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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Energized with prayer!

Every time I see on my phone that the hospital is calling, I can't help but feel an urgency to find out if anything has happened to Cale. I realize that medically he's stable and I should be past that, but now, there's always the question of a fall...that's what the missed call on my phone was about this morning.

While I'm at the hospital my phone is always on silent. Last night when I left, I forgot to turn up the sound. My alarm went off at 6:30am and that's when I saw that I had missed a call; it was from the hospital. I listened to the voicemail as I was getting everything ready to shower. The nurse had said that he had fallen, but was doing ok. I quickly got ready and headed out the door! Again, I knew he was alright, but there's just something about getting to see him for myself! When I walked in his room, he was sleeping. I talked with the nurse and she told me about the details and what had happened. He heard me talking and woke up with a big smile to see me :) When I asked him about last night, he didn't remember falling, which is not great as far as memory, but so great that he didn't have to remember that and have his confidence affected!

As soon as I was done listening to the voicemail this morning, I knew instantly why he had fallen. He was given the Adivan yesterday which made him unsteady when he walked. I have to admit, I beat myself up pretty bad. I had known that he needed help last night. I was the one that had to help him! I even had him take his wheelchair to dinner. It has become so routine to have the walker by his bed at night with his slippers on top, ready for him to get up anytime (Uh, not sure if I had written about this...! So, for a little while now, we've been trying out Cale being independent in his room-just for him to go to the bathroom. It doesn't always go so well because he forgets that it's ok for him to get up, or he doesn't quite make it to the bathroom on time, but he's been doing REALLY great the last few nights!). I should have talked to the nurse about how unsteady he was and remembered that he might need help. Ugg. It happened and it's over. The staff have been great and we're all on the same page that he can still be independent in his room at night. Of course, things with that are about to change too!

When he did wake up and talk with me, he said after a little while, "I'm sad." K: "Why are you sad? C: "I'm here at the hospital." K: "Why are you sad you're here?" C: "It's gross." K: "It's gross? Why is it gross?" C: "I don't know K: "It's just gross in your book?" C: "Two books. There's too many words!" Hahaha! Oh man! He's so funny!

After getting to visit a little, I ran to the airport to pick up Kathy. It's soooo nice that she's here! Cale had a really big grin on his face at one point and Kathy asked him if he was happy. Cale said, "Yes, I have my two girls here!" :) So sweet! He's loving her being here and even though it's been really busy today, I love that she's getting to see him being his normal self before we start all the surgery stuff tomorrow.

I signed the consent for the procedure tomorrow. As the doctor started talking about the risks, I sat and starred at his computer screen. Am I doing the right thing? Have I made the right decision? I fully believe that I am. This needs to be done at some point and right now, we're at the best place we could be at. I think the mention of a stroke made my antennas stick up, but I know Cale's in God's hands! It was a moment I needed to have, just to challenge myself I guess, to see if I truly believed I had made the right choice before going into it. So, here we go!

His therapy's were all switched around and crazy, but we were still able to get some in. In ST he did more testing. I didn't get to talk to Patty much about it because it was really rushed, but I think he did really great! For part of it, she showed him more pictures and had him name what it was a picture of.

When she showed him this picture, and asked him what it was a picture of he said, "You use it to kill bugs and catch flys." Kathy said, "That's where all of my silverware went!" It was really funny! He did some other really funny things through the session too. Kept us all laughing :)

While timing him, she also had him say as many words that started with an "R" that he could think of. He said, "Rachel, run, Erch!, Rebecca, Rachel (again), rest, real, really, refer" Then she had him switch and do words that started with "D" he said, "dog, Darling, duck, dodge, draw, dark, drew" Good job Cale!

Is anyone among you sick? Let them call the elders of the church to pray over them and anoint them with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise them up. If they have sinned, they will be forgiven. Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:14-16

This evening after therapy was over, some of our special friends that we met here gathered and prayed for Cale and the next couple days. It was amazing. A very cherished moment. I was so blessed that they were willing to come pray with us! It was an honor to look around the room and see a group of people that love the Lord and have had a life of experiences, they've all walked their own journey in some way with the Father. It was a such a sweet time!

We are headed to Bingo now and hopefully will have a good rest of the night! Thank you everyone for praying!!!

Also, because of the busy day and how drained Cale is, I'm waiting to show him all the comments until tomorrow afternoon! Thanks again for leaving one!


  1. Cale - I heard about you through a friend of mine. She shared with me what an inspiration you've been in her life. God is working wonderful things through you. Through you many lives are being made stronger and faith is growing. What a blessing you are. Thank-you for helping me. My prayers are with you and your wonderful wife.
    Kathy M.
    West Richland

  2. You know, Kathleen, don't you think the hospital should have known Adivan would make Cale a little wobbly. Sorry, I just don't want to see you beat yourself up about it. Of course, Satan would love that. My son has a saying above his door...Be the kind of person that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says "Oh crap, you're up". the language is a little rough, but soooo coooool. Remember, Father has already been through the moments, He's just waiting for you to get there. I love you, Marion

  3. Hi there Cale and Kathleen, I thought I put a comment through the other day, but I am thinking it didn't go through, anyways....I just wanted to say what an inspiration you both are, keep up the good work Cale, as that it is. I also wanted to speak health, life and healing over you Cale, even in greater abundance than you have already seen and experienced. Another thing, know that God obviously has everything in His hands and that He obviously "trusted" the both of you to bring forth and allow His glory to shine through this journey that you are walking through. ALL things work together for those who love God. Romans 8:28 Love in Him, Debra Ezell, Watertown, NY

  4. Just want you both to know that I am stopping everything I'm doing right now (after posting this comment) and going to my living room (away from computer distractions) to pray for y'all. Sometimes just knowing that you've been prayed for is comforting. I love you guys! You're in Good Hands with All-Powerful God. ;)



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