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Sunday, February 13, 2011

He is a great God!

“How great you are, Sovereign LORD! There is no one like you, and there is no God but you, as we have heard with our own ears." 2 Samuel 7:22

Every day I am in awe of what the Lord is doing. Every day, I wonder why God would bless me so much. Every day, I am amazed of the way the Lord is working. Every day, I think about how great and Sovereign He is. Every day I'm totally and completely humbled by the King of Kings, that He would provide for me-love me-desire me.

I went to church this morning with Cale. It was the same church that we visited in October when Mama was visiting. It was a blessing to be able to attend again. The Pastor asked today in service, "What breaks your heart?" Wanna know what breaks my heart? That God has done miracle after miracle, answered prayer after prayer, shown His power time after time-and there are people that hear and see it, yet don't believe.

If you've had a chance to sit and talk with me at all this last week, you've heard me talk about what God is amazing He is, and how it can only be from Him. Even this morning at church, a prayer was answered in such a sweet way! I have been praying (and Cale has been to!), about friendship. For me, it's my desire to get plugged into a church again. There are a few churches here that have been an amazing blessing to us, but because of the schedule, we haven't been able to be a part of one. In Seattle, Cale won't have therapy's on Sundays, so I have been wanting to get involved! Well, it's not such an easy thing with Cale, to try to find a church. After the service today, a couple came up to us and said they are visiting from...Seattle!...and were flying back today. They are a part of a really! I gave my email and the plan is that next Sunday we join them! It's just another one of those times that I think about how great God is! This is just one of the many (beyond many!) ways I've seen God's hand going before us, preparing the way. Wow.

I know there are lots of people that read this blog that don't know God. You don't know what you think about Him, or maybe you do and it's not in agreement with what I think. I understand. I get it. I just know that time after time in this last year, God has made Himself so apparent, as if He was here in person right before us. Even through me...the Kathleen flesh...yep, she can't do any of this on her own. The 10th had so much potential to be an awful emotional day. I could have been sad about the accident, sad about the last year, sad about all that we've lost, but because of something...someone alive and powerful inside of me, I was able to rejoice, praise, laugh, joke, sing, dance, love, smile, be amazed at all that has happened. I just, well, I just wish that everyone had that. That everyone experienced Christ's love the way I have. It's possible.

We've had the count down in Cale's room going for a while now. The therapist have left us a little note...:)

OT and PT are sad, but Cale, scratch, and Basil are happy that we're leaving! Love it!

After church and before our afternoon outing, Cale played ping pong! He actually had a lot of fun! When I joined in, I can't say I was much help to the team, but at least I tried. ;)

The outing today was to an arcade. The place is Dave and Busters, which I guess is all over, I've just never heard of it. We played quite a few games, including air hockey, but I'd have to say our favorite was racing! Every time I crashed (which was a lot!), the whole car would shake! I was laughing so hard. Cale and I were playing together right next to each other. At one point I looked over at his screen and he was in first place! What?! I stayed in 23rd place for most of the game and then finished in 20th. Cale finished in 3rd! He is still a better driver!

The place had a restaurant attached, but it was an hour wait so we headed to Chevy's. It was our first time there too! Today was our last outing here. Rebecca has gone on so many with us. We're going to miss here a lot!

We managed to survive our busy weekend! When I was cuddling with Cale tonight, he started snoring. He's wiped out! I thought I could sneak away with out waking him, but of course, that wasn't going to work with him! Every night when I leave, Cale asks why I leave him, and asks if I can stay. It makes me so sad to leave! I know it's so nice for him to fall asleep with me being there-him not alone. He's so sweet though. He lets me know it makes him sad that I leave and then puckers his lips for a kiss :)


  1. I am super excited that you have a church to go to in Seattle, though I am sad I never made it to San Francisco to see you... it is a long way from here.... I do love SoCal though. :) I remember when there was no way Cale ever could have gone to an arcade, too much stimuli!!!! He has come so far, I am always amazed!

  2. Have you ever thought of Mars Hill Church? We listen to pastor Mark Driscoll all the time and think he's fantastic. We dream about moving out there some day just to be able to attend that church!

  3. Kathleen, I was praying you find a church in Seattle. Father truly goes before us. It looked like you two were having alot of fun. When you get to Seattle you will have to ride "The Duck". It is a WWII subterraine vehicle (sp?). It's cool and alot of fun. Hugs, Marion


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