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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Packing in the Vitamin C!

I’m trying not to get sick…ugg. I woke up this morning with a runny nose and lots of sneezes. This seems to always happen right before I get really sick. This week is very much the WRONG time for me to get sick! Well, is anytime good?

This week especially! Thursday is a happy day because it’s our 6 year anniversary and then Friday we…leave!!!! My nose already resembles Rudolph’s nose. He’s lucky that he’s a reindeer.

Cale has been really sweet and keeps saying, “Sorry Girl” and pats my head. Soup was on the menu tonight…getting to bed early too!

Other than me whining about my head/nose, there’s not much to write about tonight. Cale and I were lazy this morning and stayed in bed way later then we have in a long time. It was so nice! Once we were up, we sang some worship songs together. Even though most songs switch words too quickly for him, he really tries to sing along.

Last night when we prayed together, Cale prayed for all of our friends and going home. Neither of us can wait to be settled at home! This trip is going to be a blast and I love that we get to go, but the idea of finally being home sounds so wonderful!

Thank you for praying for us!!


  1. Praying for your good health - No news is Good news ;) Glad you had a slow day together one you could just enjoy ! Love ya Reenie

  2. After two such wonderful, long blog entries, it's OKAY to have a short one. It'is good to know to pray especially for your health. Kathleen, you are a delight. I am glad Father gave you to me. He only gives the VERY BEST!! Hugs, Marion

  3. Enjoy this time, Hopefully we'll see you both soon!Love Michele & John & Alexis Siemasko

  4. This short entry contained something very special.... Cale was aware that you weren't feeling well, and responded by comforting you!
    Prayers for your upcoming trip, your health, and continued healing for Cale as well as a home!
    ~ Heather


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