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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Brain Food!

My head is foggy, so I'm going to do my best to get everything out...clearly!

This morning Cale and I went to church with some friends here. I felt extremely blessed, and I know Cale did as well, meeting so many people that have been praying for us so faithfully. During worship, we sang Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus . I had a moment with the Lord where all I could say was "yes." Thats what we need to do. When we turn our eyes upon Jesus, the things of this world will grow strangely dim. That's all they are-things of this world. When our focus is taken off of this world, everything grows dim, and we're able to keep our focus where it should be. I'm so thankful for everyone that prays for us and helps give me the daily strength to keep my eyes focused on Christ, even when life gets a little rocky. Thank you.

After getting to be a part of a great service, we came back to the VA so Cale could do his therapy's. As soon as they were done, we got back in the car and went to a Superbowl party. I've just recently met some new friends here, and today I was able to meet even more! It's too bad that it's right when we're leaving! We had a great afternoon getting to visit. I asked Cale at one point, "are you doing ok?" C: "tired." K: "do you want something to eat?" C: "tired." After a couple times of him answering, I knew it was time to go...

Once we got back, we went to the Fisher House for dinner. They were having a Superbowl party also, so we joined for a tiny bit. They served pizza, so it was a must for Cale! We didn't just stop after two parties either...7D had a party also! We went in just to say hi to everyone, but once in, Cale didn't want to leave. I could see the preaccident Cale shining though! He was going to hang out with people until he dropped! Good thing for me, he dropped about 10 minutes later. We are both so exhausted!

Good day! I don't think I watched a more than 10 minutes total of the game. I enjoyed talking and eating :)

I'm trying to figure out ways that I can get more nutrients in Cale! He really isn't wanting anything except cheeseburgers or pizza. I can't make him eat something he doesn't want, but I know he needs more than what he's getting. Right now we're limited to what we can make, but hopefully that's going to get better in Seattle. Do you have any ideas of ways that I can sneak healthy stuff into his food? It has already been suggested to try Brewers Yeast for energy. Any other ideas? Email me if you have some! Thanks!!


  1. I have dealt with brewers yeast. It was sort of okay. It doesn't take much to alter the taste of whatever you add it to. Plus it is gassy...uh, did I mention it was gassy!?!?!!! As for getting more veggies into Cale, getting sneaky with what you prepare is the way to go. When you make tomato sauce for pizza'a, whiz up some greenbeans in the sauce. Does he like gravey over potatoes or maybe bisquits? Well, another opportunity to whiz up other veggies and add them to the mix. You could make fresh fruit smooties with any fresh fruit and add a couple of leaf lettuce leaves. One banana, two or three lettuce leaves, a couple of dates, and about 12 ozs water is very good. (That might be too yuck for Cale though.) A good book for sneaking in "other veggies" is THE SNEAKY ORGANIC COOK. Does he like fruit juice. A juice maker is a wonderful way to daily get the real juice into him. The only limit to what you drink is your imagination. Fresh fruit/veggie juices will give his body many extra nutrients. That will help with give extra building block to help with his continued healing. UH, guess you might have figured out I've learned a little bit about this, as I try to honor my husband in his chosen way of eating. :) My son Ben and I were with our small group from church at a Superbowl Party. It was fun, especially with the tem that won. :) Well, if the Packers had been playing against the SeaHawks, I would have wanted the SeaHawks to win!!!!!!!! You know, my friend, I can't tell you how many times Father has reminded me of the song TURN YOUR EYES UPON JESUS. It seems to be a constant since childhood. I love you and LOK forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Marion

  2. Deceptively Delicious cookbook is great too!


  3. We love Brewers yeast.. here's what we do with it. Make popcorn butter and salt it then mix a small amount of soy sauce and brewers yeast over it. Jonan LOVES this. I also make snack mix peanuts raisins cereals pretzals and m&ms which makes it yummy. What about smoothies? Will he eat smoothies? -Rachel

  4. Hi Kathleen,
    Deceptively Delicious, (by Jessica Seinfeld), has great ideas for pureeing veggies and "hiding' them into foods that we love to eat... (even into chocolate cake...Pita Pizzas....and Italian meatloaf/hamburger!)... to help make what we eat healthier. Maybe worth a try when you settle in?
    Judy Jay

  5. Thanks everyone for the ideas! The biggest hang up with cookbooks like, Deceptively Delicious (which, before the accident, I've used on Cale!), is time. It takes time to plan, shop, and prepare. Cooking up a bunch of stuff is hard right now, but will be doable once we're home. I am hoping that once in Seattle, things will settle a little. Marion, I do have a juicer! It's in WA in storage. That's a great idea for when we get home! :) Smoothies are seeming to be the best idea, so it's getting creative to pack them full of healthy goodness! :)


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