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Friday, January 7, 2011

A lot of pictures and an AWESOME day!

For pretty much the whole day, I've had a big smile on my face! That's not too far off what it usually is, BUT it was a little bigger and a little brighter. Cale had such and awesome day! I took lots of pictures (again, not too far off what I usually do!), so hopefully you'll feel like you spent the day with us! :)

Neuro Psych-
Cale got an 88! We're back to needing two more times, but that's ok! He was able to answer all the questions and a little more confidently. Also, one of the questions she asks is "What was the last thing you remember before the accident?" I'm not sure what he said right after that, but then she asked if he remembered the morning of the accident and he said "It was snowing." When we were at our friends house that morning they had snow! Now, we also had lots of snow at Drum, so that might be before the day of the accident, but he's also said a few other things that make us believe he's starting to remember that day. When she pushed for a little more information, Cale became really upset and wanted to stop. When she asked if she could check with him later to see if he wanted to talk about it, he said "never!" Hmm...

First, Monica had numbers written on a bunch of bean bags and spread them out on the floor. She would tell Cale a number and have him find the bag with that number, bend down and then pick it up. Before this was a big struggle, but today he did some by himself! He held on to her hand or something else for part of the time, but still, he did some-just Cale!

Then, Monica did some testing with him. It's a test that she does every couple weeks to monitor where Cale is. On one of the pictures, it had a shape with some other stuff on the page. Cale asked Monica, "What shapes is it called with eight sides?" Oh my goodness! We both looked at each other so surprised! As soon as she started to say Octagon, Cale helped finish it! Smarty pants! Haha! Last time he took the test, out of 36 questions he answered 19 right. Today he answered 34 right!!!!! He only missed two! Also, he was so quick at it! Both of us sat there in amazement as Cale worked his way through the test! That's my man!

Because there was unexpected extra time after the test, Monica had Cale work on his guns a little ;) He was loving it! We were having a really good time with all the fun too! I think I was a little wired from excitement!

The excitement doesn't stop! When we first sat down in Patty's office, she showed me yesterdays testing. Cale had worked on writing. I remember when he did that last time too. Another really big struggle. There's a very clear difference between the two pages. There were two more pages that I didn't take pictures of, but look at the difference here...

Here's from today...

That of course set me into happy land! I love, love, love getting to see Cale's progress! The session for today hadn't even started yet...when it did, we were once again blown away! It was so great! Oh goodness! I wish that everyone reading this could have been a speckle of paint in the room so that you could have seen the miracle happen with me! It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! For this part of the test, Patty showed him a picture and he had to name what it was a picture of. In October, Cale was only able to survive making it through 18 questions. He was able to name 3 and when Patty gave him the first sound, he was able to get 2 more. This time, he made it through 27 questions! He was able to name 10 and with Patty giving him the first sound, he was able to get 12 more!!! Even better, if he knew what the picture was, but wasn't able to get the right word, he would describe it to us. Saw-"It cuts wood" and he showed us the movement you would use with it. That's fantastic!! I squeezed him so tight afterwards, I thought he just might pop!

To end his day of therapy's, Cale had pool. He worked so hard! Towards the end he said, "I'm done in the pool. No more ever!" It takes a lot for him to do all that they ask because the pool has resistance. He's doing great, and because of that, he's challenged more. If he can get really confident in the pool, we're hoping (and praying!), it'll carry over when he walks out of the pool.

Every day is hard work, but in the end, you can always count on seeing the "Gun Show" :) Heehee!

Tonight Cale's three prayer requests were:
1) I can go to NY (I'm not sure where this came from! Seemed random, but at the same time, we did live there...).
2) I can make new friends (This was interesting to me)
3) I can have my pets.

I asked Cale to come up with all three tonight and told him it could be anything. He was quiet for a little bit and then shared these with me. I added his surgery to our list when we prayed, but thought it was interesting to see what was on his mind with out any cues or help to think of something. We also talked about how we don't have to understand or agree with what's happened to us. We just need to have hearts that desire to worship the Lord (even in the wilderness), and be obedient to Him. Being obedient is to love the Lord with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength. That wasn't followed by "until you run into a sticky situation, or your faced with something challenging..."

I'm praying that I will begin to fully grasp what that truly means. The rest of the verse says "Love your neighbor as yourself." Again, that wasn't followed with "unless they are disrespectful, have flaws, or are annoying. It says-love them.


  1. I loved the pictures today Kathleen & Cale. Keep them coming. You are both inspirational.... I know it must be difficult to document everything, but you are making a difference in our lives... God is so good.

    Pattie Andring
    Pasco, WA

  2. So awesome!!! Every day when I read, I think to myself, today I am not going to comment, because I don't want to be commenting too much, but by the time I am done, I am so excited, I just have to cheer with you! Every day, I am so excited to see what has happened!
    ~ heather

  3. Cale, you are an awesome Man of God! I am so proud of the way that you continue to push yourself daily! I pray that as he starts remembering more of the day of the accident that God will give him peace about it! Kathleen, great job on all your post and pics!!! Def, keep them coming!!!
    Andrea Alvarado

  4. There you go again just another wonderful post !!!PK was kinda talking about the same thing in requards to having hearts that worship. He wrote part of his book on fb and it was all about when we are in the darkness ( wilderness) and it just confirms what you are saying ..... God does that !!! hahahah hope you have an even better day tomorrow than today - is that possible ???? hahhahahhaha ? love ya Reenie!

  5. Dear One, I see Father's handprint all over Cale's day. "Thank YOU, Jesus!!!" I will pray Cale is able to walk through the door of "just before the accident". I will trust he is able to feel Father holding him and KNOW He won't let go. It's almost time for that to come to pass. I love you and am grateful for Father's gift of you in my life. He only gives the very best. Hugs, Marion


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