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Monday, January 10, 2011

Tumor Be Gone!

It's just about time for our routine to be interrupted by, what feels like an earthquake (kind of appropriate for CA...). I've worked past the fear that I had at first. I would be lying if I said that I haven't been scared at all about this. I was really scared for a little bit. I also knew that God is in control and like I said at the beginning of this journey, Cale belongs to the Lord and not me, but that didn't keep my heart from racing. I was afraid of all the what ifs. Now, I'm just so sad for Cale. I hate that he has to go through this. On top of everything that's already happened, all the great progress he's made, and all of his extremely hard work-I feel like we're making him redo so much. He's just started getting more confident walking and has been doing so good testing in speech.

Some praises are that the Lord knew this surgery was going to happen. It's not a surprise to Him! He already knows the outcome! He also knows how hard Cale has worked and doesn't look at that as nothing. We can continue to cling to all of his promises and believe He's holding Cale and has great plans for him! Also, what an amazing blessing that we found the tumor! We're at the same hospital where Cale can feel comfortable post surgery. His mom gets to be here! Yay! Once the surgery is over, this will be behind us! There are so many more!

I met with the ENT today and went over more details about the surgery. I still haven't figured out what was so different with the last CT other than they said it was better. He's had contrast several times since we've been here, so that's not what made it so special. Anyways, we looked over all of the scans. One of the main concerns with the operation is that the tumor has spread to the back of his left eye. It's at the back tip where the nerves are. They made an emergency eye appointment with Ophthalmology tomorrow so we can try more testing and get a base line for Cale's vision in that eye. On Thursday, he will go for the Embolization. I still don't have a time, but as soon as that's over, they will get him a bed in the hospital. He'll stay there over night and then at 6am Friday morning, they'll come pick Cale up and take him off. It's going to be an all day surgery and if everything goes as planned, we'll be back on his unit within a couple days.

For those of you that have been asking and maybe missed it in a previous post, his tumor is benign! Apparently, he's had this since he was a little boy and we never knew. He has had trouble with his sinuses and nose bleeds, but not to a point that we thought it was anything to worry about. He had broken his nose in High school (not from a fight! haha! Hockey actually!!) and partly we figured he had problems from that. When the accident happened they found the tumor in the scans. It's a fairly common sinus tumor, but is usually found at a much younger age. Again, such a praise that we found it because it has started growing towards his brain! It's also covered his left side of his face and also in his throat.

Some of the risks:
* The greatest concern is the nerves behind his left eye
* Bleeding-these tumors are heavy bleeders. This is the reason for the Embolization. The doctor said there is still a high risk of too much blood loss
* Infection-this is always a risk in surgery
* Pain-this should be controlled well enough with pain meds. The doctor told Cale he's probably going to feel like he was in a fight for a while...
* Sense of smell loss-this shouldn't be too much of an issue because he will still have his right side
* CSF leak-because the tumor has grown so much, they will be operating in the protective area of the brain. There will be a Neuro Surgeon team right there if needed. In the scans, it does show that it's grown so close to Cale's brain! If there is a leak that appears while in surgery, they'll be able to patch it then, but they will be monitoring after for that

The doctors goal is to go through Cale's nose to get the tumor out. This is the best option, but I've been told it's not likely. They said it's less than a 50% chance that they will be able to get it that way, but they're going to make it a goal and then have everything ready in case they have to go another route. If they can't do it through his nose, they're going to cut his lip on the gum line and go up that way. If that's a no go, the next plan would be to break his palate and go up that way. The last option would be to cut the side of his face and go in from the side.

With each plan down the line, the recovery time is longer and he faces a lot more. They're going to continue his PT almost immediately so that they can keep him up and work on keeping his strength. Aggressive therapy will be on hold for a couple weeks, unless they just have to go through his nose.

I've been praying for peace and comfort for Cale as he prepares for this. For steady hands and wisdom for the surgeons. I'm praying that they can get it all out in this surgery and not have to do radiation later on. I'm praying that they will be able to go only through the nose, and that Cale will have a quick recover time. I'm praying against any cutting or breaking, against infection and leakage. I'm praying against nerve damage and over bleeding. I'm praying that there would be no other words to describe the miracle that will take place, other than "this is God." I'm praying that Cale's endurance and strength would be refreshed and stronger. I'm praying against him going backwards in his progress, and that he would progress leaps and bounds after this!! And, I'm always praying this in Jesus' name!

I am so thankful that the mighty hand of God is upon Cale. I'm so thankful that I can press into Him and lean on Him. I'm so thankful that I don't have to worry or be afraid because the Lord is on the throne and He's alive! He's working miracles in lives all over the world and this is going to be another! I'm so thankful that I can rest in Him and He's enough to refresh and satisfy me!

Please remember (if you haven't already), to leave a comment for Cale on Tuesdays (1/4) post! I'm going to be showing him on the 12th!! Thank you to everyone that has already left a comment! It means a lot!! My thought with the comments on the blog was to help the blog become more personal to him. He sees me typing on here every now and then and I'm always telling him that I write about his day and how awesome he always does. I tell him that lots of people from all over the world are reading it, but I don't think he can fully grasp because it's been more something for me. So, thank you for all the emails to him lately, but if you could also leave at least a quick comment, that would be so special! Thank you!


  1. Cale,
    Our prayers are with your through this journey, but more importantly, God is with you ALWAYS! You're doing awesome in all your progress, and soon you'll be back doing even more awesome things!
    We pray for your upcoming surgery, that you will have the peace that surpasses all understanding through our Lord! Be strong; trust in God!

    Terri Watson

  2. Kathleen!! My head is spinning just from reading the blog. I can't imagine what you are feeling, let alone what Cale is going through. Like you have said, Father is there with Cale. As you know He sees the end from the beginning, so knows just what gifts He's going to give Cale because of this time. Father is so proud of you, Kathleen. He tells the angels...Look, there's Kathleen. See the faith she has and how true she remains no matter what comes her way. Honey, as you know, Father doesn't bring you this far, just to leave you. I love you and Father loves you even MORE!! Tell Cale I KNOW, KNOW, KNOW Father is going to bring him through this in FLYING colors. Hugs, Marion

  3. You guys are always in my prays. Cale I'm praying that this surgery goes well and you recover quickly. You are amazing and I know you are in God’s hands and he will continue to keep you safe. Love you guys Chad & Joanna Wright

  4. Hi Cale, I'm praying that your surgery goes well and your recovery will be Quick. You have your beautiful wife by your side. You are and amazing man and I look forward to reading all about how you have been doing. God is good. Bless you both, Jean

  5. Cale,
    I've never known a braver person than you. Your sweet wife tells us daily of your progress and how courageous you are. And I in turn share your experiences with my children. And we pray, and continue to pray for God's hand on you,... for strength, for courage, for peace, for healing. You have blessed us all through your journey. May God bless you through the prayers of many who love you and care for you. Vicky Boyett from Opp, Alabama
    These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world. John 16:33
    I pray you are of good cheer!!!

  6. Charlie and Jean1/11/11, 11:28 AM

    I have blocked off the entire day Friday so that I can be in prayer for you and Cale. I pray that it goes smoothly and that it is the easiest of surgeries and that there is no setbacks. We pray over the surgeons and nurses and everyone in the surgery and recovery and all involved in his care. We pray for you for strength and continued peace throughout the day and that you would feel all of our love through the day and always.

  7. I look forward to your posts everyday even though I don't always comment. When I am having a bad day, your posts never fail to cheer me up either! I love hearing about your courage and your progress. I even love hearing about your undying love for pizza and video games, Cale. Your sense of humor makes me laugh, and your smile can light up a room! :) I pray for strength, healing, and peace for both you and your beautiful wife, Kathleen! Continue to lean on God and have faith. I love you guys and will be praying for you all the way from NY!! - Lillian


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