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Monday, February 7, 2011

Silly Darling's, Trix are for kids!

Cale had a much better day! I was gone to the store, so I missed his speech session, but Patty said it was really great! They left me a fun note to let me know all they worked on. Patty had written out a list of stuff and had Cale choose and write the answer for the statement or question...

Today in speech we worked hard.
We learned about nasal sounds N, M and non-nasal sounds T, D, B, P.
We did some reading and writing.
We played a naming game.
The Superbowl is on Sunday.
During the game, we eat cookies, pop, cheese, popcorn.
Yesterday, the Green Bay Packers won.
I like Kathleen because she is, cute, hot, smart, pretty.
Kathleen and I met at church.
Somethings Kathleen and I like to do together are: watch movies, play games, eat food, drink pop.
Kathleen likes me because I am cute, hot, a good friend, kiss!

Heehee! So fun! :)

Cale is now starting to realize more that he can't control his right eye. Over the last couple days, he points it out more and says, "this eye closes all the time!" It's fascinating to me, to watch all of these new things Cale is experiencing. It's been so long that he's struggled with this, but is just now realizing it's an issue! This is becoming a frustrating thing for him (I can only imagine!), and of course, realizing other things are different also...

Thank you for all the emails and helpful hints about food! I was giggling to myself tonight as I read through the emails. Before the accident, Cale eating healthy was an issue (and has only gotten worse!), so a lot of the ideas, I have done before! Cale is pretty stubborn and very picky, so if he even sees a dot of something that shouldn't be there...he won't eat it! I'm thinking at this point, smoothies are going to be the easiest until we can get home, and trying to find ways to pack it full of yummy goodness! :)

I had written a couple months ago a post about waiting for the harvest. Tonight, I went to a women's bible study (for the Beth Moore study I've been doing) and the session was on sowing for the harvest. At the very end of the video, Beth was talking about how we need to plant the seed (even in hard ground), it may be watered by our tears, but if we wait it out, there will be a harvest. It's not immediate. I'm sure I took away from it, a different way then maybe it was meant, but all I could think was about how the night of the accident, I had to make a choice to trust the Lord. It's by his grace that I was able to choose Him, but that's not always the case for people. It's not such an easy thing to choose the Lord on whatever trial or journey we face-it's a choice. There have been many tears that have watered it, and every time that I choose Christ in each step, I'm sowing that seed. One day, there will be a harvest to be seen, but it takes time for that seed to bloom. The picture on my heart, looked a lot like this...

I left tonight with being reminded to hope for the harvest and to continue to give God all the glory for what has been done through this journey.

One of the many blessings that the Lord has restored to me, is laughter with my husband. As I've written before, we love to be silly and playful with each other. It's just...well, it's just us! I was telling stories the other day of when we had gone on our cruise. The day that we spent off the ship and on the beach, all the adults were on the sand, sun-bathing, and Cale and I were playing in the water with all the kids! We had found a way to set ourselves up so that when the waves came, they would sweep us up and toss us around (sounds dangerous, but fun, huh?!). We ended that day with a lot of bruises and soreness, but we had the best time having fun! Also, our ship had a huge twisty slide! Again, the adults were around the ship, laying in chairs, having their little cocktail drinks, while Cale and I spent the afternoon going down the slide! Can you imagine a whole line of little kids and then Cale at 6'2" sticking out?! Heehee! Some of the kids were as tall as me, so I didn't look so out of place...hmm...not sure that's a thing to share! ;)

Even now, I love, love, LOVE, getting to be playful and have so much fun with Cale. There were so many times through the day that we made each other laugh so hard! I think everyone should try being a little silly sometimes. It's fun!

Here are some of the silly us moments that TJ captured in October...

I love getting to laugh with him!

There is a really funny story about this picture that will have to be for another time!

We're love birds not jail birds!


I don't even know what to say about this face...

This is very much preaccident Cale...

We beat up some innocent statues!

i love us.


  1. You make me smile and i think you make god smile too. Love and prayers, Kimberly

  2. Isn't it great he is still in there, laughing and loving you just like pre-accident. Just. Amazing!

    Casey q

  3. This makes me laugh so much. I wish I had gotten to know you and Cale pre-accident. It is so interesting to me that he still has his sense of humor - TBI can't make him forget that. Also, I wanted to say that the seeds you've sown in trusting the Lord are going to produce a harvest much greater. I can't imagine all the people you and Cale have touched along this journey. You're not growing one seed, you're growing pretty much a million. :) Love you girl.

  4. Kathleen, NEVER worry about being the "silly" adults in a group of kids. Your story on the cruise, being tossed about by the waves? Just exactly what we did on ours!!! The only down-side (for those of you thinking about this), be careful not to be too close to a coral-bed.... we picked coral out of Tom's hide for months! Being silly is blessing from the Lord, and very useful in those "heavy" times. Keep laughing and being you!!!
    Terri (WA)

  5. Sweet Kathleen!! I agree with your friend, being silly is a gift from the Lord. Think, in a few years, those kids you played with on the cruise may just get to see you again, and tell you how much fun they had with you. I love you and continue to trust Father for you and your husband. Hugs, Marion

  6. haha it's funny you say that about people giving you advice, and it was stuff you've already tried! because when i read the blog yesterday, the first things i thought of telling you, i was like, wait a minute, i learned that from her!!! hehe! soooo yea, instead of telling you stuff you already know about, i figured i better keep thinking! i'll letcha know if i come up with anything! :)


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