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Friday, March 4, 2011

A perfect day for a train ride!

Kind of big news...we aren't at the hospital tonight! We're finally staying outside of the hospital for a weekend! Woohoo! This morning we hopped on a train and now we're in Portland. The train ride was so much fun with Cale! I was really tired and thought at one point I was going to get a little nap. My eyes were closed, my head was against the seat, and I thought that I had finally found a comfy position for my legs. About 3 minutes later I felt a tap-tap and a nudge-nudge from the handsome guy sitting next to me. ;) Instead of the nap, we played cards! The big adventure was trying to get to the bathroom on a moving train! I have a hard time with that and I can walk just fine. Cale's walker was too wide to fit through the seats, so we carefully maneuvered through the seats. When we made it to the bathroom, I could only help Cale get turned around and then had to wait patiently outside, hoping that he wouldn't fall, bang his head, or get hurt some other way. When he came out, I told him he did great and he said, "I don't like it. I don't want to do it ever again!" Well, not even two hours later, he had to do it again. I think it was a little easier the second time though. That sure did work on his balance!

At the train station, we had a couple minutes so we went into the little store. Cale walked around with me and disappeared around a corner. When he came back he had a really big smile on his face. When I asked what he wanted he said, "I want everything!" haha!

Tomorrow there's a Brain Seminar I'm going to, and Cale's going to hang out with some people at the house we're staying at. The lady that I'm going to the seminar with and the house we're staying at, is actually Adam's Aunt! Crazy?! I met her in June and she's been an encouragement since. She invited me to come this weekend and I jumped on finding a way and making it happen. So far, we made cookies, had Beef roast for dinner, played cards, and visited. It's been so great! Cale is snoring next to me. :)

Cale helped make the cookies! They were No Bakes which were his favorite!

We also spent time with Adam's mom and brother!

This has been so special to me! I loved getting to talk with them and talk about the progress that Cale and Adam have made. Adam's mom and aunt had met Cale in June, so getting to see him today is a big change!

Your name, God, evokes a train of Hallelujahs wherever It is spoken, near and far; your arms are heaped with goodness-in-action. Psalm 48:10


  1. Was that reference to a train on purpose!?!?!?!?!??!!! Kathleen I am so proud of you. To be out of the hospital is wonderful. To go on the train is a wonderous thing. It is so cool you get to be with Adam's family. Please tell them I pray for their son and am blessed to be a small part of Adam, amy and Mackenzie's journey. Many Blessings, Marion If I can do anything for you, LET me know. :)

  2. Awesome !!!!! So glad you are out and about and on a the midnight train to anywhere...(Portland) lol Amazing that you are able to keep all these connections- So very like God to give you a place to stay where you can be encouraged and encourage!!!! Continued prayers for Adam and Amy!!!! Ever since I heard about them I have not stopped praying for them ...... Prayers going up for you and Caleb as well OF COURSE!!! Believing this trip will be more than what you can see in the natural!!!!! Love to you both ! Reenie

  3. Brandi told me you posted something on Facebook, so I was super excited to see what was going to be posted here!! How great to get a weekend out, get a seminar with a friend, and stay at their house too! God has done great things in arranging all "for such as a time as this"!
    Go, Cale! Yay that he can manipulate a moving train's motions while being in need! I can have problems with that. Anyway, so glad you guys are getting this time to spread your wings, and a bonus to get out.


  4. Kathleen,
    This is al too wonderful. Taste of the Lord and see that HE IS GOOD.
    So thrilled you are there.
    If you ever have time, I would love to find out what you learned at the seminar.
    Hugs to Amy's aunt for hosting you and to the man, Cale.

  5. The blessing of having you and Cale with us was amazing! You are such a gift to each other, seeing your tender love, kindness and respect for one another as well as those around you is so powerful. LOVE CONQUERS ALL...nothing is too big! Praying for an amazing transition home and that blessing beyond what you can think or imagine overwhelms you both as you return to and get settled in Kennewick. We love you so much!
    With all our love ... The Levasa Family


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