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Sunday, January 30, 2011


You (the accident) intended to harm me (us), but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done (so much!), the saving of many lives (Praise God!). Genesis 50:20

If you've had a chance to chat with me within the last couple of days, you've been a victim of witnessing me all fired up! I can't even begin to write and explain all that is taking place, because of what the Lord is doing in mine and Cale's lives. TBI, is a dirty terrible rotten thing to happen to someone (and family), but by God's grace, I am able to face it head on and say that it is good. Hopefully in the next couple months I will have lots to share about all that is on my heart and will be taking place! I'm so excited! Goodness! There are so many blessings! I shared with Macy and Melody yesterday, and thought I would share with you also, about mountains.

When I was a little girl, my dad shared with me many of his theory's and ideas about the Bible. He had many. One of them he would talk to me about was the parable in Matthew 17:20 He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” My dad would point to the mountains (hills) we could see looking out of our apartment window, and tell me, "Leena, if you have faith as even as little as a mustard seed, you can look at that mountain and tell it to move, and it will."

There were several times growing up that I wondered, why isn't my faith enough to move a mountain?

As I've been thinking about the last year, and I've even mentioned on here about how it's not just TBI that we're going through. For my head to grasp any of this, or to try to rise above the waves, I have to break it down...everyday. There are so many mountains that come along with one accident. Just like if you found out that you lost your job, or that you or a loved one has cancer, or you've lost someone really close. Whatever the situation is, it happens and then there's usually a ripple of events that take place afterwards that you still have to get through. If you lose your job, the initial hurt or shock is that you don't have a job, but what comes after, can be a lot harder to handle than the original news. It takes time (sometimes lots of time!) to find another job. How will you pay for food? How will you pay the rent or mortgage? What about gas for the car? If you find out you have cancer, that news is hard, but what about all the treatments? What about the effects the radiation has on your body? What about the fatigue? If someone close to you dies, yes, that moment is incredibly hard, but how do you wake up the next day and continue on? How do you go through their stuff? How do you plan the funeral?

Our car accident was horrible. I'm sure the news for everyone that knows us and cares about us was really hard to hear. When I was told we were in a car accident and that they weren't sure about how Cale was doing, it was a minute, hour, day? of shock and pain. Nothing could have compared me for all the mountains we were going to have to climb and get over, after that first night. That is, everything except the Lord.

For myself to grasp for strength that no family, friend, or even Cale could have given me, took faith that the God that I had asked to take hold of my life so many years ago, and use for His glory, was really in control and that He knew what was going to happen to Cale. He was going to give me and Cale, every breath along the way.

It has taken faith in Christ alone, to move every mountain that we've had to come against, and conquer. We've been able to claim victory along the way! I can picture so clearly and often can feel so perfectly, the way someone must feel after climbing a mountain. Back home, we have Mt. Rainier, and even closer we have Badger Mountain, which is nothing like the monster peak of Rainier, but when you hike it and reach the top, you are out of least I always was! You're tired and your heart is beating a little harder and faster, but excitement is racing through you veins-because you did it. You reached the top!

Time after time, day after day, Cale and myself are breathing a little heavier, our hearts our beating hard and fast, and we have excitement racing through our veins because the Lord has once again moved mountains out of the way, and we (because of our faith in Him) are claiming victory!

It was a beautiful day. I had to get some packing and organizing done, so Cale came to the Fisher House with me and relaxed on my bed. He was so sweet! Every couple minutes, he would snap at me to get my attention and then when I looked at him, he would send me a kiss. :) Way better than being in my room all by myself doing the work!

In a time when nothing is more certain than change, the commitment of two people to one another has become difficult and rare. Yet, by its scarcity, the beauty and value of this exchange have only been enhanced. ~RS


  1. I once found myself in a very deep valley... from the bottom of that valley I looked at the amazing gorgeous, majestic and breathtaking mountain peaks before thought was: I belong up there and yet there is no possible way I have the strength to even begin to climb the smooth hills at the mountain base let alone the steep crags that could lead me to where I knew I belonged, sorrow made valiant efforts to consume me, but it was at that moment that I so clearly heard the voice of my Lord "I will carry you there..." God needs our surrender moment by moment so He can give us beauty for ashes. I must say that the view from the top of that mountain truly is breathtaking.
    Cale and Kathleen and to you,... all their faithful supporters and prayer warriors surrender to Jesus moment by moment in whatever life may bring and God will carry you to the mountain top.
    Love and blessings Kimberly

  2. You are an absolute amazing witness. Beth Moore in the making!

    As I read your blog today this first thing to mind was this song:

    It is Well with my soul

    Praying for you . .

  3. Kathleen, Such an amazing seed planted by your daddy that has blossomed into a beautiful flower in your life - the place where faith sprouts and grows is usually in the manure of our situations but we don't smell the manure because the auroma of the blossom is so compelling,so beautiful, so full - it draws us closer to see the beauty - Your faith is growing into a beautiful undenieable flower , the auroma can not be denied, and your roots are ever casting down towards the water of life- Love you so much !!!! So loved the MT Rainer reference ( I have also climbed it - Loved WA state!!!!) Blessing to you and Caleb - prayed for you this morning!!! Reenie

  4. Kathleen, Father has chosen you to give the rest of us a message straight from His heart. Thank you for the song. I love you, Marion

  5. Thank you Lord... that through this TEST that you have given Kathleen & Caleb...they are now able to give such powerful "TESTimonies" about your Love, Grace and Faithfulness. Your endless love and grace fill them to the brim, and I am so grateful to witness your amazing works ....through them!! Thank you Father.....Your grace STILL amazes me!!!!

    "Your grace still amazes me
    Your love is still a mystery
    Each day I fall on my knees
    Your grace still amazes me
    Your grace still amazes me"
    (Philips, Craig & Dean)

    *Hugs from Upstate NY*......Judy Jay

  6. Kimberly: Yes! It's one moment and one day at a time! Missi: You are too kind! I'm far from a beth moore! Yikes! Haha! Reenie: I didn't know you liked WA! When were you there?! It's the best state ever...just saying ;) Thanks for the song Judy! Marion: Yes, the Lord is so faithful to use us if we allow Him to! :)


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