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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crazy Us and a Mouse!

It hit. It started to really sink in and become reality right about the time the light was off and I was ready to close my eyes...for the night. I tossed and turned until well after 2am thinking about home. Home! Gosh, I just can't stop being totally blown away about that word. Cale and I are going home-tomorrow! Yay! Hip Hip Hooray! I wasn't too fond of the not sleeping because of it, but I couldn't stop thinking. I tried to picture us at home and what the house looks like. I pictured all the wonderful nursing staff and the great social workers I've had. There have been so many incredibly awesome people that have been brought into our lives over the last year, that have helped a ton. That's ended and now it's just the two of us...yikes. Cale claps every time I say that! :)

It's been so much fun hanging out with my family. I keep trying to talk them into moving to Washington. I think it's a good idea, and so does Cale, but it's hard to convince! Haha! ;)

During all of our Crazy Eight games, we somehow came up with a uniform and then because of that, we had to get the crazy eight of us in a picture! The dog makes 9!

Our adventure today was to Chuck E Cheese! We all had fun spending coins and getting tickets. Right before leaving, Chuck E. passed by with a sign that read, "Follow me for free tickets" well, I had to do that! I jumped in with Caitlin and Ciera and we danced with the mouse and then he threw out free tickets! Score! Haha! Cale didn't enjoy most of the games because they were still too hard, but he did the racing game and ended up getting 1st place! Go Cale! Cards and racing...he can do!

Cale hates taking his meds. Three times a day he has meds and his late meds are usually the hardest because he's when he gets tired...everything becomes more difficult (or Cale become more stubborn!). I have an alarm on my phone that goes off when it's time to take his pills and last night it went off, and Cale immediately was bummed. I left to get the pills and when I came back Cale had his mouth covered with his hands. Everyone was laughing and said that when I got up, Cale said, "good luck" and covered his mouth! Oh man...this guy cracks me up!

A brother from another mother ;)

We the Chick's!

What can I say? We're pretty adorable :) Heehee!


  1. Love that you two r enjoying today with the fam! Can't wait until tomorrow you'll be HOME yippee!!!!! Please refrane from anymore detours. Remember take a left not a right, straight home you two!!!!! lol. See ya Big Sis Carla

  2. Kathy Beckett3/31/11, 5:57 PM

    Cale & Kathleen, I'm so glad you have had such a wonderful time visiting with family and friends in NC. It was such a blessing to visit with you for a few hours! I can't wait to read what you have to say once you are finally home. I will be praying for a safe (and uneventful!) flight and for strength and health as you travel. We love you and look forward to your next visit!!!

  3. Kathleen I am so blessed to have met you and Cale. I'm sorry the weather was so bad, its not always like this in NC. I am so glad that you had the time with the family. I know they enjoyed spending the time with you and Cale. You both are amazing people. I hope you have a safe trip home and I am so happy for you and Cale that you will finally have your wish to be home. Georgia Hudler

  4. The Crazy Eights! They look pretty cool. Tomorrow you will be home...W O W!! I'll be trusting Father Cale takes his meds with no attitude. :) I love you and am so proud to have met you. Hugs, Marion

  5. I hope you guys have a safe trip home and I'm looking forward to reading about your new home and how things are going, I know after a long year you will be glad to be back home.Good Luck to You and Cale.

  6. Haven't been on in a few days and I missed sooo much !!! So glad you are both doing well and even love the attitude that Caleb has (because it is him excersizing his will) So very excited for you to be going home - to the promise land - you both have been wandering towards healing for so long this year. I really think that home is where the healing begins- in so many ways I think that this is true for the two of you !!!! Let the little things show you truth and the Big things remind you that you have already passed and taken the test- we walk each day through little things that test us so that when we get to the big ones we know this truth on a smaller scale - so we can pass this test - no problem ! praying for you each day that God would continue to restore Caleb and bless you as you walk after him !!!!! love you guys !!!!!!!! Reenie


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