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Saturday, February 12, 2011

SO much sweetness!

My alarm went off at 5am...ooooh boy! I got myself ready and then went to the hospital to get Cale ready. He was sleeping, and when I woke him up and told him what time it was, he said, "Oh wow!" We had a special treat this morning, even if it was early! There is a group of men (of about 100) that meet every Saturday morning and pray. A huge blessing is that they've been praying for Cale by name for months! The Saturday before Valentine's Day, all the men bring along their wives and daughters. They've been wanting Cale to come, but he's just not at a point that I can let him go alone. Today was perfect for us to join in!

I was so blessed. First, I think it's an awesome thing to have so many men faithful to gather every week and pray together. Also, at the beginning of the time, all the men went around the room and introduced their family. It was so great to hear men say, "This is my beautiful wife of 59 years!" That is a concept that is lost in today's world, where marriages and commitment are taken so lightly. When God said, "Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." I don't think He had in mind for that to be a temporary's kind of a done deal. Since the idea of becoming one, is now a passing thought, and it's become just fine to become one, and then again, and takes away from the sparkle of marriage a little. This morning, I was able to listen to many men express the sweetness of commitment. So great! :)

It was a super busy day and will be tomorrow also. We got going early, and as soon as we were back to the hospital at 10am, Cale had group therapy, PT, lunch, and then OT. As soon as OT was over, we headed out again! Yikes!

For PT, Pat had Cale walking outside all over with his walker. Cale was tuckered out by the end of the session, but he kept going as long as Pat asked. Even though Cale gets really angry during PT and says that he's not going to miss anyone and just wants to leave, I know he's going to miss Pat as a part of his week. I've written before, but I just love the relationship Cale has with him. It'll be so much fun to come back and visit and for Pat to see how far Cale has come. I know he's going to keep getting better! :)

The second outing today was a really special good bye party. Some really dear friends that we've made (just recently!) here, put together some really great moments that I will treasure always. It's so sad that I've just met all of them, and now have to say bye. I'm so happy I at least got to know them a little!

The first incredibly sweet surprise was...

Yes, it's a Pepperoni and Pineapple heart shaped pizza! My eyes teared up! It was so perfect in so many ways! I LOVED it! Then, later on, they gave me an album they had put together of pictures and notes from the staff in 7D, the staff at Hippotherapy, and the staff at the Fisher House. Along with notes from each of them! Yes...more tears! We are so blessed!

By the end of today, Cale and I are beat! Hopefully it will help Cale get a good night sleep.

Here are a couple words from Cale today...

We were talking about the nurse needing to get Cale's weight...Monica: "How much do you think Kathleen weighs?" Cale: "500 pounds" WHAT?! He's lucky he laughed after and made it funny! ;)

Another funny with Monica...In OT, Monica had Cale put the clothes in the washer and pour the soap in. Kathleen: "I see your laundry skills!" M: "Kathleen's going to have you be the laundry guy when you get home." C: "Nope" M: "Are you going to make her do it?" C: "Nope." M: "Who is going to do your laundry?" C: "My mom." Haha! Uh...I'll let her know about that Cale!

Cale still has a bunch of scabs and (of course) boogers in his nose. He's been picking it lately in front of anyone and at any time. We were on our way to the party tonight and I asked Cale what he could do instead of just picking his nose in front of people. Cale looked at me and said, "Ask them, can I pick my nose?" Well, I guess asking is better than just doing? Haha!

Today I've been longing even more just to go home. Cale and I packed up our house December 08 right before he deployed and that's the last time we've been in "our home." I miss it. It gets tough trying to get a routine and get Cale to do certain things when we're at a hospital. I know going home isn't going to make everything perfect, but I have a feeling, it's going to help a lot. It's going to feel so great to not have to leave him every night and come back in the morning. I was struggling a little trying to get him ready for bed and make sure everything he needed was set up. I'm sure a lot of what I was feeling is from the emotions of leaving here.

When we prayed together, I expressed that a little to Cale, and then listed, moving and a home for our prayer time. I asked Cale like normal what we should add, and tonight he said, "Our strength in God." Wow. So precious and just what my heart needed. When he prays, it's still very broken up and I can't understand everything, but I heard him ask that we would be strong together. I love that. I love-love hearing him pray. I know the Lord loves it too! :)


  1. Amen!!! Kathleen you are so right ~ The Lord does love hearing him pray and he Loves the fragrance of your sacrifice of your life as you are becoming the Proverbs 31 woman ! Wow!!!!!!!!!Love it ! Love Caleb's humorous sayings - Praying for you both believing for a great place you can call home ((())) love ya Reenie

  2. Kathleen, I was going back over your blog entries. I can't believe I missed this one. The heart pizza was cute. Hey, pizza is a good way to get different veggies into Cale. What an honor to meet those praying for Cale, an honor for them to meet you, too!!!!! You put it well, when you said it takes from the sparkle of marriage, to say if it doesn't work out we'll just end it. My Dave and I have been married 33 years in August. We've had our frying pan moments, but I can truly say we are doing better now than we ever have been and that the best is yet to come. I love you, Marion


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