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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pizza and Cars...a manly kind of day ;)


First the sauce...

then the Canadian Bacon,

next, the sweet pineapple...

don't forget the cheese!!

Put it in the oven and Ta Da!

After it was all cooked, we ate it! Out of the four slices, Cale shared one :) When I asked him before it was done, he said I could have as much as I wanted. I said "what if I say I want it all?" He replied with "take it all!" Well, it was a different story once it was hot, fresh, and on his plate! heehee!

Not too long after lunch, we loaded in the VA bus with some other patients and headed to a car show. It was so fun! As Cale and I walked around, he gave me his opinion on almost every car! He would say if it was good or bad, and if it was fast or slow. We also looked at SUV's since that's what we're planning to get. There was one that we found and both loved, but when we walked to the front and looked at the price, Cale very quickly and very firmly said "Nope. Too much money!" and that was the end of that! Haha! He's still the man!

It felt good having him in the drivers seat again! In fact, it was so natural! I didn't realize it was anything new until we were back at the hospital and I was looking through the pictures! Of course...the car wasn't started! ;)

It was such a good day. Cale and I are so blessed that we have each other! When we were cuddling tonight he said he was a little scared about his surgery. I keep telling him he's going to be sleeping the whole time! :) I've also been telling him he has tons of people praying for him. I know it encourages his heart so much to hear that! He's looked at me several times during the last couple of days and says "Thank you for helping me." Tonight he said, "Thank you for being with me!" He's so sweet! I continue to remind him that God is doing a mighty work in him!

Here's me in a Toyota Tacoma! Brand new one! Drool...haha!


  1. How funny, through all he has been through and he still wont give in on the vehicle That is so awesome, it means there is still a strong part of the old Cale there!!! Love it! You sure looked good in the Driver seat!!!
    Andrea Alvarado

  2. Awesome! Truly a guy! What guys doesn't enjoy great pizza and lots of cars? I can honestly say I relate to that.

    Blessings to you both,
    Terri W

  3. I must agree with Cale. You were lucky to even get one piece! :) My Dave and I enjoyed a car show they had on JBLM, the Lewis side. We both liked a yellow, not car, but truck...still it was the same yellow. What a gppd day!!! I love you, Marion Don't forget to tell Cale Father is with him even during the surgury.

  4. How sweet. It looks like a fun day.


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