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Saturday, April 2, 2011

There's No Place Like Home!

Glinda: Are you ready now?
Dorothy: Yes. Say goodbye, Toto. Yes, I'm ready now.
Glinda: Then close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself. 'There's no place like home. There's no place like home.'
Dorothy and Glinda: 'There's no place like home. There's no place like home.'
Dorothy: 'There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place like home.'

Today was full of mixed emotions. It was one of those times that as much as I wanted to be excited and think that nothing in the world could bring me down, there was a gray cloud hanging over…we had to say good bye to my family. We had to say good bye to NC. I know you might be thinking and wondering why that would be so sad compared to going home, but I treasure all of the amazing people that I spent time with on this trip. Blessings…all of them are gold nuggets! :)

Once on the plane, all Cale and I can think about is sleeping in our bed! It will be our very own bed! I took some really cool video during takeoff, but crazy me took it sideways…you could have always watched it with your head tilted! ;) Haha!

Last night I woke up and because of my silliness, I managed to get myself all worked up. I was scared. I kept thinking someone was in the room! After some time of really being freaked out, and praying for comfort and peace, I finally woke Cale up. “Boy, I’m scared.” Cale rolled over, wrapped me up in himself and so lovingly said, “Don’t be scared. I’ll keep you safe; I’ll protect you.” Oh how I have longed to hear those words! My heart melted and in the midst of my movie-like moment, Cale drifted back to sleep. A couple minutes later, I tapped him a few times…”Boy, I have to pee!” Cale at this point, I’m sure is wondering how old I really am. “ok.” With a somewhat whiny voice I added, “I’m going to turn the light on!” On my way back to bed, I checked the time on my phone. It wasn’t the scary middle of the night like I had been thinking…it was 6am! He put up with me and was even a willing cuddler after the whole ordeal. He loves me! :)

We’re on the plane while I’m typing this portion. I have Itunes with earphones for both of us. Cale is singing very loudly to the music…heehee! ;) He’s so cute.

I can’t believe it. We’re almost home. Through this journey, I’ve several times fallen to my knees and prayed. I prayed that Cale would continue to heal and make progress, that the Lord would deliver us from a life that feels stolen, and that every day the Lord would continue to use us. As I prayed for more healing and deliverance from whatever stage we were at, I knew that God works in the healing business and He could easily-in a snap…heal Cale 100%. I also knew that He also could very well allow this in our lives and may choose not to restore Cale completely. Either way, I needed to trust Him. Either way, I needed to walk and live in the Spirit and not lose sight of seeking to be more like Christ daily. Did I have really hard days? Yes, I’ve written on here about them. Have I told the Lord I don’t understand His ways? Oh yes. Have I given up on complete healing? No, I still haven’t, but I also know that if no more were to happen in Cale; if we were going to get home and never see any more progress, I still trust that God is still God.

At one point, we were getting ready to set up a nursing home and I was getting ready to get an apartment. The plan was that Cale was going to stay in the hospital and I would live with Basil and Scratch in an apartment and go to Cale every day and work with him to get better. It was one of the hardest times in my life. Even now as I type my stomach plummets. I prayed for deliverance out of that season…and the Lord blessed us so richly. I also remember shortly after the accident saying that if Cale was going to lay in a bed the rest of his life hooked to tubes, then I was going to continue to be his wife, right by his side, as best as I could.

Now, after all of this time, we continue to be blessed. Those moments that my heart could do nothing but ache, has now been revived! In fact, my hearts doing a happy dance! We’re on the plane going home!!! Thank you Jesus! So far from those days that it seemed a million miles away-it’s here. The time is really here!
Unlike Dorothy, my red slippers, happens to be a plane and then another plane and then another-and then we’re back in Kansas-Kennewick!

We’re home. There’s not even enough words to describe how blessed the two of us feel. This is more than just a house. It’s a home-our home. I have a ton more to write about, but it’s late! There have been so many joyful tears tonight…amazing.

Our Journey Home~

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. -Joshua 24:15


  1. Hello sobfest! Man, I cried my face off (Ty had tears in his eyes, too, I must admit) I am SO SO SO SO SO happy to know you are home and see what amazing love the people of God put into making the house ready for you, it looks so homey! You two have been on such a journey this last year, through the valley of the shadow of death, and have come out victorious on the other side. But the journey wont be over until we are in our Fathers arms and I know He will continue to use the two of you mightily to glorify His name and I can't wait to see how he will do it! I hope we will be able to see you soon and until then all our love is with you!

    We love you both SO SO SO much!!

    Nikki and Ty

  2. Kathleen, ugh, tears. That song is just what I needed to hear. We have hit a low in our healing and have been stuggling to see the light for weeks. Cale is a testimony to what God can do. Is our God's arm to short?!! I'm so happy for you two to finally be HOME. Praying:)

  3. Jennifer (Homegroup)4/2/11, 8:01 AM

    Wow Kathleen!!! You always get me with your videos!!! Aiden just walked in and saw me crying, I had to explain these are happy tears because you 2 have been so blessed! Your hourney has been long and hard but I pray you just continue to be blessed, that you continue to find happiness and joy with each other. You both are so strong and couragous!!! I am so happy YOU ARE HOME!!!! Praise God!!!!

  4. Welcome Home

  5. Oh, my Jesus!! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, for how far You have brought Cale. Thank YOU for Kathleen's heart and commitment. Thank You for their home. It's lovely!! My heart is full. Just Thank YOU! I LOVE YOU!! (Marion)

  6. Barbara McKeon4/2/11, 12:16 PM

    What a great video. How marvelous is our God, and He is still in the creating business. He will create the best pathways for us to take, even when it seems hard, like the new song that it will make us stronger. We still pray that Cale will be healed entirely, but just the steps that God has had him take already have been an encouragement to so many people, including us.

  7. Yea!!!!!!!! Home is where your heart is and you are planted by healing waters! Love the video ~ you totally know how to get your point across ~ I am crying again !!!!!! OUR GOD is amazing, he sees your precious heart and he knows all your ways - He is so very pleased with you Kathleen and how beautiful and lovely your feet are (you bring HIS good news to so many!!) Rest in him and trust him completly during this time of restoring to your soul what you have lost.....the time together as Man and Wife, yes it will be different, it won't be the same probably ever~ because you have walked through so very much with the Father and you know it! When we recognize His divine hands in our lives, when we are close enough for Him to wipe our tears, when we have sat at His feet in sorrow and in joy, we take with us His countenance - that is what we see all over you ! BUT in God all things are possible- it will be better = given over to glorify the Father ~ you are teaching me so much Mrs. Darling about His good and perfect will and how I recieve things into my life...... Love you girl !!! Be blessed and Know that the Lord is good ~ He is full of good things for his children always...Reenie ;)

  8. Welcome Home Cale and Kathleen!

  9. Again, you amaze me! You both have made some many impressions on peoples lives! I'm truly blessed and read your word to keep me going! Thank you for sharing this the video seriously needs to broadcasted and lives will be changed. God is sure an amazing healer! You have a blessed time in Kennewick! I know that the springs are beautifl there! Much love and blessings!

  10. You so need to put a warning with your video !! (To bring the whole box of tissues lol) I started with the "water works", as my son calls them, when he sees me reading your blog or looking at your pictures or videos. He wasn't here when I read this one and saw the video, it probably was a good thing, I think I was ready to have a gulping moment!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Thank you, thank you Jesus!! Caleb and Kathleen, I speak and pray continued blessings and healings, strength, peace and joy over you both and your new home and angels all around you, in Jesus mighty, precious, holy name!!! Debra Ezell

  11. Thank you!!! My faith really is in me!! Cal and Kathleen you both have the hand of our heavenly father on you!!

  12. Wow, amazing. It is so encouraging to see the progress Cale has made. We truly have a great God.


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