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Monday, January 24, 2011

What to do with my imagination?

Happy Monday!

Our Monday wasn't as busy as some have been in the past. I've been working on a little project for the last couple weeks, so I mostly focused on that through out the day. Cale had good therapy. He did get really upset in PT, but was able to bounce back pretty quickly.

We had an ENT appointment. There are still microscopic cells left of the tumor. Since it is such an aggressive tumor, they want to finish the job with radiation. I was told by the ENT here (before the accident), that if radiation needs to be done, the best place is Seattle. So, that's what we're planning. It will be nothing like what it would have been if the whole tumor was still in place. After numbing Cale's nostrils. I got to watch again as the scope went in. It's so bazaar. After he did some looking and some pulling out of yuckiness, they had to do round two.

It was like a horror film. He first put the scope in Cale's nose and then inserted another tool. It was a medal scissor thing (I'm sure there must be a proper name for it!), that when seen on the video, looked like a creature. There was a bunch of junk (dried blood), in one spot that the doctor was trying to get to. This medal creature looked like it was trying to eat a creepy. After it was all done, I made the statement, "As cool as that was to watch, it didn't inspire me to become an ENT." I'm not sure the doctor got the humor of it all...I was really grossed out! Haha!

The packing has started...Yeehaw!


  1. You are a good wife to sit spellbound and breathless at the video of your husband's nose. :) Haha Kathleen! You crack me up!

    Will packing take you a long time? Have you settled all in or will it take about an afternoon before you're ready to go?

  2. Better you than me. :} I love you and am proud of you being able to watch all that. Can't wait to see you, Marion

  3. They get paid good money to pick other people's boogers. And earwax. And other nasty stuff. Ew. Carolyn


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