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Monday, March 7, 2011

We gonna do this-one step at a time!

WOW. What a weekend! So awesome! It was really busy and packed with good stuff. I’m still digesting and processing, but that’s ok :)

Saturday from 8am-5pm, I was at a seminar about the brain. Kimberly had arranged for different family members to come through out the day and hang out with Cale. I was a little nervous, but I was more just excited that he was going to hang out with men! He needs that so much!

There was a lot of info given at the seminar. The whole time I was taking notes on things for Cale and for our future babies. Of course, that filled me with excitement thinking about it! :) Also, there was a 2 month old in the back that every now and then would make sounds, aww…sweetness!

Sometime after lunch, there was a point that suddenly I felt so tired. Not just because I hadn’t had much sleep the night before and had to get up early, it was a real- walked a thousand miles tired. The timing is so perfect for everything already/getting ready to happen. I know that going home is going to be a lot of work. It doesn’t have to be though. I can choose to accept life the way it is, and just go through every day with Cale-BUT, I’m not going to let that happen! Us getting ready to leave the hospital, take a trip, and this seminar all line perfectly for what I’ve been feeling. I love how God does that! :)

Right after the seminar on Saturday, we went home and Cale was playing cards. He seemed to be having a great time and from what every one said, he did! He even told me he had fun! His day included playing games, cards, Xbox, and golf…

Almost right after getting back to the house, we left again! Adam’s parents have a whole bunch of horses and we wanted to see them! :) His dad Jack breeds them and is a Veterinarian. It was so much fun! There were lots of babies, and Adam’s brother Brad let us pet a couple and get a picture! Cale enjoyed it so much. It was fun walking through all the stalls because Cale was waving hi to the horses and would smile so big if they looked at him! After the barn, we stopped at Burgerville and had a picnic in the Suburban. It was a satisfying dinner. :)

Just in that day I could see progress in Cale. First, it was a big deal that he did so well the whole day with out me being there and spending time with people he didn’t know. Another big deal was even though we were traveling, we were somewhere different, and he was with strangers all day, Cale was continent all day! Still no accidents since we’ve been in WA! Oh Yeah! ;) He also started talking more and more clearly! Sometimes we still couldn’t understand, but through the whole weekend, he started bringing stuff up and starting conversations. Right after finishing with the horses, Cale and I were sitting in the car; Cale was in the front seat and I was right behind him. It was quiet and then Cale said, “Hey, give me your hand” K: “give you my hand?” C: “Yes please!” I reached my arm across the seat so he could reach me; he grabbed my hand, kissed the top, and just held it. So sweet!

Sleep came really late Saturday night because after Cale was in bed, I had some much needed visiting time! Kimberly and I were able to share about the victory of the Lord and how so easily the enemy can slip in and destroy. Our God is bigger and has done some amazing things!

On Sunday morning, we went to church already knowing it was going to be such a blessing just to go, but then it ended up being way more powerful then I was expecting shouldn’t we always be expecting church to be powerful and life changing? The choir from Northwest University was visiting and led us in worship. The very first song that we sang as a congregation brought me to my knees.

Just to enter into the presence of the Lord and worship Him. What an amazing treasure we have as His children. The act of worship is something that I know I take for granite way too often. I started praying when the song first started that I would be able to focus on Christ and not constantly thinking about how Cale was doing or even the very talented choir leading. I wanted all focus to be on Christ. As we started singing “Hosanna” I dropped and tears started streaming down my face. There was no way to hold them back. The Holy Spirit was thick and I could picture myself worshiping at the feet of the King.

No matter how dark the valley may seem, we can worship and praise Him-He saves us.

At the end of the service, the members of the choir spread out around the sanctuary and were available for people to pray with them. Cale and I stayed in place, but two sweet faces came to us. God had laid Cale and me on their hearts and they were obedient to come pray for us. I always love that. Isn’t it amazing that God loves us so much; thinks we’re so special, that He will specifically lay us, as individuals, on someone else’s heart? I love it. As they started to pray, many others gathered around us and prayed over us. Amazing. I can not explain the peace in my heart and the overwhelming joy I felt in that moment. Just that morning, Kimberly had taken me in her living room and showed me a picture of mountains in Hawaii. She said that during a hard time in her life, she had stood at the bottom of those mountains and said to the Lord that she should be at the top of that mountain, but she didn’t have the strength to get there. God so clearly said to her, that He knew she didn’t have the strength and that He was going to carry her.

I needed to hear that. After feeling so tired the day before and being reminded that we still have a long ways to go, I was looking up the mountain saying the same thing, “I don’t have the strength to get up there.” I was once again reminded by what she shared and through the prayer time at church that God is carrying us, and no, we don’t have the strength-and that’s ok.

My heart was full and ready to take on the second half of the day. I met with Donna, the lady that had done the seminar the day before, for 6 hours. She first started out meeting with both Cale and I, until Cale had hit his max. We took him into the other room where he played cards and I talked with her more. After questions and discussing things that Cale does and struggles with, Donna took some time to go over everything and figure out what level Cale was functioning.

I want to share a very specific prayer request. I’m sharing this openly so that you can join me in praying for my man…

Cale is currently 24 years old which is 294 months old. His neurological age is 39 months. This is the age that he is functioning at right now.

Hard to read? Yep. It is for me at least.

But, this is not to discourage, rather, give a baseline so that we can move forward. The goal and my prayer request is that his neurological age would increase faster than his chronological age-they would become the same.

We came up with a program and some goals for Cale over the next 6 months. I’m super encouraged to see what the Lord is going to do in him. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I know we can do this.

Before I’ve written a whole book, I’m going to end, but I want to end with something so encouraging and super exciting!

Look what Cale did today in PT…

We’re going to get through this, one step at a time.

And claim victory!


  1. Oh, Father!!! My heart is so full for Cale and Kathleen. I love them so much. Yet, I know You love them more. Your strength is so evident in Kathleen. Thank you for taking her hand and holding her close to your heart. Thank you for holding Cale, and keeping him under the shadow of your wings. Thank you for the wonderful time they had with the horses, thank you for the hole in boot, thank you for being who You are. I love you and am grateful for you in my life and allowing me to be a small part of Cale and Kathleen's. Amen and Amen (Marion)

  2. Kathleen,
    You are an incredible person, with a maturity and humbleness in the Lord that most never achieve. The Lord has given you so many gifts this weekend and I am sure that you gave them back in much greater measure just by living your life out before others. The greatest gift is the love and care you have given to Cale. The Lord Bless you and keep you.

  3. I will always cherish this week-end with
    Mr. and Mrs. Darling!
    We truly love you, The Levasa Family
    Roger is so excited about his new friend too...

  4. Hooray for continence! Hooray for being out of the hospital and spending time with men! Hooray for knowledge... cause then we have specific goals to pray for and work towards! I am so glad you are not just calling it quits to take Cale home to stagnate... You are amazing! Praying for you guys!
    ~ Heather

  5. Go, Cale! A Boot in one, a day with "the boys", incontinence, and stairs too!! Great things the Lord hath done :0)
    Thanks be to God who laid all these plans in motion and allowed everything to be orchestrated perfectly; thanks to Adam's family for being a part of that orchestration and ministering to you and Cale; thanks to all the guys that gave of their time to allow Cale to be occupied and you to gain wisdom!
    How amazing that the lady spent that extra time with you... she must truly see what we see, that you will not give up on Cale and his continued healing, but will lead him into more restoration everyday by doing everything you are equipped to do and to encourage him on!
    Truly amazing! And I'm so honored to be a small part of your support system -- Prayer Warriors! No, I'm not minimizing the prayer warriors, just stating that I'm only one of many. I'm truly blessed to be a part too. For that, I truly thank you.


  6. Hugs from the Tew Crew in SC! We are excited to see Cale's continued progress as well as your testimony of God's grace and strength. Blessings, Sarah Tew for the Tew Crew


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