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Wednesday, December 22, 2010



Dr. Howe came in this morning and did more testing with Cale. The way it's monitored if he's emerged from PTA he needs to score a 78 three days in a row. So far he has scored 12/16-29, 12/17-48, 12/21-59, and 12/22-70! Wow! He's getting so much better everyday at it! AMAZING! :)


In PT, Pat has been more focused on having Cale on the treadmill and working with walking with his cane. It's been a little bit since he's walked with out anything. Today, Pat took his cane away and told Cale to walk. He walked really far and the whole time with out ANY help!! It was crazy! He was walking at a pretty quick speed instead of his usual very slow steps. At one point Pat told Cale he better hurry out of a guys way and Cale busted out a speed we haven't seen yet! He was doing SOOOO well! I'm so proud of him. After walking a long ways, Pat had him walk all the way back too! Cale only said he was afraid a couple times and even when he said it, he kept going!

Here's a video of him walking! It's great until I ran into a door...that's what I get for walking backwards! ;)

Today I ventured out and did some Christmas shopping for Cale. He was the only person left on my list! I can't wait for him to open his gifts! I'm horrible at keeping surprises from him (or anyone!). One year I was so proud of myself because he had been wanting a guitar and I was so sneaky and ordered him one for Christmas. I had been doing so good not leaving any clues for him to find out...until one night we were in the living room talking and I said "so when you're guitar gets here..." What?! Oh goodness. I started laughing and crying at the same time. How in the world did that just come out of my mouth? I was so mad at myself, but some how not surprised at all. I must say, this year I have his memory issues as a helper to me. If I let anything slip, he'll forget after a couple minutes! I still don't want to say anything!! I want him to be totally surprised and I'm praying that even though we're in a hospital, that it would be such a special Christmas for both of us!

I've been working on the prayer cards some more! It's so much fun to me! :)

Oh yeah! The social worker came to me today and let me know that Cale's surgery has been moved to the 14th of January. Please mark the date on your calender!

Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Hebrews 11:1


  1. Thanks for the prayer card. Praying you all have a wonderful Christmas!


  2. Wonderful! Merry Christmas, You both will have a wonderful New Year!Love Michele John & Alexis

  3. Wow is right .....59 to 70 that's some jump I would say that God is moving expotentially !!!! I am so Happy for you both!!!! Sorry about the door - no eyes in the back of your head huh? ;) Praying that this Christmas finds you both with some unmeasurable blessings!!!!! Believing this is just the Beginning of a Fantastic Year for you Both!!! Marking the Calender for the 14th ! Praying complete wholeness as he walks this out ! Love to you Kathleen Reenie Bovier

  4. Thank you SOOO much for the beautiful prayer card! No offense to anyone else, but it is by FAR the most beautiful card we have received this Christmas :) We love you guys SO much and are praying that you will have a wonderful Christmas!! So much to be thankful for and rejoicing in!! Love and hugs to you both. Merry Christmas!!
    The McLaughlin family

  5. Oh, my friend!! How proud I am of Cale's walking. Your walking backwards is pretty good too. Cale's score WILL be consistent, and he will have emerged from PTA. I trust Father with you both. Much love, Marion

  6. What a wonderful report with the testing and the video is even better
    Casey q

  7. Kathleen,
    Thank YOU so much for the special gift in the mail. It is beautiful! I will hang it up and when people ask me who you are I will explain that they should visit the blog and pray for both of you as well. :)

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

  8. Thank you for the beautiful card/photos. Somehow you got our name, I do read your blog everyday but when you asked for names, etc. I didn't want to bother you.
    When one of my teenage girls saw the card and photo, she looked at Cale and you and said "I knew he was going to be healed".
    Thank you for continuing to share.
    Kim Gilhuly
    PK's sister


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