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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Unbelievably Well!

The doctors are amazed! All the doctors that saw Cale today were so amazed that the surgery happened the way it did, and that Cale looked as good as he did! After the doctors rounded, the ENT doctors came and again couldn't believe how great Cale was doing. In fact, we over heard one of the ENT Residents on the phone say, " He's doing fantastic!" and "It's actually unbelievable how well he's doing." Those are two really encouraging things to hear! :)

He seemed in a good mood when I saw him this morning, and as the day went along, he became more awake. For the most part, today was a good day. It's been a challenge though. Cale has been having seizure activity which causes his blood pressure and his heart rate to rise. He's had a fever which got up to 100.2. It felt like all day, we would get him calmed and everything settled and then it would all spike again! Between the seizure activity, pain, him being miserable, and the fever, he was tachycardic most of the day. This meant that he did not get moved out of ICU like planned. He's also peeing way more than he's taking in, and because of the seizures, his lactic acid levels are high and then his potassium and calcium levels were low.

He did get to drink some juice and eat a little bit of ice cream. He was saying of course, that he wanted pizza, tacos, and soda! Haha! They were able to start giving pills whole which is so much nicer then putting it through IV. His veins are small with a larger sized gage needle, which caused him to be pretty uncomfortable. Not to mention just being in ICU! We got him up out of bed and into a chair for a little while this afternoon, which was so good for him!

As far as his cognitive status, he's doing great! He was able to answer all of my questions and understand. The ENT had said more then once to not be surprised if the first two weeks or so, that he goes backwards. Well, it's the next day and there was no sign of it! This evening he was even telling us jokes and we had some good laughs! His voice is not as clear because of the breathing tube he had in for so long. After 9 hours, my throat would be sore too! Yikes!

Keep praying for his recovery and all that's coming with that! I want you to know that it means so much to me to know people are praying for us. Thursday night when I had asked Kathy to update the blog, at first she wasn't able to get the internet to work. I couldn't help since I was at the hospital so I said I would do it in the morning. When I went back into Cale's room to cuddle, at first I laid there with so many thoughts running through my head-I was so worked up that the details weren't going to be on the blog for people to know what to be praying for. After a couple minutes of my mind going crazy, the Lord spoke so clear to my heart, "I hear them." In my little world, I was so focused on getting the details out and specific prayer needs, but that wasn't needed. God heard your prayers and He knew the details! All along, I had no idea until I left for the night that Kathy was able to post! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, for praying for us. We are so blessed!

Do you not know? Have you not heard? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Isaiah 40-28-31

I'm a tired girl and am planning on getting some good sleep in! The nurse called me right before I was in bed. She said Cale wanted to talk to me. When he got on the phone, I said, "how are you?" C: "barely alive!" haha! ok?! What had happened is the nurse needed to give him his 9pm meds, but Cale didn't want to take it. He wanted me, so she called so I could talk to him and get him calmed down. He was really sweet and sounded good. He told me he'd try his hardest to get good sleep too, so we could have a good day tomorrow! :) and he took his meds with me on the phone!


  1. So thankful! praying for a miraculous recovery, for no setbacks in his progress and that your Cale keeps shining through! Praying you get good rest. You are such an awesome wife. Cale can only succeed when he has you for his cheerleader, his advocate, his biggest fan!

  2. Thrilled about the news. Cale is such a hero! Know that I continue to place Cale in my daily emails regarding our son, and so Cale is being prayed for ALL over the world! You guys are an awesome team! Thank you for sharing your journey and the power and tender mercy of the Lord in your lives!
    Vicky Scott

  3. Praise God! How many miracles can you count? I just know that the Lord hears our petitions and continues to do miraculous things with Cale! Cale is truly a vehicle for all the glory going back to God!
    We continue to pray against seizure activity and any other side effect from this surgery and that there will be total healing, inside and out.
    Hope your sleep was sweet and that your day with Cale is even sweeter :-)

    Terri Watson, Pasco WA

  4. Isn't it just like Father to speak directly to our need. I remember one time Him telling me "be still and know I am God"!! He is soooo good to us. I rejoice with you in Cale's miracles. I rejoice that the doctors have to acknowledge it wasn't them, but a miracle. Father is using Cale to reach so many different ones that might not have been reached otherwise. TOO, it is so sweet a gift that Cale needed to talk to you, then he could take his meds. I love you, Marion

  5. Barbara McKeon1/16/11, 2:37 PM

    We are praying for you Cale. It is so wonderful how faithful our God is. Do you realize you yourself have been an encouragement to us so we can pray for you! God loves to hear us.

  6. I am still praying, but have total faith that G-d will continue to heal Cale, and there will be no steps backwards! I really should have told you that before his surgery, but I am still learning to trust my discernment... I just knew he wouldn't go backwards. I am sorry for not being faithful to tell you that, I was so afraid that if I did, that he would, and I would have given you false hope... something nurses are taught to never do. It becomes a conflict sometimes to be very fact based and a believer. Sometimes there are no facts to support what we believe. :)
    Hugs for you both! ~ Heather

  7. Kathleen,
    Soooo glad to hear that the surgery went so well!! This reminds me of when you guys traveled out to CA and there was concern that Cale might backslide in his progress. Of course, he never did backslide - he improved SO very much. I hope that with this behind him, he will continue to progress with unexpected speed!


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