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Friday, January 14, 2011


I will proclaim the name of the LORD. Oh, praise the greatness of our God! Deuteronomy 32:3

The wait...was long, but not too bad! After Cale went off, we came back to the Fisher House to update the blog and then we went to the cafeteria for some breakfast. Or did we do breakfast first? Hmm...Anyways, after our little break, we sat in the waiting room. A little bit after we had been sitting in the room, we received a phone call from the OR that everything was progressing nicely and he was stable. Such a great phone call, and needed! It was extra special that they called because we had asked a couple times before and were told that we wouldn't hear anything until the surgery was over. I appreciated so much that they saw how important it was and made the effort!

A while later some very special friends came to visit! It was such a blessing that they were willing to come sit almost the whole time! They had taken Cale at 8:30am and said it was going to be a full day. The second phone call came about 20 minutes after 1pm with same news and the nurse said, "It's going to take time." Kathy and I were already prepared for a long day, so that didn't surprise us. After the call, we were able to leave and enjoy a lunch outside and get fresh air, knowing that if there was any news, Glenn would come get us!

Glenn and his wife Sharron :)

We also had some other visitors! There are a team of therapy dogs that come by and visit families as they wait. I loved it! It was cheerful and helped give us something to do for a while. I wore my comfy black pants today which happen to be the worst at collecting dog hair! haha! I didn't mind though :) Meet Prancer and Molly...

After waiting a lot of the members of the team working with Cale came in and said they were almost finished with Cale. Just a few minutes later, Dr. Sergani came out. He's the man! Whenever I see this man, even when we first got here, I feel relief (that's the only word I can think of to describe). When he walked in, I jumped up, ran to him, and gave him a big hug. This was even before any news! Haha! Then he proceeded to explain how it all went...


Oh goodness! If I would have tried to type this even an hour ago, there would have been no way to get everything out! The only reason I can get through it right now is because the rush of the day has worn off, and I'm now at the point I feel like I'm going to crash!

So, the surgery was awesome! Better than that! First, they got everything out through the nose!!!!!!!!!! Yes! I have been praying, I've asked you to pray, and friends, God delivered the answer that my heart had so hoped for! No cutting. No breaking. This is a miracle!! Not done yet...they got it all. Everything that is visible with the human eye is out of Cale's nose. He said there might be some particles left, so they took a sample of tissue. We have to wait for 7 days and then we'll see the results. If there is some strands, he will have to do radiation, but nothing like it would have been if it was the whole tumor! There was no CSF leak either! The two areas that were of great concern (carotid artery and the area behind the left eye) are out! Not only are they out, but Dr. Sergani said, "They (the pieces of tumor) fell out easily." WHAT?! Are you kidding me? Thank you Lord!!! A few hugs later, Dr. Sergani left.

At that point, we thought it was over. We had our exciting dance and were just waiting for the Resident to come and fill us in on the details. We waited and waited and then about an hour later, he came in. He said they had just finished up! It was almost 6pm! He reiterated that it was a large mass. Larger than a normal JNA.

Kathy and I were both about to jump out of our bodies! The Anesthesia provider came in and said that Cale was very out of it, but when he asked him questions, he was able to give a head nod or a thumbs up. He pulled opened his eye and asked if he could see him. Cale nodded yes, which is another really good sign! He also had good news. They didn't have to do a blood transfusion! This was a very expected thing, and not once did they have to do it!

By the time we went into see Cale, he was snoring so loud! He deserves to sleep good and hard! His face is swollen, but other then that, I think he looks great! He's got IV's everywhere too. We gave him our kisses and I told him I'd be back later, just in case he could hear me at all past his out-of-the-worldness. ;)

This is the sign hanging in his room!

Thank you for praying. I felt them! I have felt so much peace all day about it! Having peace didn't mean that it was going to turn out the way I wanted it to, but I trusted God with the peace He gave. Not only were we given a good report, we were given the best report we could have been given!

When you have eaten and are satisfied, praise the LORD your God for the good land he has given you. Deuteronomy 8:10

The taste of victory is so filling and I am satisfied! I praise the Lord for the miracles he worked today. I praise Him because he surpasses them all!

Also, thank you for all the comments, texts, emails, messages, calls, and whatever other way that you've contacted me! I haven't been able to use my phone too much because I don't have service in the main hospital, so if I haven't answered sorry! There's no internet there either. I am so thankful though!!! Some of you asked how I was really doing through the day. I can honestly say, I was ok! I had no worry or fear all day! That too is a miracle! I hope that the ones with me could say the same thing about me. It was a really good day! Some of the 7D staff stopped by, and that was extra special too! The Lord is so faithful, isn't He?


  1. HALLALUJAH!!! Father is good. I love you, Marion Oh, by the way, I like the socks!! :)

  2. Gods grace is amazing...for Cales surgery and for your peace! Love you both, Kimberly

  3. Thanks be to God!!! Give the boy a extra kiss from all his adopted family as I know I was not the only one worried about him or praying!

    Casey q

  4. Yay!!!!! I have been checking for this update and praying for the good news that they were able to take it through the nose :) Super Awesome!!!! Praying for speedy recovery, and continued progress. ~ Heather

  5. God is GOOD!!! He is SOOOO good! Praise God, now the quick recovery that we asked for!!!

    Blessings to Cale, Kathleen and Kathy -

    Terri W

  6. Give THANKS to the Lord, our God and King - His Love endures FOREVER! :D

    Praising God with you all!!

  7. My dear Kathleen I couldn't go to sleep tonight without checking to see if you had a post. I'm so glad you did and that they were able to get it all through his nose.Praise God, I will be praying he has a quick recovery.

  8. Hallelujah!!! I had to sign on to find out before I went to bed. Our God is a great God!

  9. What a great way to end my night, Kathleen and Cale! Thank you for this fantastic update! May the Lord continue to bless and keep you as you travel along this journey.
    Michelle Smith

  10. Kathleen God is so faithfull! I am so happy for you and Caleb, what an amazing testomony - that the tumor just fell out ~ thank God from whom all blessings flow, even when we must walk through the fire he is there protecting, covering and allowing us to not get burned ~ not even cinged - Love to you both !!! Reenie

  11. Praise God!!!! We are thanking our Lord for the wonderful news of Cale's surgery being SO successful!! And for the peace that He gave you that ONLY He can give through it all!! We love you both tons and bunches!!! Hugs and love!!!
    Rick and Marilyn McLaughlin

  12. I've got a lump in my throat! Praise God!! It felt so amazing to be apart of it on the praying end. Thank you for the update!!

  13. Kathy Beckett1/15/11, 6:25 AM

    What an amazing answer to our prayers! The best of the possible scenarios!! I'll be praying for Cale's recovery from the surgery and thanking God for this awesome blessing. Love to you all.

  14. Wonderful news!We'll call you soon, Michele & John Siemasko

  15. Charlie and Jean Benson1/15/11, 2:20 PM

    How great is our God...? How great is our God? SO SO happy to hear this news my sweet girl..Love it when you are so happy and Cale does so well. You get to keep that beautiful smile on your face..
    A few days of recovery and he will be back to giving you guff and giving you the " gun show" YAY... A HUGE HALLELUJAH..!!!!!

  16. Beautiful.

    Lisa B.

  17. Dear Kathleen,
    THANK YOU for your faithfullness in keeping this blog updated!
    Kiss Cale for all of us!
    Lorri C.

  18. Awesome!!! Praise God for once again holding you in His mighty and caring hands. Love ya Lisa Howard

  19. Veronica, MI1/17/11, 9:28 AM

    Awesome!! Praise God for a wonderful miracle in Cale's surgery! And for comforting you. This brought tears to my eyes. You both are in my prayers daily.

  20. Praising God for His goodness. For the beautiful miracle He has done!!!


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