopping! We played a few games and then he played another with one of the patients. His big smiles were telling me how much he loved it!

I walked in my room this evening and there was another card under my door. Thank you for sending such sweet cards! The last week, I've almost had a card waiting for me everyday. They are always just what I need at the end of the day :) Every card is special and blesses my heart so much. Thank you!

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. -MM

I am crazy in love with my husband. Over and over, day after day, I find myself falling even more in love with him! It doesn't matter what comes at us, he is the man I married and I am so blessed to have him by my side. Isn't he so good looking? This is even after a brain injury and surgery!


  1. You are Cale's lobster. Lobsters mate for life & you two are definitely together forever... Proud of both of you. God is in this.

    Pattie Andring

  2. What beautiful pictures!! I love them all! So much love in them.

    Casey Q

  3. Kathleen love love love the pictures - your brother in law (or as I say your brother in love ) did you a great service in taking those!!!! We choose to love every day and you are a tribute to that choice !! Love to you and Caleb!! Reenie

  4. Yes, Yes he is good looking. That last picture looks pre-accident. I love you guys, Marion

  5. Well done TJ! Wow, those pics really capture the amazing bond that exists between the two of you! Beautifully done, everybody. To see him sit there looking so handsome (good looking men run in that family, he he he)and smiling and laughing and looking at you "that way" just makes my heart so happy!
    Love you both lots and lots and lots!


  6. Dear Kathleen,
    Yes, I do agree Cale is 1 handsome man!
    But YOU are also 1 BEAUTIFUL woman, physically, but even more BEAUTIFUL inside!
    You are Cales CHEERLEADING ANGEL!! : D
    The picture are amazing and the photographer is quite talented!
    He has a way of capturing the special moments Cale and you have shared, without having you two looking stiff and posed.
    Still praying,
    Lorri C

  7. I love these pictures of you two! Joe is often pulling up your blog for us to read! Love and prayers for you both! Thank you for the updates!

  8. you guys are hot. for real! these pictures are beautiful!!


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