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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

tickling to snoring in minutes!

Taking a minute to relax. It's been a full week, and the next is going to continue to be full! I'm loving it though, it's all good stuff. Tuesdays are always the craziest days for us, and Wednesdays we have a little more rest time.

Today was Hippotherapy which has become a cherished part of our week. It's a time that Cale and I escape from the hospital, have some sweet fun time as we drive, and have a special lunch together on the way back. He still has PT at 1pm and we get back about 12:45. I've been going to the main hospital for the last several weeks and getting us some sandwiches and chips for the ride. It's not anything special, but somehow it's the best sandwiches we could eat! Cale helps direct me back by repeating whatever Amelia says. :) Usually while he's riding, I sit in a gazebo thing and have a chance to go over paper stuff, or make calls if I need to. It's always so pretty, especially now with the crisp cold air, sunshine, and the leaves changing colors (yep! It still feels like fall here!). They had Cale do another spurt of trotting and he said "more! more!"

He's still saying he's sad consistently today. I've been talking to him through out the day about how we're here until February (not sure if I've said that yet on here?) and we need to make the choice to have fun and still work hard. At one point I told him that we need to be happy together and have fun, he gave me a huge cheesy grin! Haha! Then we both burst out laughing! As I'm typing, he's trying to tickle my feet! Heehee! He skyped with Joe yesterday and then again today with Joe and Beth. I think that might actually be helping a little, even if it is for a short time.

I'm heading out tomorrow! I'm super excited, but it's 4:45pm and I still haven't packed anything! Slacker...guilty. Actually, it's been busy and since I'm leaving I want to be able to spend time with Cale. I decided that cuddling in bed with him while I typed would be good and then I can tackle packing later. The morning is going to come VERY early. Yikes!

Didn't I just type that Cale was trying to tickle my feet? He's now breathing very deep and totally out! Dinner is in like 10 minutes! :( I would just get out of bed and tell them that he's sleeping so save the tray, but our legs are twisted and wrapped together like a pretzel! Maybe that means I'll have to order pizza? ;)

Can't wait to see everyone in NY!!! YAY!

The CNA just knocked and came in to check his vitals, so, we'll be eating the dinner tray!

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  1. I love you, Kathleen. You are a precious gift from Father to those blessed enough to have you in their lives. Father continues to do a great work in Cale. I trust you have a wonderous time in NY. Hugs, Marion


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