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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I finished the task!

A little more from yesterday...

Every patient at the hospital has an arm band. It's scanned every time they're given meds...and of course it has the patients social, name, and birthday. Cale hates his; with a passion. He hit a point that he would ask constantly why he had to wear it. My reply was usually that it's because he's a patient at the hospital, or that he's here at the hospital. He then would ask why don't I have one. Good question, since I'm always at the hospital too! Finally, he just started ripping it off constantly. This causes a slight problem for the staff...

Well, I came up with a solution yesterday! Now, Cale and I both have arm bands!

So far he's made it two days ;)

Last night we went to a dinner at the Elks Club. This opportunity has come before, but I was against going because that meant that Bingo was cancelled. In my own little way, I was protesting! Haha! They were serving steak last night, so I thought Cale might really like to go! They had a group of club scouts serving, and visiting with each table. First, they were adorable! Oh goodness! One of the little boys came around to Cale, so I whispered in Cale's ear that he should ask the scout what his favorite sport is. Cale asked, but with his speech still slurred, the little boy didn't understand, so I translated. The little boy replied with two of his front teeth missing, "soccer." This also came out a bit slurred, and Cale didn't, I translated! Heehee! It's so fun getting to be me sometimes! :)

Today was busy! Every day is busy here, but there happens to be different kinds of busy. This day wore me out! LOTS of packing and organizing! I'm all done and it feels good. :) I have the Honda ready to go, so this next week will be filled with a little bit of relaxing...hopefully! I'm not the only one exhausted...

I've missed two days of therapy's and I don't like it one bit! It's terrible not getting to know what Cale did or to see it. I was given quick updates by two of the therapists, but that just doesn't satisfy! It's going to be an adjustment in Seattle, I think more for me than Cale!


  1. Love the wristband ! You are a patient of Love!!!! Glad all your hard work is done, moving is so overwhelming sometimes!!!! Praying for you and Caleb as you move forward ! LOve to you both Reenie <3 !!!

  2. I, too, love the wrist band. Maybe you can wear one when you are in Seattle...I mean, that way I'll know who you are when I see you. :) :) I feel rested for you, now that the packing is done. I love you, Marion

  3. I just thought of this... I sometimes put the bracelet on a patient's ankle when they won't keep it on their wrist... that way I can do my job the right way, and they are less irritated by it.


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