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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

International Pizza Day is International Pizza Day! What did we have to eat?! Pizza of course! The only thing is, it's not much different then the rest of the days lately! ;) Last year we were visiting our friends Jorel and Jade on the 9th. On the way to their house, Cale said, "We have to get pizza tonight!" So, that's just what we did. I couldn't let the special day be passed up...we had to continue the tradition!

Dr. Howe met with Cale this morning and at this point, he's still on the verge of emerging from PTA. Yesterday he scored a 69 and today an 85. It's very in and out, as far as what questions he gets right. I think he even had a little bit of help today. I'm trying not to get caught up with this, but it's slightly hard not to when I'm sitting right there! I won't be there tomorrow for the session, so that might be a good thing. I can tell his memory is getting better, even if it's not always seeming like it. The joy of it all, is that there is some progress with it!

We had a break before lunch this afternoon, so I thought I'd be a little adventuress. Cale hasn't really seen any of the videos from right after the accident. He has seen short clips, and he's seen pictures, but no video. I pulled a couple up to watch with him. Not knowing what kind of reaction was going to take place, or that it was a good idea, but I needed to it! It ended up being such a blessing for both of us. As we were watching, Cale started cheering for himself and rooting for him! There's one video that he does this really funny thing with his hand (if I knew a way to cut part of the video out, I would post it. It has the cna doing care on him, so I can't post it), it was still in ICU, so he had all the tubes still. Cale was watching and started laughing at himself! :) After that one, I showed him one from when he first started lifting his arm. I remember how crazy excited I was for that big step. Cale was saying, "come on! It's easy! See? See?" Haha! The last video was from when he first started walking. It's such an awesome video to be reminded from where he came from. I showed Pat when he came to get Cale for PT, and he said, "Wow! Look how hard they (the therapists) have to work, and how easy I have it!" Cale is doing SO great!

Here's Cale in PT today doing side stepping on the treadmill. He did it on both sides and then walked forward with an incline. He was able to do 10 minutes, which was really good for the incline and speed he was doing. A lot better than what I can say I'm doing...that's a whole nother' story!

This afternoon we had a video conference with the Seattle VA. The date is official...we leave the 15th! Yikes! It's going to be so great, but golly, it's emotional. Sly was going over everything with me, and suddenly I had tears. I felt so overwhelmed for a minute. One of the other staff saw the tears in my eyes, and asked what I was feeling. Then they came. It felt so good to get them out and to actually say out loud that I felt overwhelmed by what was said. I love that I have such a great relationship with the staff, that I'm able to be honest with them and that they understand. It meant the world to me! Once I was able to talk to them about it, I felt so much better. No chocolate needed today! Heehee!

Tonight was the last Bingo :( I would love to say that we did great and won a bunch, but that's not the case. In fact, I only had two bingo's and Cale only had one. He was pretty disappointed, but I let him know that at least we didn't walk out with 0! That would have been a big bummer! Bingo has been so much fun for us and another way that I've been able to witness a miracle take place in Cale.

Here's a little interview with Cale. I wanted you to hear how well he's talking! Do you remember when it was just with his breath and no sound? Man! What a HUGE blessing that he's come so far! Enjoy! :)


  1. WOW what a deep voice! I loved it. He sounds wonderful!

    Casey Q

  2. I LOVE this video! He's come so far and it's so amazing to see God's miracles first hand. We can't wait to see you guys! ~Kathleen D.

  3. International Pizza Day.....umm, my family and I had spaghetti. Sorry :) :) Next week at this time you will be here. I am glad. I am glad, too the staff there are such good friends. They sound like wonderful people that really love their job. I love you and look forward to seeing you. Much love, Marion

  4. LOVE IT!!!!!!! So very awesome!!!

  5. I LOVE IT!!!

    I love how when you say, "Good job," he's like, "Yeah." Like, 'go, me.' And I laughed so hard at the very end when he was laughing. Thanks for posting the video!

  6. Awesome video! Loved to see Cale's facial expressions, to see him opening his eye, his responses and to hear his voice. He's doing so amazing, especially when you compare to where he's come from -- mentioning those videos helped us too.
    Can't wait to see you in person and add a hug! P.S. As soon as you get to Seattle, ask around about pizza places. Trisha says there's an amazing one right off The Pier, and you're close to that -- so maybe we can hit it one day!
    Love & prayers to both,

  7. Kathleen !!!!! Awesome, Amazing! God is truely yours and Calebs strength!!!! He looks great sounds great and He is obviously excited about leaving, so happy for you - When you have your new address let me know - I have something to send to you :) love and prayers going your way !!!! Blessings Reenie!

  8. Happy tears from here again! That was wonderful!! Loved the "thank you's"; so clear and straight from the heart. :-) May God continue to heap his blessings on you!..............Phyllis in Pasco

  9. Amazing!!! Cale has come so far since I first started reading your blog. He had just started trying to talk when I first started reading. Have a safe trip to Seattle, and keep up the good work, both of you!!! :)

    Mary Beth

  10. My face was split into the biggest grin watching that video! It's such a blessing to hear his voice! Amazed seems like such a small thing for me to say about all God has done in Cale during the past year but language is limited and so that will have to do for now. Maybe a "Whooooooooooooooohooooo" and some dancing would say it better? I hate that we missed you by just a few days but I know we will see you two again and until then the blog is such a blessing and makes Ty and I feel like we can really be a part of the journey with you and Cale. Miss you SO SO SO much and love you both BUNCHES!


  11. Dear Kathleen,
    I absolutely LOVE this video!!!! I think it is fantastic that you showed him the previous videos so he really begins to fully understand what has happened to him. YOU are such a BLESSING to Cale! You give him much more than he would ever get from the therapists! He would not be this far in his recovery without YOU!, my friend!
    Lorri C.

  12. Again with the balling! Man he's doing awesome. I'm so glad you guys get to come back to Washington!!!! I can't wait to hear all about how Cale likes it


  13. Tamara L. Host (Mike Ehrsam's aunt)2/13/11, 11:43 PM

    Wow...Cale has come so far in the past year...I'm so proud of all of the hard work that Cale has done to get this far...It doesn't seem that long ago that he got his voice back...It sure is nice to hear it...GO CALE...


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