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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Year of Miracles

A Year Ago...

I was driving down Hawbranch coming off of 24. I never go that way. I always come from 111 to go pick my son up. So it was a blessing that I was coming from that direction. As I was driving I saw your brother on the side of the road with a panic distress look on his face while he was on the phone. I pulled over and asked if he was alright and at the moment of him not being able to say too much to me, I saw the car. I hurried, pulled my truck off the road and ran over to the car. It was smashed against the tree, horn blowing and steam coming out. I could not get to the side that Cale was on so I proceeded to cut your seat belt so that I could get the door open. At that time you had come to. You were trying to figure out what had happened and where you were. You had said your leg was burning and hurt really bad so I suspected that your leg was broke. I held your head in place to ensure that you did not move. I yelled to your brother to call 911, he said he did and they were on their way. At this time you looked over at Cale and passed out. I talked you out of your blackout at which time I held you looking at me to keep you calm and to not let you look at Cale. I did not want to lose you again. You said it sounded like he was snoring. I told you, yes sweetheart he is taking a nap he will be ok. I was half way in the car with you to keep you stable. At that time 2 other people showed up, one lady said she was a nurse. At that time paramedics showed up they came over saw Cale and knew we had to rush. Because I was in the car with you, I assisted to get you out of the vehicle. You were concerned about Cale and again at this point I held your head into place to secure your neck and to ensure you did not see the condition of Cale. After we got you out of the car, of course our next concern was Cale; we put a bag on him to force and help breathing. I was holding his IV bag from the back seat to allow the paramedics to do what they do. I then moved out of the car when they used one of the fire trucks to pull the car off of the tree and out of the ditch. I told them at this point we need to move fast cause we knew he had side impact damage and now we have released pressure from it. They pulled the jaws of life out and removed the roof from the car at which point I grabbed the roof and threw it across the street. We then cut the door off the car to start moving him out of the car. At the time of removal and once he was on the stretcher his breathing was gone. he then got rushed to the ambulance and then to the helicopter. I have to say that when I cut your seat belt off and looked into the car it was a not a very good site. I was worried about the both of you. Your brother gave me his number to move his truck and that is how I was able to contact you to make sure you guys were doing ok. I wish I could have done more for you both but of course it was rough to do by myself.

Since then...

I am so thankful that Cale is alive. I'm so thankful that he can talk with me, that he has thoughts. I'm thankful that he can express his feelings and initiate what he wants. I'm thankful that he has an opinion and shares it! I'm thankful that he can put together a sentence. I'm thankful that he can understand what I'm saying. I'm thankful that he can hold my hand. I'm thankful that he desires me and loves me. I'm thankful that he knows I'm his wife! I'm thankful that every time he sees me, his face lights up! I'm thankful that he can smile and laugh. I'm thankful that he's learning to spell and read again. I'm thankful that he can walk and move easily. I'm thankful for the strength that he has gained back. I'm thankful that he can use all of his limbs. I'm thankful that he can see me! I'm thankful that he is still working hard, even when it's hard. I'm thankful that he can! I'm thankful that he still loves the Lord. I'm thankful that he can pray with me. I'm thankful that he can go places with me. I'm thankful that he's still silly! I'm thankful that he can brush his teeth. I'm thankful that he's learning to write again. I'm thankful for his sweet kisses! I'm thankful that he's still making progress. I'm thankful that he plays games with me. I'm thankful that he has memory of Washington. I'm thankful that he can tie his shoes! I'm thankful that he will watch movies with me. I'm thankful that he likes to cuddle. I'm thankful that he knows when I'm with him and when I leave. I'm thankful that he can experience boredom. I'm thankful that he still has such a loving heart. I'm thankful that he's still with me!

The letter above is from Chris (click here to meet him!). I had asked him in December if he would be willing to write down the moment from what he remembers. Even though it had been so long, he did it! It means so much to me to have it in hear it from someone else. It's hard to read, but then I look at what this last year has been like...and I'm amazed.

Many, LORD my God, are the wonders you have done, the things you planned for us. None can compare with you; were I to speak and tell of your deeds, they would be too many to declare. Psalm 40:5

I've used this verse a few times over the last year. I love it. To think of all the miracles that have taken place, to think of all the wonderful things that I've been blessed with...they're too many for my mind to grasp! I woke up this morning, opened my eyes and said, "okay." A year ago today, something very tragic happened, but I can't help but stand in Awe of the Lord and all that He has done! How can I not?! While I was getting ready for the day, I began to pray and list off everything I'm thankful for; my heart felt as though it may burst! It's been hard, but oh so amazing! For the last several weeks, Isaiah 61:3 has been on my heart.

And provide for those who grieve in Zion— to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair. They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor.

With something so ugly, it's only Christ who can make it so beautiful.

When I was done praying, I could feel my excitement level rise! There was no reason for this to be a day of mourning...I'm rejoicing that I have my man! He's healthy and strong...and I love him!!

The day kept getting better, with getting to hear some big things the Lord is doing because of our journey. I'm so excited to see what this next year holds. If someone would have told me that a year later, I would still be in a hospital with Cale, I would have fallen to pieces, but because of God's grace and the strength that He has given me, I'm able to be in a hospital a year later with Cale praising Him!

Tonight before I left, I asked Cale to come up with 3 goals for this next year. I of course had in my head to get him walking by himself independently as one of them, along with a few more, but this is what Cale came up with:

1) Have kids.
2) Go across the ocean.
3) Pet dogs.

Ich bin Ihnen sehr dankbar (I'm very grateful/thankful to you)-German
Herzlichen Dank (Heartfelt thanks)-German
Haben Sie vielen Dank! (Many thanks)-German
Domo - Arigato (Use this when someone gives a gift or goes out of there way to do something important for you.)-Japanese
muchas gracias (thank you very much)-Spanish

Thank you in English doesn't feel like enough sometimes. I thought maybe if I tried a few more languages, it would express how truly thankful we are that you're a part of this journey. It's been a long road, but it's meant so much that you have shared this with us and have stuck through it. Thank you from the deepest part of our hearts! You have been an incredible blessing to both of us!

This was the second video I've made. If you haven't seen the first, here it is...


  1. W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is soooooo amazing. You know, I think Cale wanting pizza for now, is OKAY!!!!! I knew he had come a long way. This blog entry shows just how many miracles have happened. YOU, Kathleen, are a true gift, to Cale. To all of us, too, in that you have documented so carefully everything that has happened and cared to share it with all of us. I love you, Marion

  2. You're amazing, Kathleen! Only by the grace of God, but oh so filled with grace! Cale's progress is nothing short of a miracle, and I'm sure you feel that way -- just making every day a good day, looking forward "to the plans He has for you". We are truly blessed because you have allowed us to walk this journey with, in some very small way. Thank you for being such an amazing woman of God....
    Terri W

  3. Such an amazing journey, he has grown so strong and tall, and the love you two share, wow. God Bless you both and I can not wait to see where this next year leads you!!! Many hugs to you both!!

    Casey Q

  4. Kathleen I am crying... I am so, so thankful for what God has done. BUT when I read your blog I often impatiently think, "God, please just heal him completely, like 100% perfectly like before the accident." I know you hope for the same thing too, but your attitude toward the Lord and with his timeline - of thankfulness and joy and PEACE - is so, so sweet to read. I am so blessed to know you, friend. I can't wait to see what (MORE) great things God does for you both i this next year. (I say shoot for lots of dog-petting.)

  5. I was thinkng of you and Cale today, and finally had time to catch up. This brought tthe tears.... and I am so amazed at what G-d has done over the last year and can't wait to see what He does next!

  6. I thought about you this morning - couldn't remember the exact date , we heard the news the day after - I knew it was getting on to a year for you and Caleb.....So amazed and awed by the Works of His hands! His love has covered you, upheld you and strengthened you - Words cannot begin to explain all you have walked through....or the Grace God has given to you and Caleb- the testimony of your life is burning bright !!!! Love to you Both!!!!! (((<3))) Reenie

  7. Happy Anniversary Cale!!! A year ago changed your life, today your a new person. Not everything works right or moves just so!! But I'm sure my sister doesn't mind one bit :) I'm crying all over again but this time its not with sarrow but with joy, God does work miracles, He made sure to put two great guys in your path last year Juan(brother in-law) & Chris(stranger just driving by)not now we have a face yay!!!! I'm just grateful to say your my brother in-law, working parts or not! I love you kid can't wait until you & Leena Bean are back home (stocking up on the chocolate for you, hehehehehe)
    Love your Big Sis Carla

  8. I also remember that day a year ago, I remember rushing to my child who I knew needed me. I remember the panic & the not knowing, sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. I am thankful that God chose to save both of you, I know that He is going to use the two of you for a truly amazing ministry. I love you both very much!!

  9. Love you guys and won't stop praying!! You are amazing Kathleen!

  10. Dear Kathleen,
    I had seen the video before, but it means so much more now that it has been a whole year! Once again, I am crying. I have never met Cale, but through this year I feel as though both of you are some very special friends, and I LOVE you 2!
    I will pray for both of you as long as it is needed! Cale's progress is so amazing! Much better than I had origionally imagined!
    THANK YOU, Kathleen for sharing your story with all of us!
    I feel SO BLESSED to have met you, my FRIEND!!
    Lorri C.

  11. I've only started reading your blog, but I want you to know that this story is so much bigger than a hospital room. You've touched the lives of people all over. It hurts but the beauty of Christ is coming through.

    I don't know you - your blog came up as a recommendation on my Google reader - but I want you to know that your transparency has ministered to me so much. Life isn't easy but you are an inspiration. Cale is a miracle. And it's absolutely beautiful how you share the ups and downs of every day life. You don't sugar coat it - you struggle. Your faith shines through.

    May God strengthen and comfort you today - and give you lots of JOY for the year to come!

    - Caitlin

  12. Leana Bean, you're right it is hard to read, but if it hadnt been for Chris stopping and helping me, i wouldnt have been able to do it on my own. reliving that day through his letter has me balling like a baby, but WOW Cale has come along way since then. Thank God for being with the both of you and helping you through all this

  13. Stunningly beautiful.

    Lisa B.

  14. Jennifer (Homegroup)2/12/11, 7:57 AM

    Kathleen this year has been extordianary! Watching the miracles that God has made in your lives has just been amazing to see/read! Thank YOU so much for sharing your's and Cale's journey! I love Cale's goals for the next year!!! God has done such BIG things in your lives and I pray that this ball just continues to keep rolling and even bigger miracles take place in your lives! Always praying for you guys!

  15. rejoicing with you in all that God has done in and through you and Cale. Looking forward to what lies ahead....believing for even more good and perfect gifts from the Father Above.
    God bless you as you and Cale continue to bless me as I follow your journey.

    Tonda Coyne

  16. Kathleen and Cale - Wow! Your story is awe inspiring, tear jerking, faith building, hope giving and definitely life changing!! Thanks for sharing and please know that you have been and will continue to be in our prayers! Can't wait to hear how the dreams of God continue to come true in your lives! We love you! - David and Jackie Lugo (Isaiah 8:18)

  17. Kathleen & Cale,
    I cannot believe it has been a year. Cale is the embodiment of a miracle.
    Please know that while sometimes I'm unable to check in daily--I'm always praying for you both. I always find my way back to check up on Cale.

    God Bless


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