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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'll fight for you!

It's late and I have a ton to write, but tonight isn't going to be the night I get everything caught up. I'm wiped out.

One story I do want to share, was from yesterday morning. I helped Cale get dressed and then he showed me his muscles. He also did a punch to the air. "Are you going to fight me?" I asked in a joking voice, Cale looked at me and said, "I'm not going to fight you, I'm going to fight for you." Does anyone remember when I wrote about how I was longing to have the man back in Cale? For a woman (at least for this woman), to hear that my man will fight for me is something that blesses my heart. That's my man talking! :) He's there, it's just taking a little time for him to come back.

The first thing on the list yesterday was a visit to the Cary Wake Hospital. It's the second hospital that Cale was at, and a place that I spent a whole lot of time at. The rehab he was in moved to the Raleigh Wake Med, but I still wanted to stop at our old stomping grounds! ;) Here's some pictures in the garden, which was the same place that Cale went outside for the first time! Our friend Maegan joined us in this special moment!

Us standing together in the garden! Woooohooo!

The three of us :)

Me and the Boy~

Cale took a picture of the girls!

After visiting the coffee shop and garden, we went to visit the rehab in Raleigh. It was soooo great! We were able to some of the nursing staff that had been a part of taking care of Cale when he needed so much help. I loved getting to see them...and show off my man! ;)

That night, we also had dinner with Cale's therapists! I had gotten really close to all three, so it was such a special treat for me to see them again and get to spend some sweet time with them. Here is us at the end being silly :)

This afternoon, we left Cary and are now in Cameron, NC visiting Cale's brother!! So exciting! Here is Caleb giving Uncle Cale a big hug!

Let's not forget one of the activities that had to be done...Crazy Eights! Here's the guy time, but we played several games with the whole group of us! So much fun!

So many more things to share, but they'll have to come later...

So far Cale is doing great! He's been really happy since we've been here. It's awesome getting to see him with Ty. He loves his brother so much.


  1. Kathleen!! your little bit, so, exciting. Thank you. The pictures are wonderful. I expecially appreciate your sharing Father's gift of Cale saying he was going to fight for you. That is so special. I look forward to reading more ALWAYS, B U T, remember, being so busy living life to write about it is OKAY!!!! I love you guys, Marion (Ben, say hi!!)

  2. Whooot Whooot Whoot Kathleen it is ALWAYS good when the Man is able to be the Man! So happy for you ! I know this has been a heart prayer for you and I am certain that God is revealing your knight in shining armor little by little ! So thankfull for the good news !!!! Amen !!! So glad you are all enjoying NC God restores everything !!!! LOVE you ((((()))) Reenie


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