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Thursday, April 21, 2011

the chili powder has been added

This morning before Cale was awake; I sat on the couch about to work on something and realized that this week I was supposed to be reflecting on Jesus’ death and resurrection. Instead, all I’ve been thinking about is Dan being gone and being so sad for the family.

Suddenly I became so thankful for what this weekend is all about and why we take this time and celebrate what Jesus did for us.

I’m so thankful that God loved us enough to send His only Son, Jesus, to be a sacrifice…a beaten, mocked, whipped, accused, spit on, bloody sacrifice. I’m so thankful that Jesus was perfect and even though he knew the pain and the anguish from being separated from His Father, carrying all of our sins, He did it. He carried the cross.

The amazing part is that He died-but He didn’t stay dead! He rose 3 days after being buried. He left us the Holy Spirit for us to receive and He’s alive!

Because of this sacrifice, Dan is whole and in heaven. He made a decision at some point in his life to ask the Lord to forgive him of all of his sins and everything that he had done that was not pleasing to God, and he surrendered his life…because of that choice, his family will again be with him! He’s in Heaven dancing with angels rather than rotting in hell. He’s in the presence of the King! That’s a pretty awesome story!

We had a few different visitors today. It makes for a really busy day, but we love it! We love getting to visit and spend time with people!

Here is my sister attempting to play Halo with Cale. I’m not even sure she’s ever held a controller before…Hahaha! ;)

So…there’s been a change in plans. I thought we were going to at least have another week or so home, but I received a call today that added a little excitement to everything. Kind of like adding chili powder to a dish…

As of now (one more thing needs to get figured out), we leave Tuesday for Seattle! This is going to make the next few days busy and complicated, but I’m just gonna go with the flow and know that everything is going to be just fine!


Actually, I’m going to turn back into the little 6 year old Kathleen and use my imagination. I’m going to pretend we’re on a six week vacation complete with a limo service (we’re going to get shuttled to and from the hospital by his command), a grand hotel (we’re going to be at a small hotel near Ft Lewis), and spa treatments everyday (I’m going to have to make this one up completely!). It’s always a nice thought! ;)

Please be praying for Cale. This is going to be hard for him and there’s not really a way to prepare him. We have a few more days here, so we’re going to enjoy them! :)

Earlier today Basil was barking at Noah to play with him. He still tries so hard to get Noah to be his friend and play! Well, Cale called Basil over, grabbed his face with both hands and said, "Basil, you need to speak english. English! ok?" Haha! Uh...Basil went to his bed and laid down!


  1. Speak English Haha poor basil and cale!! Many prayers

    Casey q

  2. Chili PoWDer the spice in life! So, again you go with God, not many can actually see it in their lives as literally as you can ! Caleb is too funny - I can see him doing Christian Comedy someday - honest ! lol !!!!Like the idea of the 6 year old Kathleen , but I much rather the adult version who is equipped to do every good work her Father gives her ;) lol I hope you do get a day of spa treatments while you are gone! Praying for you and Caleb throughout the day - believing for the same resserection power that raised Jesus to be upon Caleb as he makes this trip, that he would go and find that "it's already done"..... Love you Guys !!!! as always ((()))) HuGs!!!!

  3. Kathleen, I think the spa treatment isn't such a far off dream. :) Cale telling Basil to speak English reminds me of a story...I hlad a friend who was fluent in 4 languages besides English. One of them was Vietmanese. He had a dog who was misbehaving. Another friend was trying to get the dog to move...the dog was trained in the Vietmanese language and didn't understand the language!! That was pretty funny after the fact. I trust all will go well for the trip. I love you guys, Marion


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