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Friday, February 4, 2011

sleepover round #2

These are some more of the pictures that TJ took of us in October! :) I finally have them all, so I'll be posting slowly! These pictures were so much fun!

Tonight I'm laying in bed with Cale and that's where I'm staying all night. I attempted to stay the night a couple months ago, but it wasn't very successful. We're trying again! I even brought my little fan over to make it more comfortable.

Well, the Honda is gone. Mama and Janis were supposed to fly in at 8am, but at 5:45, I got a call saying that the flight had been cancelled. :( They were able to get another flight out, but didn't get in until 3pm. That meant rather than getting to spend 6 hours with us, they only were here for 2. Bummer man. The good news was that since the flight was later, Cale was able to ride with me to the airport! We stopped at Starbucks for fun drinks and then off we went. I will admit...I was a little scared in the big truck! It felt like I was going to hit everyone on my right side. Parking in the parking garage, was...a bit of a challenge! It took me several tries, but I finally made it! I managed to not hit anything, so I'm doing good! Heehee!

I've missed the last few days of therapy, so I haven't been able to see what Cale has been up to. There were a lot of changes with his schedule today, so I still didn't get to see much. He ended up having OT and PT. I stayed behind during OT, but when they came back to his room, Monica let me know what they did. For PT, Cale played hockey outside. It was fun to see today! Since I last saw him use the stick in PT, he's come a long ways! Go Cale!

The next few days is going to be busy for us! We have a couple exciting things planned, so I'm praying Cale's mood gets a good boost! He's working so hard. I talked with him today about needing to fight to get home and how quitting is not an option. I talk to him a lot about this, but of course his memory doesn't retain anything. After I talked with him today, we went for a walk. He's now cleared to walk the unit with out help, but he won't. I told him to get up and walk with me and he did! He walked all the way to the gym and back all by himself!! At one point, I could tell he was really tired, but he kept going. I asked if he wanted me to grab the walker and he said, "no!" I'm so proud of him. He is so tired, but he's still pushing himself and working so hard!

God made my life complete when I placed all the pieces before him. Psalm 18:20


  1. Kathleen so excited for you and Caleb what an awesome plan the Lord has for you ..... Praying for you as you move into your new place! Love to you and Caleb- BTW Great Job Caleb on your long walk !!!!! Reenie !!!

  2. Kathleen, I absolutely LOVE those pictures. I am proud of Cale's doing so well with the walk. Please tell him for me. I know Seattle feels unsettling right now, BUT I AM excited, because it means I will finally get to meet you. Father has gone before you and has wonderous gifts in store. Much love, Marion


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