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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wii, War, and the Holy Spirit!

This shirt was a gift from a very dear friend, for Cale's birthday in September. I love when he wears it! It's so perfect! :)

Today has flown by! Yikes! It started out with me waking up, looking at my phone, and realizing that my alarm didn’t go off! It was only 30 minutes later, but I’ve been making a date with the Lord every morning and that just twisted my time around. Then, once I was at the hospital, I made a bowl of oatmeal in the microwave. I’ve been making it for a week now and I always watch it to make sure nothing spills over…I started talking this morning. Oops! Yep, oatmeal had exploded and already began to crust around the bowl. Darn.

I was determined it was going to be a good day. I had to run some errands and missed two of his therapies. I was told OT went great, but didn't see Patty all day to see how the testing went. I was going crazy for a little while not knowing! Hopefully I'll have exciting news tomorrow to share about it! :)

When we were all finished up with lunch, Cale and I continued our card game playing. Not too long after we started, Cale saw Kovin. He lit up and wanted to go say hi :) He was having so much fun petting Kovin and getting him to do tricks. It was great! He enjoys Kovins visits every time. This time was an extra special visit! While Cale was playing with Kovin, Pat came to do PT.

Wanna see something really cool?! Watch this!

Yep! You saw that right! Cale walked Kovin! He took the leash and headed down the hall. He loved it...and so did I!! All was good until they got to the end of the hall and paused. Cale wasn't sure where he was supposed to go, Kovin was waiting for direction, and then turned and saw his owner. He whipped around and took Cale with him! Thankfully with the help of the wall and Pat, Cale stayed vertical :)

For RT today, one of the other patients wanted a Wii Bowling match. I have missed the last two times Cale has played...WOW! What a change! Even from the last time he played, Rebecca said he did better because this time he stood the whole game! Every time before he sits when it's not his turn. He was able to push all the buttons on his own, use strategy to figure out where the ball needed to start, and even helped the other patient! He would say, "push A, hold B, move right, move left!" It was so much fun! Wii bowling seems to be a winner right now; it's a little easier then the real thing!

Here's Cale right after a strike!

We played a game of War right after dinner. I had Cale use his right hand for the first part. He kept saying it was hard and making him lose. I tried to explain that changing hands, doesn't change his cards. He didn't believe me! Of course, when I let him use his left he started beating me...that didn't help my case! We'll have to keep working on that ;)

He still had a few moments today that were hard. He gets so mad and frustrated. Part of me feels so bad for the therapists! I feel like I need to explain whats going on and that he's not always like that. I want them to know that he really does like them and they really are great! I also know that they know all of that! I know Cale isn't trying to be mean to them either. I always felt the same way at Wake, when Cale was in his crazy mood there. I remember a few wrestling matches with the speech therapist, and a few times with his OT and PT, trying to get him out of bed in the morning-yikes! Thankfully, we've been blessed with awesome therapists so far! They understand and love their jobs :) I think he's starting to get a little better, even though he's still having spats of anger. He told Corrie (VT) today that it was boring and hard and he didn't think they should do it (the exercise she had him do) ever again!

For his Spirit searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets. No one can know a person’s thoughts except that person’s own spirit, and no one can know God’s thoughts except God’s own Spirit. And we have received God’s Spirit (not the world’s spirit), so we can know the wonderful things God has freely given us. But people who aren’t spiritual can’t receive these truths from God’s Spirit. It all sounds foolish to them and they can’t understand it, for only those who are spiritual can understand what the Spirit means. 1 Corinthians 2:10-12, 14

Tonight we talked about the Holy Spirit. What is the Holy Spirit and where is He? As we were talking about how the Spirit is in us and what we needed to do to receive Him, I questioned Cale a little more, "If you gave your life to God and surrendered everything, does that mean that you should trust Him with everything-your life?" Cale said yes. K: "So, that means even when we have hard days here, we long for home, and you want to just be better, do we need to trust in His perfect plan?" C: "Yes. I try. It's hard." Before we prayed together, I asked Cale, "What are three things that we can pray for?" He said, for him to trust God and us to go home. We also prayed for his surgery. After we decide our three things, he chooses one to pray for. Tonight he chose that he would trust God. When he was praying he asked that God would help him to trust even when it's hard! He also prayed that he would be happy and not sad. I just can't help thinking, every time I hear Cale pray, how sweet his words must be to our Father's ears!

It was awesome to be able to discuss that Cale has the power of the Holy Spirit alive in him! He may not always know how to pray or what to say, but that's ok, because the Holy Spirit prays on his behalf. When he feels lonely in his hospital room at night or when he's feeling discouraged, he can remember that the Spirit is with him, ALIVE and POWERFUL! Amen?!

Praise God for a fun day!


  1. Praise God!!! I love this, I also really love his shirt so I am borrowing that picture to put on my facebook, I feel its just the thing some of my FB people need to read!!! Thanks and God Bless you both......Andrea Alvarado

  2. As an ICU nurse, having been punched, kicked, piched, scratched, and spit on, we do know who isn't usually like that. I for one, always assume that in regular life the patient is a sweet person, but I am seeing them on what could be the worst day/night of their life. I always tell patients that getting better is hard work. Nobody just lays around the hospital and gets better. I am thinking that the therapists love working with Cale, he has such a sweet spirit, and it probably is sad for them when he has a bad day.

  3. I love the leading of the Holy Spirit in you to understand where Caleb is at and proceed ever so gently - You are such an inspiration to anyone who is wanting to help someone understand these truths on a very basic level !!! I love it ! Kathleen you are right I can imagine the Father listening to Caleb's prayers and reaching down and stroking his cheek and telling him " Caleb I hear you I see you and I KNOW you - don't be afraid I am here for you ALWAYS ! " God is good all the time! Love you Reenie !!!!

  4. Dogs are such good therapy! I noticed he didn't even hold the second cart for support when he came to it! Awesome. Your words are beautiful, Kathleen. Thank you, Father, for giving us the holy spirit......

  5. Dear One, I have a letter I am sending, but wanted you to know I love you and am rooting for you and your hubby. Hugs, Marion

  6. I have to admit I went onto your your blog today for selfish reasons. So many times God uses you to speak to me. I can relate to so much of the things you say even though what I'm walking through is so different from what you two are. God has been calling me to do big things for Him even though I'm still sick. I want to say, "Really God, right now? Why not later when I can handle it?" Haha, who am I to argue with Him. The last few days as I have been thinking about what God has been calling me to, my flesh starts taking over and I get all freaked out. God keeps showing me that yes in my flesh I can't, but His Spirit it healthy and alive in me, even though my flesh is broken. So when I came on the blog and saw Cale's shirt I knew God was speaking to me yet again. Beautiful grace! We CAN do ALL things THROUGH Christ who strengthens us! Thanks for allowing God to speak through you and your sufferings. Always praying for you two. Love you!

  7. Charlie and Jean1/7/11, 3:36 PM

    I love this entry . This is so awesome. He looks so good walking without a walker or cane. And he didn't look afraid. How awesome. We pray daily for Cale sweetheart but we pray for you for your strength and for your joy and for your peace and for your rest. We love you. P.S. Sending your package out on Monday. We love you!!


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