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Sunday, March 20, 2011

"I can do it!"

The park yesterday was a lot of fun! It was so beautiful outside! We walked to the water and relaxed for a little while. We watched the birds and dogs play around and Cale was trying to get pictures of them. I loved getting to soak up the Carolina nice! We started to walk on a trail, but Gordon asked Cale to let him know when he was ready to turn around, Cale liked the idea of that!

The Guys. They've become buddies!

The Girls :)

The Lovebirds! Cale took this picture!

After getting back from the park, it wasn't too much later and we headed to the Pastor Jeff's house. Cale introduced them to Crazy Eights...of course! Heehee! Also, he had tons of fun playing with a puppy and we had a Bingo game! Cale was the caller, but at that point he was pretty tired. Kathy also made him French Dip. I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture with them!

By the time we were home, Cale was wore out, but he still wanted to eat some more dessert before going to bed. When it was time to head up stairs, Cale went ahead, and I was going to catch up to him to help him up the stairs. I asked him to wait for me, but by the time I made it to him, he was already headed up! He didn't make it too far, thankfully!

This morning we were coming down the stairs, I was helping him on the right side. Cale looks at me and says, "I have this covered." Haha! Uh...good to know, but I'm still gonna stay by ya!

I think Cale has officially reached the "I can do it!" phase. He's wanting to do a lot more on his own with out help. For the most part this is good, but on some things (like going down the stairs!), he still needs help. So far, Cale has been so cautious and careful with everything, if fact we used to joke that usually it's the other way. Well, this whole being out of the hospital has kicked start some fun for me...haha! It's such a good thing, but man, we're going to have to be careful! He moved into a new stage, but I'm not sure how quickly I'm moving into this one!

We didn't sleep at all last night...again. Please be praying for this. Cale has tremors, for what seems to be all through the night. Because of it, he stays awake and constantly moves to stop the tremors. His constant moving keeps me awake-and a sleepy Kathleen is not a pretty sight! Cale was able to take a nap this afternoon, but I feel like we have to figure out something because neither of us are going to last with sleepless nights. It's been going on for a while, but as of right now because we're working so hard on getting him continent, sleeping meds aren't an option. I'm second guessing the priority list when it's 2am and we're both awake!

We went to church this morning. On May 15th last year, I had spoken at this church and shared about our journey. I remember right before Pastor Jeff had called me up to speak, I was thinking about Cale and if he was still in bed, if they had made sure he was changed, and if he was doing ok. At that point, he still wasn't very responsive if I was in the room or not there, but I still hated him being alone. It was one of those over the top, filled with joy kind of moments, when I went up to speak this morning and was able to look at Cale and see him smile at me. What a treasure! That was added to the already joyful Kathleen as I was able to see so many faces that had become so special to me and to be hugged and greeted by so many that have been praying for us. We were so blessed!

We also were able to see Dr. Ng and his family. Dr. Ng was Cale's doctor at Wake, right before we moved to CA. It was again, such a special moment to see him and his wife and their two girls. The last time I saw them, Mrs. Ng was still pregnant! What a treat to meet the newest addition to the Ng family!! :) When Dr. Ng first saw Cale, and Cale reached in to give him a hug, I felt as though I was about to lose it! In those moments, mascara can't stand a chance! When I blubber, I can really blubber! So sweet! I'm so thankful for Dr. Ng and how great he was with Cale and how he always took the time to see how I was doing and listen to all of my many questions!

We were pretty spoiled in the food department today! Actually, since we've been here, but double time for Cale today. He had a steak right of the grill for lunch and then his favorite pepperoni and pineapple pizza for dinner! Yikes! :) He told me his tummy is happy!

We played quite a bit of Crazy Eights this evening. Cale didn't win every game, but he was still doing so great! I was actually really trying and I'm not sure that I even won one game...

I'm absolutely loving getting to be here. I was telling Susan at the airport Friday night, that it's funny how much I'm feeling like here is like home. We weren't here that long, but the time that was spent here, I became very emotionally attached. I knew something was up when we were walking to baggage claim and when I saw a Carolina Blue shirt in the window my heart started pounding. That's when I felt like this was just like home. Now that I've been seeing all these amazing faces, and seeing some of the area again, well...I just love it so much. North Carolina has some really fantastic people that have become family!


  1. Yea, you guys. So happy for your newest adventue. Kathleen, the family we belong to is so big and they are EVERYWHERE!!! You are home:) Safe travels for you, Love, Greg & Julie H.

  2. I am sure Dr Ng was so happy to see Cale and his progress. That means so much to the drs and nurses who really love what they do. Find out if Cale can take benadryl, and use a child size dose. It should help him sleep, but not knock him for a loop. Whatever you do, stay away from Ambien... hate that stuff, I swear it makes people crazy! Just an idea. I love that you are so brave to take Cale on this adventure! So many people would be nervous about just going home, but you are off and running. Praying for you both, and continued progress for Cale. ~ heather

  3. Kathleen - It's all healing- to return to North Carolina is Amazing - Caleb continues to show himself strong and God even stronger still ! What a testimony ! I LOVE IT ! Restoration at it's best ! May the Lord continue to heal and restore you both as he leads you besides still waters ......Love to you both praying for you as you continue this journey! ((())) Reenie !

  4. PS there is a verse in the Bible that talks about Him giving us sleep - can't remember where it is but I will post when I do - unless someone beats me to it - But I will pray that verse for you and Caleb both!!!!!!!

  5. Would the new depression meds make him tremor? Well I can remember if he is taking seizure medication. May want to ask a pharmacist.

    Glad your visit is going so well!

    Casey q

  6. Kathleen, Psalm 127:2b says "For so He gives His beloved sleep." I think this is the one your friend was thinking of. There are a few others that may fit as well. You know, what Heather said about benadryl is worth looking into. I have allergies and use it once in awhile,during the season, to help me sleep. I love it that you and Cale are having sunch a good time. I wonder if the Carolina sun is different from Washington sun....or is just that Washington clouds cover the the sun that I think that....hmmmmm Hugs and much love, Marion

  7. Kathleen,

    I am so glad that I had the opportunity to see you yesterday and the privilege of meeting Cale! You are such a remarkable woman and I admire you in so many ways. I will continue to pray for you and Cale as you transition to life out of the hospital. I know that God has so much more in store for you both!

    Abby Littlefield

  8. Kathleen and Cale,
    Thrilled that you are having a great time and knew Cale would "kick in" once he was out in the real world. I think I told you before that we opted for Melatonin rather than a prescription med for Jonathan and then instead of the 6 mg the doctor suggested we only give him 300 mcg. less than 1 mg. CVS carries it in 300 mcg. capsules and it does not have all the added stuff to make it taste good (not needed). I am saying this out of ignorance about Cale's tremors but the first thought that came to my mind was adding magnesium and zinc to his diet and perhaps the tremors are from either over stimulation (brain) or his muscles because he has to be A LOT more active than he has been. Just a thought. I do not remember your mentioning tremors before. Wonder if you can impose on Dr. Ng. to suggest something but sure you have that taken care of. Praying they stop...
    Thrilled for you both. David went to college in NC and he and Jonathan were born in Virginia so love that area.

  9. Kathleen So special to see you & Cale yesterday At church!Keep in touch. Sincerely, Michele & John & Alexis Siemasko

  10. hi Kathleen,

    That is so great you are finally out of the hospital and onto a "new chapter" of this journey you are on! What a great feeling that must be! You will find that being home and adding all that "routine" stuff will be SO great for Cale and his healing. I couldn't believe how well Graham did when he came home.

    One thing to remember (and can sometimes be overwhelming) is that you are the one mostly looking out for Cale in every area now. No more nurses and Doctors watching his every move. His therapy, his appointments and the direction of his life now falls on you to see to. I say all this, to encourage you to not be afraid to stand up for what you think is best for Cale. Push for therapy, push for anything you want for him.

    Graham is out of "official" therapy, but we had to take it upon ourselves to get more from him, push him to his best. It's ALOT of work, but we have seen great results! Don't be afraid to ask for help....people just want to help you, and be there for you.

    More importantly, don't feel bad for taking time for yourself. This is a whole new road you are on, one that is so great, but also has it's hard times too.

    Call me or email me if you have any thoughts or concerns about "home life" and keeping Cale busy, but also making him feel like he's doing something productive! As a guy, feeling like he's accomplishing something, even if small is HUGE!

    Didn't mean for this to turn into a book. We love you, pray for you everyday and know that the Lord loves you even more!


  11. Kathleen,
    It was so wonderful to see you guys *out* of the hospital! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family. We will continue to pray for the transition back home. Isaiah prayed for you guys tonight at dinner from your prayer card - he was good with Cale's name. "Kathleen" was not as recognizable :-)
    Much love,


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